Saturday, January 04, 2014

Thomas Lord - Nick's 10th Great Grandfather

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Thomas Lunsford - Nick's 10th Great Grandfather

Sir Thomas Lundsford Traweek II is also known as just Sir Thomas Lundsford II. Also known as Colonel Thomas Lundsford.
All three of these cavalieric Lunsford brothers, were loyal to the King, protectors of the King and military leaders for the King. The King being Charles I. For this reason, some believe that these three were the true-life inspiration for Alexandre Dumas' classic novel, THE THREE MUSKETEERS. Sir Thomas' two brothers, at one time or another, if not continuously, both served in Sir Thomas' regiment and held rank therein. Further -- there was even a 4th brother, William, just like in the novel. If Mr. Dumas had a true-life inspiration for the Musketeer's, the Lunsford brothers certainly fit the bill!

I often wonder how Sir Thomas would feel, were he alive today, if he knew his reputation was being used to promote a candy bar? Or that his legacy has lived on and is the topic of much debate, lore and misinformation? In any case, I heard a "Rest of the Story" (Paul Harvey) clip on the radio that discussed the insipration for the Three Musketeers -- and it was not the Lunsford Brothers.

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Info from Thomas Lunsford's WikiTree profile, CLICK HERE to view

Monday, November 18, 2013

Daniel William Cloud - Defender of the Alamo

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Daniel Cloud is my husband's 4th great grand uncle. A friend of mine visited The Alamo over the weekend and was kind enough to bring back a pamphlet for me that has a quote of Daniel Cloud.

"If we succeed, the Country is ours. It is immense in extent, and fertile in its soil and will amply reward all our toil. If we fail, death in the cause of liberty and humanity is not cause for shuddering. Our rifles are by our side, and choice guns they are, we know what awaits us, and are prepared to meet it."

Daniel Could
December 26, 1835
(En route to San Antonio)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Veronica Houle Marriage?

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Veronica Houle was my Aunt. I was told by my mother that she died at 19. Drug overdose. I did not know she was married. I need to further investigate this. Veronica Houle married to Martin Swara.

**Update** This is her. I was able to find her death now under Veronica Swara. Died January 1976 in San Diego. :( I was 10 years old. I never knew her. The facts about her being 19 is wrong. She was 25. Either my memory or the information given was incorrect. Will have to order death cert.

How sad, they divrced in 1971
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Albert Houle - WWII Draft Card

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Friday, June 28, 2013

My Dembrosky's in Pittsburgh

We recently took a short trip to Pittsburgh. While there I wanted to see the house that August and Lena (my great grandparents) lived in and where they are buried:
Here is their home at 115 So 25th Street, Southside (the white house with the green awning)
Together August and Lena raised 13 children in this home:
Lena Marie 1898-1900
August Andreas 1899-1985
Bertha Emilie 1900-1983
Johann Hermann 1902-1905
Wilhelm 1904-1981
Albert Carl 1906-
Emma Augusta 1908-1994
Ida Margareth 1910-1997
Frederich 1912-1931
Martha Alma 1914-1988
Freda 1916
Edward Paul 1918-1988 (my grandfather)
Grace 1919

A street view

They may have even owned another house next door....

They are buried at: First St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh (Mt. Oliver), PA
(Allegheny County)

Sadly August's name plate has gone missing:

And Frederick's has come loose