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Miron/Migneron Line

GGG Grandmother: Felicite Miron born 12SEP1833 St Constant, La Prairie Co, Quebec
Married: Honore Houle

GGGG Grandparents: Joseph Migneron/Isabelle Thout
Joseph Migneron born 27FEB1799 St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Laprairie Co, Quebec
Isabelle Thout born about 1802 Canada

GGGGG Grandparents: Joseph Migneron/Charlotte Bissonnett Choquet
Joseph Migneron born 23OCT1774 St-Vincent-de-Paul, Ile-de-Jesus Quebec
died: 19 Jun 1845, St-Jean D'Iberville, Iberville Co, Quebec
Charlotte Bissonnett Choquet: born 26 Feb 1797, St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Laprairie Quebec

GGGGGG Grandparents: Joseph Migneron/Marie-Anne Ouellet
Joseph Migneron born 2 Nov 1752, St-Francois, Ile-de-Jesus, Quebec
DEATH: 14 Dec 1794, St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Laprairie Co Quebec
Marie-Anne Ouellet born 29 Apr 1751, St-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Bellechasse Co Quebec

GGGGGGG Grandparents: Joseph Migneron/Francoise Paquet
Joseph Migneron BIRTH: 7 Oct 1725, St-Francois, Ile-de-Jesus, Quebec
Francoise Paquet BIRTH: 29 Sep 1732, St-Francois, Ile-de-Jesus, Quebec

GGGGGGGG Grandparents: Jean Francois Migneron/Marguerite Hunault(Hunaud)
Jean Francois Migneron BIRTH: 27 Sep 1696, Beaupre, Montmorency Co. Quebec
DEATH: 1769, St-Vincent-de-Paul, Ile-de-Jesus Quebec
Marguerite Hunault BIRTH: 22 Aug 1699, Montreal, Ile-de-Montreal Quebec

GGGGGGGGG Grandparents: Jean Migneron/Marie LaBelle
Jean Migneron: BIRTH: 1676, Beaupre, Montmorency Co. Quebec
DEATH: 16 Dec 1708, Montreal, Ile-de-Montreal Quebec
Marie LaBelle: BIRTH: 15 Dec 1681, Repentigny, L'Assomption Co Quebec
DEATH: 19 Jun 1702, St-Francois, Ile-de-Jesus Quebec

10G Grandparents: Laurent Migneron/Marie Guillaume
Laurent Migneron: BIRTH: ABT 1639, Chize, St-Hilaire, (Historic Province of Poitou), France
DEATH: AFT 30 Dec 1705, St-Joachim, Montmorency Co. Quebec
Marie Guillaume: BIRTH: ABT 1652, Paris, St-Medard, Paris (Historic Province of Ile-de-France), France
DEATH: AFT 30 Oct 1705, St-Joachim, Montmorency Co Quebec

Pierre Migneron BIRTH: France
Francoise Pelliqouen: BIRTH: France

My Houle Line

Someone from Ancestry was nice to send me this tree which includes my Houle line, going back further than I had. What a find!

My Great Grandfather: Harold Francis Houle Married Lela May Seguin

GG Grandparents: Franklin Houle/Pricilla Vondell
GGG Grandparents: Henery Houle/Victoria Lazure
Henerey Houle born: abt 1853 New York
Victoria Lazure born: abt 1845 NY

GGGG Grandparents: Honore Houle/Felicite (Julia) Miron
Honore Houle: born abt 1825 Quebec-died 2MAY1874 Ellenburg, NY
Felicite Miron born: 12SEP1823 St-Constant, Laprarie Co.,Quebec

GGGGG Grandparents: Jean-Baptiste Houle/Angelique Seneder
Joseph Migneron/Isabelle Thout
Jean Baptiste Houle born: unknown
Angelique Seneder: unknown
Joseph Migneron: 27FEB1799 St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Laprairie Co Quebec
Isabelle Thout: abt 1802

Still need to find Jean Baptiste Houle's parents

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Alot of Seguin's from my line listed here

Bissonnette/Andre Marriages


Marriage: On November 7, 1785 in Saint-Joseph-De-Soulanges
Town/District: Les-Cedres/Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Between Joseph Bissonnette and Marie-Catherine Andre-Dit-St-Amand

Next marriage with:

Amable Migneron

Children's marriages:
Date Town First name Sex Spouse
1808-11-07 Les-Cedres Catherine F Noel Giroux
1813-03-01 Les-Cedres Marie-Josephte F Joseph Montpetit-Dit-Potvin
1817-11-24 Les-Cedres Marguerite F Joseph Veronneau-Dit-Denis
1829-11-23 Les-Cedres Marie-Jeanne F Etienne Migneron

Marriage: On November 7, 1808 in Saint-Joseph-De-Soulanges
Town/District: Les-Cedres/Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Between Noel Giroux and Catherine Bissonnette

Parents: Parents:

Raphael Giroux Joseph Bissonnette

Marguerite Richer Marie-Catherine Andre-Dit-St-Amand

None of their children (if they had any) has married in this region. For more information, click here.

Marriage: On March 1, 1813 in Saint-Joseph-De-Soulanges
Town/District: Les-Cedres/Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Between Joseph Montpetit-Dit-Potvin and Marie-Josephte Bissonnette

Previous marriage with: Parents:

Josephte Lalonde Joseph Bissonnette

Marie-Catherine Andre-Dit-St-Amand

Children's marriages:
Date Town First name Sex Spouse
1838-02-26 Coteau-Du-Lac Arthemise-Catherine F Louis Marcoux
1839-02-05 Coteau-Du-Lac Emelie F Pierre Houle
1850-01-21 Coteau-Du-Lac Martine F Francois Leroux
1850-08-19 Coteau-Du-Lac Francois-Xavier M Marcelle Leroux
1857-04-27 Coteau-Du-Lac Julienne F Joseph Lortie
1869-05-10 Coteau-Du-Lac Leonard M Elisabeth Lalonde

Marriage: On November 24, 1817 in Saint-Joseph-De-Soulanges
Town/District: Les-Cedres/Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Between Joseph Veronneau-Dit-Denis and Marguerite Bissonnette

Parents: Parents:

Jean-Baptiste Veronneau-Dit-Denis Joseph Bissonnette

Susanne Montpetit-Dit-Potvin Marie-Catherine Andre-Dit-St-Amand

Children's marriages:
Date Town First name Sex Spouse
1855-02-13 Saint-Zotique Odille F Francois Lalonde
1856-08-12 Saint-Zotique Isaie M M.-Angelique Watier
1857-01-20 Saint-Zotique Julienne F Joseph Dufour
1864-01-19 Les-Cedres Joseph M Adele-Delima Seguin

Marriage: On November 23, 1829 in Saint-Joseph-De-Soulanges
Town/District: Les-Cedres/Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Between Etienne Migneron and Marie-Jeanne Bissonnette

Parents: Parents:

Amable Migneron Joseph Bissonnette

Magdeleine Fournier Marie-Catherine Andre-Dit-St-Amand

None of their children (if they had any) has married in this region. For more information, click here.

Marriage: Before January 17, 1799 at an Undetermined place

Between Joseph Bissonnette and Therese Andre

Children's marriages:
Date Town First name Sex Spouse
1814-01-17 Les-Cedres Antoine M Marie-Desanges Parent

Marriage: On September 5, 1921 in Saint-Polycarpe
Town/District: Saint-Polycarpe/Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Between Josephat Bissonnette and M.-Anne Andre

Parents: Parents:

Joseph Bissonnette Israel Andre

Alma Caron Georgiana Pharand

Children's marriages:
Date Town First name Sex Spouse
1951-06-30 Les-Coteaux Gertrude F Henri Ranger
1951-09-01 Les-Coteaux Majella F Armel Lalonde
1953-05-02 Les-Coteaux Roger M Laurette Leger

Marriage: Before June 11, 1940 at an Undetermined place

Between Josaphat Bissonnette and Marie-Anne Andre

Children's marriages:
Date Town First name Sex Spouse
1955-06-11 Montreal Real M Therese Desjardins

Marriage: Before August 13, 1837 at an Undetermined place

Between Pierre Andre and Angelique Bissonnette

Children's marriages:
Date Town First name Sex Spouse
1849-08-13 Coteau-Du-Lac Angele F Guillaume Seguin

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Wordless Wednesday

Coteau-du-Lac Canal
The First Lock Canal in North America

This picture evoques a period scene where some of the King's Royal Regiment soldiers of New York work around a boat coming into the Coteau-du-Lac Canal.
© Parks Canada / Rex Wood ( Maurice Dunberry) / 1967

I thought I'd start participating in Wordless Wednesday for an incentive to hunt down historical photos of where my ancestors came from.
Many of my ancestors settled in New France (Quebec).

The construction of the canal at Coteau-du-Lac began in 1779 under the command of William Twiss. Soldiers in the King's Royal Regiment of New York, a colonial unit made up of Loyalists, were mobilized to dig the canal out of rock using rudimentary tools and techniques. When construction was completed in 1781, the canal was more than 100 m long and 2.5 m wide. Each of the three locks was 12 m long and 1.8 m wide, with draft measuring close to 80 cm. Taken together, these locks compensated for a drop of about 2 m between the head and the bottom of the rapids. The canal was the first work of its kind in North America.

The Coteau-du-Lac canal went into full use from the moment it opened; a toll was even charged on boat traffic. However, the canal was unable to solve all the problems involved by river navigation upstream from Montréal. Three additional canals were built in the sector as of 1783, at the Faucille, Trou-du-Moulin and Rocher-Fendu locations. As the first canal work on the St. Lawrence, these canal infrastructures represented a valuable aid to navigation.

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Angelique Bissonnette

Marie-Angelique Bissonnette was born 11 Nov 1792 and baptized 16 Nov 1792 at Les Cedres, Soulanges Co. Quebec
Her parents were Jean-Baptiste Bissonnette and Josephe Diagneau dit Deniau who were married on 19 May 1788 at Les Cedres. Both had former deceased spouses.
Jean-Baptiste's parents were François Bissonnette and Marguerite Guay dit Castonguay who were married 14 February 1722 at Notre-Dame Cathedral, Quebec City.

Houle's in the News

From the Plattsburg Sentinel


The evidence in the preliminary examination of the Houle brothers who are charged with the murder of their brother-in-law, has been concluded in Valleyfield and both of the brothers had been held to await the action of the grand jury, and it is probable that they will be tried for their crime next February. The brothers told very contradictory stories and the evidence submitted at the examination is regarded as quite strong.

Tues. Oct. 5, 1920

Hector Houle, aged 22, of Cohoes, was found at Pavillion F of the tuberculosis camp at Albany Thursday morning with his throat cut. He had been at the camp for three months and lately became violently ill. The circumstances indicated suicide.

John Houle of Mountain View was buried from the R. C. church here on Wednesday.

Friday June 4, 1909

Mrs. Albert Houle was suddenly called to Lyon Mountain last week by the sad news that her husband who was employed there had met with an accident in breaking his leg in two places.


Bruno Houle, an old man of Montreal, Canada, is of the opinion that woman should have her rights, one of those rights being the maintenance of her husband. He has therefore brought an action against his wife for support. He alleges he is unable from illness to provide the necessaries of life, and claims a support from his better half, who is in affluent circumstances. The wife repudiates her husbands demands. Bruno thinks that it is a poor rule that won't work both ways.

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Miscellaneous VONDELL newspaper articles

From the Plattsburgh Sentinel:

Mrs. Albert Vondell and Miss Della Vondell visited their parents near Mooers recently.

At a regular meeting of the Uniform Rank of Maccabees held Monday evening, W.J. Vondell was elected Buglar for the ensuing year.

Miss Nora Vondell of Ellenburg is visiting her sister, Mrs. Frank Hule. (Houle)

Friday, December 13, 1930
The funeral of John Vondell was held Tuesday morning from the R. C. Church.

John H. Vondell of Ellenburgh to Harry W. James and wife of Malone, a parcel of land in the town of Ellenburgh, Consideration $1,300.

Wilbur Vondell of Detroit, Mich., is the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Vondell.

John Vondell has moved into the "Center House" hotel.

The "Center House" was reopened last week with John Vondell, proprietor.

John Vondell has a sister from Grand Traverse, Mich., visiting him at present whom he has not seen for twenty-two years.

Friday Morning, November 15, 1901

Monday morning the R. C. Church in Ellenburgh was the scene of a very pretty wedding, the contracting parties being Miss Anna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Labarge and Mr. Peter Bosley. Miss Norah Vondell, acted as bridesmaid and Mr. Fred Labarge as best man. The bride and bridesmaid were gowned alike in very pretty dresses of pearl gray cashmere trimmed with white satin. After the ceremony the wedding party proceeded to the home of the groom's parents where a host of friends awaited them.

C. L. Higgins has hired the store belonging to John Carter, of Plattsburgh. It is now undergoing repairs at the hands of J. Vondell and son.

June 3, 1898
Mr. and Mrs. John Vondell celebrated their silver wedding on the evening of May 25. Quite a gathering of invited guests were present and quite numerous were the gifts mostly pieces of silver.

John Vondell~Obit

From the Plattsburgh Sentinel

Dec 16,1930


John H. Vondell, age 76, of Ellenburg died Sunday after noon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William Labarge of Forest. He had been in poor health for two years and was taken seriously ill last August and his condition became steadily worse.

Mr. Vondell was born in Ellenburg and lived all his life in that vicinity. Up to 18 years ago, he had been a painter and decorator but has been an undertaker the last few years. Mr. Vondell's wife died about five years ago and is survived by his daughter and two sons, William of Malone and Wilbur of Bridgeport, Conn.

Funeral services will be held this morning at the Roman Catholic Church at Ellenburg at 10 o'clock with Rev. Father O.H. Boyer officiating.

Vondell Graves

Here are a few Vondell graves in the St. Edmunds Cemetery, Ellenburg, Clinton Co NY:

Frank / VONDELL / Died / Apr. 6, 1885, / AE. 65 Ys. /
Celia / His Wife / Died / June 27, 1907, / AE. 86 Ys. /
Willie / Died / Mar. 5, 1883, / AE. 7 Ms. /
Mellisa (sic) / Wife of / William / VONDELL / Born / Mar. 12, 1847, / Died / Oct. 11, 1905. /
William / VONDELL / 1844 - 1925. /
William / Died / Mar. 16, 1867, / AE. 14 Ms. /
Henry / Died / Oct. 8, 1869, / AE. 10 Ms. /
John / Died / Feb. 15, 1873, / AE. 3 Ys. /
Emma / Died / May 25, 1877, / AE. 5 Ys. /

John VONDELL / 1855 - /
Julia L. / His Wife / 1858 - 1925 /
Flossie FAVREAU / 1894 - 1921. /
Alice DUVAL / 1896 - 1926. /
John A. / - 1876 - /
W. H. / 1874 - 1878 /
Pheby E. / 1878 - 1882 /
Lottie M. / - 1886 - /
George H. / 1888 - 1891. /

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Some Miscellaneous Clinton Co NY info: ROULEAU & NEVEU

St Patrick's of Chateauguay
~ Parish Records ~



Surname: Dagenais First name: Maxime Baptism: 1 Nov 1873 Birth: 23 Aug 1873 Parents: Maxime & Juliana Chabot Godparents: Louis ROULEAU & Elmira Dagenais

Surname: Delpie First: Joseph Baptism: 28 Nov 1882 Birth: 22 Apr 1882 Parents: Charles & Melina ROULEAU Godparents: Francis Dumas & Mathilda Gagnier

Surname: Delpie First: Maria Melina Baptism: 28 Oct 1883 Birth: 22 Apr 1883 Parents: Charles & Melina ROULEAU Godparents: Louis & Elmira ROULEAU

Surname:Rabideau First: Marcellina Baptism: 24 Mar 1868 Birth: 29 Feb 1868 Parents: Peter & Marcellina NEVEU Godparents: Adolph ROULEAU & Sara NEVEU

Surname: ROULEAU First: Hanna (Anna) Baptism:2 Jun 1867 Birth:18 May 1867 Parents: John B. & Amelia Claire Godparents: Peter Rabideau & Martine Langevin

Surname: ROULEAU First: Sara Baptism:24 Mar 1868 Birth:19 Feb 1868 Parents:Adolph & Josephine NEVEU Godparents: Peter Rabideau & Sara Labombarde

Surname:Taylor First: Josephine Baptism:16 Jun 1881 Birth:16 Jun 1881 Parents:John & Exilda Gagnier Godparents: Henry Neron & Melina ROULEAU

There were also several NEVEU's listed on this page


Surname:Labombarde First:Sara Parents:Alex & Elisabeth Lhuissier Date:25 Jun 1866 Spouse:NEVEU Joachim Witnesses:Reome, Narcisse/Barry, Catharina

Surname:Moyse First:Louis Parents: Paul & Amable Fontaine Date: 8 Oct 1868 Spouse:NEVEU WitnessesLesina NEVEU, Joseph & Peter Notes: CM 5 Apr 1866

Surname: NEVEU First: Joachim Parents: Joachim & Margaret Paquette Date:25 Jun 1866 Witnesses:Labombarde Sara Reome, Narcisse/Barry, Catharina

Surname: NEVEU First:Lesina Parents: Peter & Elisa Lache Date: 8 Oct 1868 Witnesses:Moyse Louis NEVEU, Joseph & Peter Notes:CM 5 Apr 1866