Friday, September 07, 2007

Mary Rouleau

I think this is my Mary Rouleau, someone was so nice to send this info to me!

Following from Parish Ste Anne de Centreville Mooers Forks NY extracted by Virginia E. Demarce;
Rouleau, Maria Louise; Parentss: Charolus Rouleau & Delphina Neveux; Born: 23 April; Baptized: 14 May 1865; in Centreville; Godparents: Joachim Neveux & Maria Belouin.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

August Dombrowski (ggg grandfather)

Found this from Donna:

I need help with locating the birthplace of my g grandfather
Born: 1871
Birthplace: from Petition for Naturalization-most likely spelled
phonetically as he did not write: Mamusen,( Massussen, Manusen )Russia
He spoke Lithuanian and German
Immigration Date: 1895
Married: Lena MESKUS(MISCHKUS etc.)(/she's another story)
Date of Petition: 1905 renouncing Nicholas II Emperor of Russia

Death record and Census records state Russia/Poland as birthplace.
Other records state Germany as birthplace

Family Lore: August's family raised horses for royalty, possible he had
soomething to do with horses as he worked in Shemmelrock's Undertaking and
Embalming Livery Stable on South Side of Pittsburgh and as a steelworker.

Had some help in Salt Lake locating a name that sounds close to Massussen
etc. in a Russian Gazetteer-MANUCHIN was what the experts came up with.
This was a German Colony according to the Gazetteer. When I enter this in
the internet Odessa comes up. I'm confused more than I was when I started.

Does the name of the town sound familiar to anyone? Are there other
posssibilities. I assumed that he was from closer to Lithuania.

Thank You, Donna

Anna Reichkof (my ggg grandmother

Subject: Re: [LITHUANIA-L] Wystiniec, Poland/Vystytis, Lithuania Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 12:53:47 -0400 Hi Donna,On my map I have Lake Vis~tytis on the border between Lithuanian and the Kaliningrad region. Vis~tytis is at the north end of the lake and it has a church. Pavis~tytis is 1 mile due east on the little river running east out of the middle of the lake.I would guess the records would be in the Polish archives.Good luck,Arv______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________Subject: [LITHUANIA-L] Wystiniec, Poland/Vystytis, LithuaniaAuthor: Non-HP-dhagberg (
DisplayMail('','dhagberg'); at HP-USA/o2=mimegw4Date: 6/17/98 10:18 PMAfter years of searching and guessing I think I finally found the town my gggrandmother was from. I found them in LDS films of Lutheran Church records of births, marriages, deaths, for Wystiniec(Wischstiten or Vishtitis), Suwalki, Poland; later Vystytis, Lithuania. Helena MYSZKUS daughter of Georg and Anna (REICHKOF) Myszkusborn ( if I'm reading the records correctly) in Powisztajcie (Pavistytis) September 1876. This must be a small settlement near Vystytis, it is on the Russian/Lithuanian border along with a lake (which I believe may have the same name as the town), 102.2 miles west of Vilnius. Is any one familiar with the above names or towns? The records cover 1863-1940, where would I find earlier records? I would love to find something about what this area is/was like, can any one suggest any sources of information? Thanks in Advance. Donna ==== LITHUANIA Mailing List ====Going on vacation? Gone longer than 4 days? Please unsubscribe Single messages Users, send to
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