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Some Harris stuff to work on

Social Security Death index
Charlie Harris, b. Sept. 23, 1912, d. Dec. 14, 1990, last residence Odessa, Ector Co. TX.
Ector Co. TX death index Charles Dee Harris, d. 12-14-1990

Social Security Death index
William K. Harris b. Apr 1, 1924, d. DEc. 4, 1987, last residence Colorado City, Mitchell Co. TX; SSN issued Arkansas
Westbrook Cemetery,
Harris William Kennon Apr 01 1924 Dec 04 1987 US Army WW I* N-1/R-17
(Obviously a typo--believe it means WWII)

Would suggest checking with either the Odessa American newspaper or the Abilene Reporter News, (or the libraries), for an obit. That, as you know, will give you survivors.

1920 Census, Southfork Township, Clark Co. AR
Harris, Cannon, 30, farmer, AR-AR-AR
" ", Mania L., 24, wife, AR-AR-AR
" ", Charlie D., 7, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", Thomas L., 5, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", Sarah C., 2 6/12, dau, AR-AR-AR
" ", Garnet (Garret?)., 44, uncle, AR-AR-AR

1920 Census, Antoine, Clark Co. AR
Harris, James C., 50, head, AR-MS-TN, farmer, owns farm free
" ", Lizzie, 48, wife, AR-AR-AR
" ", Kennon, 85, father, widowed, MS-VA-VA
next door
Harris, Lester, 34, head, AR-MS-AR
" ", Leila, 22, wife, AR-MS-AR
" ", Marjoria A., 3, dau, AR-AR-AR

WW2 Draft Registration
Kennon Lee Harris
b. Oct. 11, 1888
address: RFD #1, Okolona Co AR
next of kin: Manie Lou Harris

WWI Draft registration
Kennon Lee Harris
b. Oct 11, 1888
Okolona Ark
reason for exemption: wife and 2 children
tall, medium build, grey eyes and brown hair

1910 census, Fisher Co. TX
Harris, Kennon, WM, 19, AR-AR-AR, for occupation it looks like "keeper of" and then business says "restaurant"

Now this is very interesting to me. Not necessarily because of the restaurant thing, which is kinda interesting (check the Handbook of Texas Online for a history of Fisher County. Suggest you see if there was anything going on at the time, like an oil boom, that would bring a 19 year old out to make his fortune as a restauranteur. You can google for Handbook of Texas Online). What is interesting is that Fisher Co. is VERY near Mitchell Co. And not too far (150 miles, maybe) from Ector Co. That's a funny coincidence.

1900 Census, Clark Co. AR
Antoine Township
Harris, Jas., b. Oct. 1866, 33, mar. 11 yrs, AR-GA-GA
" ", Lizzie, , wife, b. Mar. 1876, mar 11 yrs, mother of 2/2 living, AR-AR-AR
" ", Fanny, 10, dau, b. Jan, 1890, AR-AR-AR
" ", Jim, 5, son, b. May 1895, AR-AR-AR
" ", Wm. K, 65, father, b, Nov. 1834, widowed, AL-VA-VA
" ", Lela, 18, niece, b. May, 1882, AR-AR-AR
" ", Mollie, 14, niece, b. Sept. 1885, AR-AR-AR
" ", Cannon, 11, nephew, b. Oct. 1888, AR-AR-AR
" ", Thos, 7, niece, b. Nov. 1892, AR-AR-AR
" ", Duenna, 1, niece, b. Sept. 1898, AR-AR-AR

1880 census, Antoine, Clark Co. AR
Harris, William K., 45, head, farmer, AL-VA-VA
" ", Fannie G., 36, wife, VA-VA-VA
" ", Alexander, 20, son, MS-VA-VA
" ", Fannie, 17, daughter in law, AR-KY-KY
" ", Robert, 18, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", Ben, 15, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", James, 13, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", Garrett? Garnett? 8, AR-AR-AR

1870 census, Elkins, Clark Co. AR, (Arkadelphia PO)
Harris, WK, 35, b. AL, worth $1500, farmer
" ", Fanyes? (Fanny), 25, b. TN
" ", Aleck, 11, b. MS
" ", Robert, 9, b. AR
" ", Benjamin, 6, b. AR
" ", James, 4, b. AR

So, the line goes:
William K Harris b. 1835---to either Alexander, Robert, or Benjamin--to Kennon b. 1888--to Gerald.

I hope this helps you get started. I promised you a list of my favorite sites (that I used for a lot of this)
US GenWeb --sites for all states and all counties in all states. Free. Quality varies from county to county (volunteer driven) but always worth a look! www.usgenweb.com

Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet. Amazing index...like a card catalog of the internet

Mormon site (Latter Day Saints or LDS) that has many resources, including the entire 1880 US census (all name index). Free.

This guy has a great how to, including this page of how to write a query. I don't know him, but I appreciate his site.

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Civil War in Clark County AR

The Civil War in Clark County, Arkansas

Salt Works
East of the Ouachita River bridge on Highway 7 at Saline Bayou
The salt works site was investigated during the war by Confederate Captain J.M. King and built and operated by Confederate officer M.S. Carpenter, an Arkadelphia resident.

Wells were sunk to a depth of 40-50 feet. Several 200 gallon iron kettles continually boiled salt water. Large metal pans were used to dry out the salt. The salt was shipped by steamboat on the Ouachita River, or by wagon. Hundreds of tons of salt were manufactured during the years of operation. A bushel of salt sold for about ten dollars when it was available at the works.

The facility discontinuted operations near the close of the war due to wartime conditions. It reopened for a time after the war, but was then abandoned.

The site is listed in the National Register of History Places.

Powder Works (Munitions Factory)
Fifteenth Street and Mill Creek Drive Arkadelphia
The Civil War powder works was begun by Major General Thomas C. Hindman in the early summer of 1862. It was used only a short time, then disassembled and moved to Marshall, Texas, in 1863. In May of that same year, an explosion occurred, killing one person. It blew up all the machinery and the building, but by June 13, 1863, tbe factory was back in operation.

Arsenal (Munitions Factory or Ordnance Works)
526 Main, Arkadelphia (present site of Horizon Bank)
Arkadelphia's main contribution to the war effort was as a Confederate supply depot. It was one of the depots set up by Major General Thomas C. Hindman, Confederate commander of the Trans-Mississippi District, who was responsible for raising an army and equipping it. Medical chemicals, munitions, and salt manufacturing were established in Arkadelphia.

The chemical laboratory produced needed medicines and products, such as calomel, castor oil, spirits of nitre, and tinctures of iron. The chemicals necessary for production of these products, such as cultivated plants, weeds, and herbs, were purchased from citizens through newspaper advertisements.

The ordnance works was also owned by the Confederacy, and directed by Captain G.S. Polleys. Most of the machinery was homemade, and manufactured light artillery, pistols, and rifles. The cannon on the grounds of the Clark County Library may have been made at the arsenal.

A munitions works was established to supplement the main works in Camden. Gun carriages, powder, shot and shell, bullets, cartridge boxes, wagons, and caissons were produced.

There was a tanning yard in the city, and leather products were produced at the arsenal. Harnesses, knapsacks, saddles, bridles, and shoes were made for the army.

Harris Flanagin Law Office
320 Clay, Arkadelphia
Completed prior to the Civil War, this stuccoed brick building has sewed as an office for many Clark County attorneys. Early Arkadelphia bricklayer J. H. O'Baugh built the structure for James Witherspoon. In addition to Harris Flanagin, Confederate governor of Arkansas, other owners of note have been Duncan Flanagin, J.H. Crawford and Ernest Still. The law offices of B. W. Sanders and Randy L. Hill currently occupy the building.

The structure is listed in thc National Register of Historic Places.

Harris Flanagin Grave
Rose Hill Cemetery, Main Street, Arkadelphia
Harris Flanagin served as a Confederate officer in the First Arkansas Infantry, Co. E.

His name was entered as a nominee for governor of Arkansas, and although he was away in military service, he won the election. Flanagin was recalled from active duty and served as Governor for the duration of the war.

He died in 874 while erving as a delegate to the Arkansas Constitutional Convention.

United Daughters of the Confederacy Civil War Monument
Grounds of the Clark Couray Court House, Arkadelphia
Constructed with funds collected by members of the Harris Flanagin Chapter, UDC, to commemorate the heroic efforts of the soldiers and citizens of Clark County, the monument was unveiled and was dedicated on May 27, 1911. A large crowd attended the festivities, including many former Confederate soldiers.

The monument was destroyed in thc March 1997 tornado and is to be replaced. It is 1isted in the National Register of Historic Places.

Military Road
Crosses Clark County
The Military Road began as an Indian trail, and served as an early transportation artery across Arkansas into Texas and Mexico. It was used extensively during the Civil War. The road crosses Clarlc County from the northeast to southwest.

Bullock's Plantadon
After the battle of Jenkins' Ferry, General Joseph O. Shelby, General John S. Marmaduke, and Colonel Colton Greene established their headquarters in various outbuildings on the plantation of Colonel Charles Bullock. Here they probably planned their Missouri campaign.

The soldiers camped at the plantation two weeks or more, and when they left, the grounds were scraped clean and the trash burned.

Skirmish at Bozeman's House
Highways 26 and 51, about four miles from Arkadelphia on the old Military Road
On April 1, 1864, Confederate General Joseph O. Shelby caught up with and attacked the rear guard of Union General Frederick Steele's army.

Union General Samuel A. Rice, in charge of the supply, pontoon, and brigade trains, rushed to support the troops under attack. After eight long and bloody hours of savage fighting, the opponents being a brigade against a division, darkness fell and the battle ended.

Nearly 400 prisoners were taken. There were many dead and wounded. "Rice, shot twice, hatless and swordless, finally reached the main army, swearing he fought nothing but devils who rode horses upon his bayonets, and shot his infantry in square with revolvers."

Skirmish at Spoonrille (Hollywood)
Highway 26, about two miles south of Hollywood on Terre Noire and Gentry Creeks
On April 2, 1864, General Joseph Shelby attacked the Union Army from the rear and Generals Marmaduke and William L. Cabell came from Antoine, at Gentry Creek, and attacked the front. Marmaduke and Cabell withdrew to Antoine to set up on Wolf Creek to attack the Union forces as they crossed the Little Missouri River on their way to Washington. However, the Federals turned at Halfway on the Military Road and headed toward Camden.

Battle of the Bees, Okolona
One mile north of Okolona on County Road 55
On April 3, 1864, General Joseph Shelby caught up with General Samuel Rice's Union troops. They engaged in a skirmish in a pecan orchard during a severe thunderstorm. Along with the other damage due to hail and high winds, several beehives were overturned. The insects first attacked the Confederates, then turned their attention to the Union army. Both armies left the battlefield to their stinging tormentors.

Skirmish at Elkins' Ferry
Three or four miles south of Okolona
General Joseph Shelby had fallen back at the Little Missouri River and moved on the Washington road to Antoine. He crossed the river there to join Marmaduke and Cabell, informing them that the Federals planned to cross at Elkins' Ferry. The Rebels crossed Wolf Creek on the south side of the Little Missouri, skirmished a while, then set up at Elkins' Ferry to await the Federals. Union Colonel Drake described the heavy skirmishing on April 3 and 4, 1864, as "very warm, and my men were falling wounded on my right and left." He commented that the Rebel forces "in one continuous line rushed upon us, firing volleys of musketry and yelling like demons." After many hours of intense fighting, the Federals finally gained control of the ferry crossing. The Union Army camped there and constructed bridges and corduroy roads across the river and bottoms. These were all afloat by April 7, due to heavy rains. The Elkins' Ferry battle site is part of the Camden Expedition National Historic Landmark.

Jerry Harris

From News From Okolona May 21, 1942
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Harris of San Diego California are here for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Cannon Harris and family.

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1910 Census - Texas - Fisher County - Justice Precinct 1 - ED#91 -
Sheet 2A - 16 April 1910 - Lines 40

Harris, Kennon L - Head - M/W - 19(Age) - S(Single) -
Born:Arkansas FatherBorn:Arkansas MotherBorn:Arkansas
Keeper of Restaurant - R(rents)/H(house) -
1920 Census - Arkansas - Clark County - SouthFork Township -
ED#70 - Sheet 8B - 20 February 1920 - Address:Burtrell Road -
Lines 70~75

Harris, Cannon L - Head - R(rents home) - M/W - 30(Age) - M(married) -
--------, Manie L - Wife - F/W - 24(Age) - M(married) -
--------, Charlie D - Son - M/W - 7(Age) - S(Single) -
--------, Thomas L - Son - M/W - 5(Age) - S(Single) -
--------, Sarah C - Daughter - F/W - 2(yrs)6/12(months) - S(Single) -
--------, Garnet - Uncle - M/W - 44(Age) - S(Single) -
All Listed Born:ArkansasFatherBorn:ArkansasMotherBorn:Arkansas
1930 Census - Arkansas - Clark County - Antoine Township - ED#10~6 -
Sheet 3A - 15 April 1930 - Lines 47~50

Harris, Kannon - Head -R(rents home) - M/W - 41(Age) - M(married) -
23(Age 1st married) - Farmer/GeneralFarm
--------, Manie - Wife - F/W - 34(age) - M(married) - 17(Age 1st married) -
--------, Charlie D - Son - M/W - 17(Age) - S(Single) - Laborer/GeneralFarm
--------, Thomas L - Son - M/W - 15(Age) - S(single) -
Lines 51~53
--------, Sarah - Daughter - F/W - 12(Age) - S(Single) -
--------, Gerald - Son - M/W - 9(Age) - S(Single) -
--------, Will K - Son - M/W - 6(Age) - S(Single) -
Lines 54~58
Harris, Thomas G - Head - M/W - 36(Age) - M(married) - 31(Age 1st married) -
Farmer/General Farm - Veteran WW
--------, Effie - Wife - F/W - 26(Age) - M(married) - 21(Age 1st married) -
--------, Lelia A - Daughter - F/W - 5(Age) - S(Single) -
--------, Reva M - Daughter - F/W - 3(Age) - S(Single) -
--------, Tommie Joe - Daughter - F/W - 1(yr)6/12(months) - S(Single) -
All Listed Born:Arkansas MotherBorn:Arkansas MotherBorn:Arkansas

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Wow, last week was a great week genealogy wise for me! I ended up getting a ton of info on Houle and Seguin and also found my great aunt on my Houle side! I'm going to put all my info on here so I can clean out my emails and then sort through it all. It's so much for me to sift through!

From Andre Seguin
Bonjour Tanya

Isaie (Isaac) SEGUIN son of Guillaume Julien SEGUIN & Angele ANDRE
married in St. Isidore, Prescott Comty in Ontario, october 13, 1884
Melindee ROULEAU daughther of Jean-Baptiste ROULEAU & Emelie LECLAIR

children :
- Willie Mary Jane SEGUIN born in St. Isidore Ontario May 30, 1885
- Henry SEGUIN married in Ellenburg NY , June 12, 1916 Lilian HOULE
- Edward SEGUIN married in Ellenburg NY April 17, 1922 Albina MONETTE

That is all we have about this family

I hope this is what you looking for

any additions or more genealogical informations

send e-mail to

André Séguin
Gatineau QC
Généalogiste des Séguin d'Amérique


In an email from Raymond Seguin:

Hello Alice & Tanya,

Thank you for the genealogical informations you send me .it would improve the presentation of your family in a furtur edition of our genealogical dictionary of Séguin in North Amreica.
For Arlene daughter of Alfred & Ethel Goodrich we have the following information:
Arlene-Mary married in Manchester, NH on August 28, 1954 with Edwin-Neal Jacobs (Frred & Maud Flenelleig)

For Henry & Lillian Houle, we have four more children:
1- Francis married at Cornwall, ON November 11, 1948 with Marguerite Smith.
2- Caroline married at Massena, NY November 27, 1943 with Simon Eros
3- June married at Massena, NY April 14, 1956 with Ronald Guay
4- Joyce married at Massena, NY November 5, 1946 with Gordon Avery
In the census of 1930 for the Clinton County we find the family of Henry:
Henry Seguin born about 1899
Lilian " " 1901
Howard 1917
Hilda 1919
Floyd 1920
Beulah 1921
Pearl 1923
Caroline 1924
Grace 1925
Orin 1926
Frank 1928

For Edward Seguin.
We have:
Edward Séguin (as son of Issac Séguin & Mary Rolo) married at Ellenburg, NY April 17, 1922 with Albina Monette (John Monette & Addie Comens)
with one child Norman Séguin (as son of Edouard Seguin and Albina Monette at his marriage) married at Massena, NY December 15, 1945 with Josephine Vierno (Joaquin Vierno & Ina Carson) and they have one child Thomas Séguin married at Massena, NY November 8, 1975 with Elisabeth Silver (Ricahrd Silver & Gladys Parent).
You Have:
Edward Séguin (as son of Issaïe Séguin & Mélindée Rouleau) married with Edwardine Séguin before June 5, 1917 and
two children Irene Séguin & Norman Séguin.
If you have other information that could confirm that he is son of Mary (2nd marriage) or Mélindée and if he was married with Edwardine Séguin or Albina Monette, it would be welcome

Here is some information about our Association and the great family of Séguin:

The ASSOCIATION DES SÉGUIN D’AMÉRIQUE is a nonprofit organization. We have over 1,000 members and 10% of them are from the USA.

We estimate that about 95% of the Séguin in North America are descending from Francois Séguin who married Jeanne Petit in Boucherville, QC (near Montréal) on October 31, 1672. Francois Séguin was probably a soldier of the Regiment de Carignan (but we have no proof) and Jeanne Petit was a "fille du roi" (King’s daughter or girl sent by the king).

We publish quarterly a newsletter of about 24 pages called "La Séguinière", for the English-speaking members we include an English translation of most of the articles. In June 2003, at the occasion of our 50th edition, the newsletter had 52 pages and half of them were a retrospective of the preceding editions.

We have annual meeting with 150 to 600 Séguin. Our last annual meeting has taken place at Embrun, ON (near Ottawa) on June 25th, 2006

We have published on August 27, 2005, a second edition of a genealogical dictionary of the Seguin in North America. It is available as a bonded book at a cost of Cdn$100. including cost of mail or on CD-ROM at a cost of $28.00 including cost of mail (contact us for discount if paid in US funds). We have more than 12 000 marriages of Séguin (including Ladéroute, Laderoot, Sequin, Seguine, Sayan, Sayen, Sayah, Sawyer, ...) and thousands of births and deaths of Séguin. Many are still missing and mostly from the USA where we rest on our members and correspondents to get that information. We usually need the place and date of birth, death and marriage of a Séguin plus the name of the spouse and of his/her parents.

If you wish to apply for membership, it is $25. for the period from July 1st, to June 30th(US$25. for USA members) payable by check to the order of the Association des Séguin d’Amérique. For new membership from December to June, the membership is reduced to $12.50. If you just wish to exchange genealogical information on the Séguin family, it is fine with us.

Raymond Séguin #002, treasurer,


231 de Brullon, Boucherville, QC J4B 2J7

(450) 655-5325 raymondseguin@videotron.ca

Visit our Internet site:


Edward Dembrosky Obit

Memorial services for Edward P. Dembrosky, 69, of El Cajon, will be at 7 p.m. tomorrow in Faith Chapel in Spring Valley. Cremation was planned by the Neptune Society with ashes to be scattered at sea. He died Saturday in a hospital.
Mr. Dembrosky was born in Pittsburgh and lived in the county more than 40 years. He was a Trend Furniture salesman and had worked for other furniture companies for 40 years. He served in the Air Force and was a veteran of World War II.
Survivors include two daughters, Cheryl Bryant and Valerie Houle, both of Alpine; five sisters; and three grandchildren. The family suggested donations to the American Heart Association or the American Cancer Society.

Obit on Gerald Lee Harris

Gerald L. Harris, ex-National City city councilman
Services for former City Councilman Gerald L. Harris, 65, of National City, will be at 10 a.m. tomorrow in El Camino Chapel in El Camino Memorial Park. National City Mayor Kile Morgan will give the eulogy. Heath Funeral Home is in charge. He died Tuesday in a convalescent
Mr. Harris, a native of Okolona, Ark., was a county resident for 45 years. A real estate broker, he owned Jerry Harris Realty in National City for many years. He was a charter member of the National City Exchange Club, a past president of the South Bay Board
of Realtors and the National City Chamber of Commerce, a member of the National City Traffic Safety Committee for 23 years and a Kiwanian.
While a National City councilman from 1966 to 1968, he led successful campaigns to have a Navy firefighting school moved out of National City and to develop the Mile of Cars.
Survivors include his wife, Elaine; two sons, Ronald, of San Diego, and Paul, of Spring Valley; two daughters, Judi Rubesh of La Mesa and Karen Cartmill of San Francisco; two brothers, Charles, of Odessa, Texas, and William, of Colorado City, Texas; a sister, Sarah Witt of Mobile, Ala.; and five grandchildren.

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Message Board

I just added a message board. If you are family or looking for someone, please feel free to post on the message board. I don't always see comments so I thought a message board would be easier to track. So go ahead and join up and post away!

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I just came across this on rootsweb, unfortunately, her email is no longer good. I finally find someone researching my same line and I'm 6 years too late...ugh! Anyways, at least I have a little more info to go on, and the spelling of Lela's last name is different than what I first thought.

From: "Alice McRae"
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2000 3:07 PM
Subject: Seguin Family of Ellenburg

> I'm researching the family of Isaac Seguin and Mary Rouleau (Rollo) who
> settled in Ellenburg in Clinton County about 1895. Known children are
> Joseph, Edward, Alfred, Albert, Henry, Lena, Lela, Edmond and Gertrude.
> of the families they connect with are Facteau, Houle, Truchon, Goodrich
> Colburn. Any other researchers out there?
> Alice Cardinal McRae

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Lots of STONE marriages listed here..Madison Co KY

Lists my Frances E Stone m to Lucy Webb


(Transcribed and indexed alphabetically by Charlotte Ramsey)


(Be sure to check all possible spellings of names)

Saddler, Betsy Herrington, Elijah 109 Dec -- 1812
Sagerser, Jefferson Rev.-Wallace, Nancy 192 Oct 29 1833
Sale, Samuel Harris, Milly 132 Nov 21 1820
Sallee, John Hagans, Mary L 135 Feb 15 1821
Sallee, William Burton, Hannah 158 Oct 12 1825
Salley, Rhoda (Sallee) Tudder, Daniel (Tudor) 94 Feb 29 1816
Sally, Oliver (Sallee) Tudor, Phebe 156 Jul 09 1825
Salsman, Robert Hozick, Diana 36 Aug 24 1809
Sammons, Rebecca Harter, Reuben 164 Oct 10 1826
Sampson, Becky Green, James 34 Sep 04 1805
Sampson, Isaac Apperson, Rebecca 73 Sep 20 1898
Sampson, Richard (or Thompson)-Callaham, Patsy 106 Aug 12 1810
Sampson, William Dunwiddie, Polly 101 Dec 31 1811
Samuel, Anthony Johnson, Sarah 219 Aug 13 1838
Samuel, Elizabeth S Steele, Oliver C 218 Jan 05 1838
Samuels, James M Fox, Martha 204 Aug 27 1836
Samuels, John Chenault, Sally 108 Dec -- 1803
Samuels, Leroy Moore, Sarah 227 Feb 15 1837
Samuels, Robert Jenkins, Elizabeth 196 Oct 27 1834
Sanders, Benjamin Tudor, Martha 206 Jun 29 1837
Sanders, Caty Weeks, Samuel 104 Feb 11 1810
Sanders, David Rentfroe, Rebecca 200 May 12 1835
Sanders, Delphe Jennings, Joshua 62 Jun 18 1812
Sanders, Elijah Broaddus, Allena Jane 223 Jun 03 1840
Sanders, Elizabeth Carter, John 28 Jul 13 1796
Sanders, Elizabeth Vincent, Ezekiel 180 May 12 1831
Sanders, Giles Hickaday, Sally 190 Dec 03 1833
Sanders, John Tuseman?, Margaret 72 Jul 10 1788
Sanders, John Wilkerson, Janky? 152 Oct 20 1824
Sanders, John Hart, Mary 187 Nov 22 1832
Sanders, Margaret Warmouth, Henry 33 Dec 24 1806
Sanders, Nancy Hendren, John 147 Apr 29 1824
Sanders, Polly Million, Joel 92 Nov 16 1817
Sanders, Polly Hendron, Starling 177 Jan 12 1830
Sanders, Polly Carnick, Thomas H 203 Mar 19 1834
Sanders, Rease (Reese) Jennings, Sarah 56 Dec 22 1813
Sanders, Ruth Bates, John 130 Oct 26 1820
Sanders, Thomas Goan, Sally 37 Jan 24 1808
Sanders, Thomas Wheeler, Susannah 115 Jan 16 1809
Sanders, Thomas Hendren, Emeline 187 Sep 19 1832
Sanders, William Hathman, Paulina 180 Feb 03 1831
Sandford, Barrett M Williams, Minerva 158 Jan 17 1826
Sanford, John Barnes, Hannah 104 Sep 05 1813
Sanford, Minerva Tevis, John 194 Dec 19 1833
Sanford, Nancy Richardson, Amos 116 Dec 25 1813
Sapp, Hartley Wilson, Polly 55 Nov 21 1811
Sapp, John Gray, Isabella 06 Jan 06 1791
Sappington, Catharine Crews, Thomas 177 Feb 12 1828
Sappington, Heartly Pursell, Mary 65 Feb 24 1789
Sappington, James Brown, Margaret 09 Jun 15 1803
Sappington, John Lanham, Sarah 220 Apr 12 1840
Sappington, Lucy Paden, Adam 84 Apr 11 1816
Sappington, Mary Wells, Richard 63 Sep 11 1811
Sappington, Nancy Willis Nicholas (or Wells) 106 Dec 21 1809
Sappington, Peggy Brown, Hugh 152 May 13 1824
Sappington, Sebastian White, Milly 131 Nov 23 1820
Sappington, Zepheniah Parks, Peggy 07 Nov 05 1804
Sappinton, James Right, Anny 118 Jun 26 1817
Saulsman, Moses Bush, Caty 103 Sep 13 1815
Saunders, Drucilla Land, James W 237 Apr 18 1843
Saunders, Fanny Baker, Charles 171 Dec 11 1828
Scarborary, Rebecca Griffith, Benjamin 16 Nov 01 1806
Schooler, Catharine Pond, Griffin 115 Dec 21 1810
Schooler, Dillard C Garrett, Jane 161 Oct 10 1826
Schooler, George Hudson, Fanny 77 Nov 28 1813
Schooler, Nicholas Gooch, Rebecca 127 Dec 08 1819
Schooler, Polly Ross, Alexander 112 Dec 01 1807
Schooler, Robert Baker, Melvina 233 Feb 13 1842
Schooler, Sertina Vincent, William W 193 Apr 11 1833
Scott, Cynthia Roberts, Nathaniel 171 Dec 17 1828
Scott, Elias Green, Jemima 99 Dec 09 1815
Scott, Ezekiel F Hawkins, Dorothy P 93 Oct 18 1816
Scott, James P Harvey, Susan 166 Dec 13 1827
Scott, Jane Yancy, Leighton 124 Aug 13 1818
Scott, John Green, ELiza 153 Feb 17 1825
Scott, Nancy Hammack, Coleman 138 May 16 1822
Scott, Polly Cooksy, Samuel 143 Dec 12 1822
Scott, Polly Coosey, Samuel 144 Dec 10 1823
Scott, Polly Jones Long, Joshua 181 Jan 12 1822
Scott, Richard Maxwell,Becky 18 Aug 11 1795
Scott, Sally Green, John 23 Aug 25 1810
Scribner, James (Scrivner)-Quick, Susannah 04 Feb 11 1801
Scribner, Joseph (Scrivner)-Quick, Elizabeth 02 Oct 20 1805
Scribner, Mary (Scrivner)-Flin, Stephen 04 Oct 25 1801
Scribner, Sally (Scrivner)-Smith, Andrew 04 Oct 25 1801
Scrivner, John Parks, Mary 33 Mar 10 1816
Scudder, Mary Covington, Jeptha M 232 May 26 1842
Scudder, William Fowler, Lucy 133 Nov 06 1821
Seaman, Julia Harding, Samuel S 209 Sep 21 1837
Seaman, Sarah E Putney, James M 209 Sep 21 1837
Searcy, Alexander Wright, Mary 124 Jan 21 1819
Searcy, Allen Starns, Agnes 107 Nov -- 1812
Searcy, Anny Crutcher, Thomas 64 Aug 20 1816
Searcy, Bartlett Baxter, Peggy 112 Apr 04 1813
Searcy, Bryant Oldham, Frances Ann 227 Nov 08 1837
Searcy, Charles Varner, Lucinda 220 Nov 09 1839
Searcy, Coycen? McDaniel, Aaron 65 Feb 12 1789
Searcy, Delia Tudor, Robert F 229 Dec 23 1841
Searcy, Elizabeth Messer, David 103 Dec 22 1814
Searcy, Elizabeth Searcy, Jeremiah 84 Jul 22 1816
Searcy, Elizabeth Freeman, Burkett 135 Feb 27 1822
Searcy, Hardin Davis, Polly 228 Jan 09 1839
Searcy, Howel Christopher, Rachel 55 Feb 05 1811
Searcy, Jacob Kennedy, Jenny 67 Sep 22 1791
Searcy, James Parker, Elizabeth 154 Jul 28 1825
Searcy, Jane Armstrong, James M 227 Oct 19 1837
Searcy, Jeremiah Searcy, Elizabeth 84 Jul 22 1816
Searcy, Jesse Baxter, Hulah 125 Mar 24 1819
Searcy, Joseph Foote, Nancy 148 Dec 18 1823
Searcy, Lucy Dooley, Hiram 60 Jan 24 1805
Searcy, Polly Turner, John 69 Nov 25 1788
Searcy, Polly Dooley, Jacob 54 Mar 13 1810
Searcy, Polly South, Benjamin 129 Apr 23 1819
Searcy, Polly Wilkerson, Presley 135 Jan 30 1820
Searcy, Richard Doyle, Rebecca 68 Nov 12 1789
Searcy, Richard Alcorn, Dorcas 45 Apr 04 1792
Searcy, Sally Atkinson, Richard 123 Apr 23 1818
Searcy, Saminda Shearer, William 218 Jun 17 1838
Searcy, Searcy Williams, Joseph 16 Mar 20 1796
Searcy, Squire Speakes, Susan 154 Nov 17 1825
Searcy, Wiley Turner, Sophia 152 May 31 1824
Seasher, John Black, Sarah 106 Jun 21 1810
Sebastian, Frances Embry, Cader 15 Jul 23 1801
Sebastian, Washington Prewitt, Polly 206 Sep 15 1836
Sebastian, Wiley Broaddus, Peggy 105 Feb 02 1810
Selby, Leah Parrish, John G 60 Jan 29 1804
Self, Richard Hendren, Letty 115 Feb 17 1807
Sell, James White, Elizabeth 62 Jul 15 1812
Seward, Jane Diggs, Barby 75 Apr 08 1817
Sewell, Lydia Sewell, Turner 196 May 26 1834
Sewell, Turner Sewell, Lydia 196 May 26 1834
Sexton, Thomas Whitaker, Margaret 36 Jun 01 1809
Shackelford, Edmund L Miller, Margaret 170 Feb 09 1826
Shackelford, Edward Peasley, Mary 48 Mar 23 1790
Shackelford, Elizabeth Woods, Archibald 106 Oct 09 1810
Shackelford, Frances A Clark, Paterson 182 Feb 04 1830
Shackelford, George Oldham, Malvina 224 Oct 22 1839
Shackelford, James Simpson, Peggy 28 Mar 21 1796
Shackelford, John H Miller, Malinda H 182 Dec 16 1830
Shackelford, Juliet Hockaday, Edmund or Edwin 194 May 14 1833
Shackelford, Martha Jane-Warner, Alfred 186 Apr 24 1832
Shackelford, Nancy Guthrie, Henry 85 Nov 24 1796
Shackelford, Richard Hubbard, Celia 174 Feb 19 1829
Shackelford, Roger Land, Sally 24 Jul 16 1801
Shackelford, Roger Jr. Stewart, Elizabeth 12 Apr 01 1796
Shackelford, William Moore, Betsy 08 Mar 13 1794
Shadder, David Ray, Patience 44 Nov 02 1807
Shanks, Charles Moorman, Delia (Moman) 176 Nov 25 1830
Shanks, James Johnson, Talitha 203 May 11 1836
Shanks, John Stephens, Viney 166 Oct 10 1827
Shannon, Alexander Wallan, Elizabeth 18 Apr 02 1793
Shannon, Nancy Garvin, William 143 Mar 04 1823
Shannon, William Todd, Elizabeth 204 Sep 08 1836
Shaw, Henry Logsdon, Elizabeth 182 Mar 04 1830
Shaw, James Straughan, Mary 53 Jan 07 1796
Shaw, James McQueen, Peggy 152 Jun 05 1824
Sheaks, George Kanote, Elizabeth 52 Feb 06 1800
Shearer, Amanda Eades, Thomas 229 Apr 14 1842?
Shearer, Celia Parrish, William 168 Jun 26 1828
Shearer, Elizabeth Hamilton, Andrew 195 Jul 20 1834
Shearer, Fanny Woodward, Lance 145 Jan 28 1824
Shearer, Henry? Brooks, John 23 Feb 03 1802
Shearer, James Rhodus, Mary 146 Oct 15 1823
Shearer, Miram? Simpson, Gabriel 191 Feb 21 1833
Shearer, Polly McKinney, Wildy 162 Aug 08 1825
Shearer, Polly Edes, Jordan (Eads) 184 Mar 15 1832
Shearer, Poutan (Powatan?)-Hamilton, Louisa 184 Jan 24 1832
Shearer, Rebecca Powell, Obediah 65 Nov 27 1816
Shearer, Rebecca Johnston, Thomas 162 Dec 05 1826
Shearer, Sally Webber, Philip 169 Nov 04 1827
Shearer, Samgra Hockaday, James 217 Sep 05 1839
Shearer, Samuel Arnold, Polly 152 May 09 1824
Shearer, Thomas Cobb, Nancy 174 Oct 08 1829
Shearer, William Fowler, Nancy 65 Jan 23 1817
Shearer, William Searcy, Saminda 218 Jun 17 1838
Shearly, Charles (Shirley)-Thomas, Susan 162 Oct 10 1826
Sheffield, William Kindred, Lucinda 172 Feb 21 1828
Shelber, D Hall, Jane 53 Apr 10 1795
Shelton, Elizabeth Moberly, Richard 23 Mar 03 1803
Shelton, Elizabeth Bray, Edward 101 Mar 05 1812
Shelton, Hannah Bray, John H 03 Dec 24 1807
Shelton, Lucy Estill, Jonathan 83 Jul 25 1798
Shelton, Polly Bray, Richard 103 Dec 30 1814
Shelton, Polly Carr, William 103 Mar 10 1814
Shelton, Susannah Teed, Thomas (or Reed) 02 Jul 29 1806
Shepard, Asa Baker, Margaret 10 Mar 07 1802
Sheperd, James Lackey, Esbel (Isabel?) 35 Sep 27 1809
Shepherd, Delphia Christopher, David 170 Jun 26 1827
Shepherd, Nancy Fullilove, Daniel 194 Dec 26 1833
Shepherd, Peter King, Charity 91 Jul 30 1793
Shepherd, Sarah McGlothlin, James 10 May 13 1802
Shepherd, William Timberlake, Mary Ann 196 Jul 31 1834
Sherer, James Fowler, Rebecca 140 Dec 09 1821
Shers, Joseph (Shears) Bradley, Hannah 44 May 12 1807
Sherwood, Salmon Drinkhard, Kitty 07 Sep 18 1794
Shields, Edward Wilcocks, Elizabeth 48 Jun 07 1792
Shields, James Miller, Nancy 79 Jun 01 1797
Shifflett, Fountain Coyle, Rebecca 137 Jan 31 1822
Shiflet, Elizabeth Baker, Bazel 183 Mar 18 1832
Shiflet, Hardin Bryant, Eliza 117 Jan 10 1813
Shiflett, Allen Cooper, Nancy 208 Sep 07 1837
Shiflett, Dudley Becknell, Taborida? 199 Dec 09 1834
Shiflett, Elizabeth Pearson, Eli 203 Mar 17 1836
Shiflett, Harlan? Estill, Susannah 104 Jan 17 1811
Shiflett, Jane Baker, Hiram 144 Jun 12 1823
Shiflett, Joshua Maupin, Margaret H 113 Jun 30 1814
Shiflett, Mary Ann Ruble, William 232 May 18 1842
Shiflett, Polly Maupin, Dabney 120 Apr 17 1817
Shiflett, Serena Benge, James 215 Jun 27 1839
Shiflett, Susan Orchard, Levi 178 Jul 21 1830
Shiflett, Thomas Hardin, Anna 178 May 10 1830
Shinchhalow? Foot Burton, Lucy 146 Aug 14 ----
Shipton, Deborah Strong, Jefferson 223 Dec 02 1840
Shipton, Lucinda Jones, Richard 182 Sep 15 1831
Shipton, Peter Eastin, Elizabeth 20 Dec 20 1806
Shirley, Betsy Johnson, William 149 --- -- ----
Shirley, Nancy Travis, Francis 48 Nov 10 1795
Shirley, Polly Bullock, Jonathan 147 Feb 17 1824
Shirley, Sally Phelps, Philip 26 Mar 22 1804
Shirley, Susannah Proctor, Benjamin 71 Mar 08 1787
Short, Joseph Ham, Elizabeth 176 Nov 16 1829
Shouce, Susannah James, John 01 Oct 17 1796
Shouse, Barbara Younger, Joseph 59 Apr 14 1798
Shouse, Jacob Woodall, Susannah 59 Mar 18 1801
Shoush?, John Moore, Mahala 190 May 03 1831
Shrewsberry, Allen Heller, Nancy W (Hiller) 50 Mar 16 1790
Shrewsberry, Nathaniel Smith, Cynthia 54 Jul 05 1811
Shrout, John Fryer, Lucretia 175 Jul 03 1829
Shumate, Daniel Maze, Sophia 163 Feb 02 1827
Shumate, John Shumate, Judith 188 Nov 12 1832
Shumate, Judith Shumate, John 188 Nov 12 1832
Siddle, Patsey Brooks, John 50 Oct 22 1795
Silvers, Henry S Moran, Matilda Ann 219 Aug 08 1839
Simes, Allen Hendron, Sally 125 Feb 11 1819
Simes, Edward Ellison, Sally 124 Nov 12 1818
Simes, William Thompson, Elizabeth 131 Aug 22 1820
Simmons, John Williams, Caty 68 Mar 24 1789
Simmons, John Herrington, Jane 94 Aug 29 1816
Simmons, Johnson Allenbaugh, Peggy 96 Jan 30 1814
Simmons, Josiah Phelps, Patty 226 Jan 18 1830
Simmons, William Walden, Malvina 201 Oct 15 1835
Simms, Abraham Roberts, Gracy 160 Apr 27 1826
Simms, Samuel Burroughs, Patsey 176 Sep 24 1829
Simms, Sophia Kanatzer, Jacob 196 Jun 12 1834
Simms, William Barnes, Sarah 49 Nov 17 1791
Simon, John Logsdon, Ann 03 May 25 1792
Simpson, Benjamin Covington, Milly 224 Nov 03 1836
Simpson, Delilah Estes, Elijah 167 Apr 17 1828
Simpson, Delphy Stewart, Charles 28 Oct 02 1796
Simpson, Duk W Chenault, Sally 137 Feb 13 1822
Simpson, Duke W Lipscomb, Louisa 162 Sep 22 1825
Simpson, Elizabeth Foster, James 120 Mar 20 1817
Simpson, Gabriel Shearer, Miram? 191 Feb 21 1833
Simpson, James Campbell, Elener 37 Mar 24 1808
Simpson, James Caldwell, Mary 153 Feb 22 1825
Simpson, John Embry, Alley 77 Apr 27 1813
Simpson, Levi Windsor, Elizabeth 120 Mar 20 1817
Simpson, Lucy Haggard, Dabney 74 Aug 28 1807
Simpson, Mary Jane Moberly, Benjamin 221 Jan 16 1840
Simpson, Mary K Phelps, Thomas 93 Mar 28 1816
Simpson, Miriam Hamilton, Simeon 229 Apr 14 1842
Simpson, Peggy Shackelford, James 28 Mar 21 1796
Simpson, Robert W Dickey, Dorcas 93 Sep 19 1816
Sims, Amanda White, Jacob 221 Dec 16 1839
Sims, Daniel Allumbaugh/Ellumbaugh, Polly 146 May 17 1823
Sims, Daniel Ellumbaugh, Polly 146 Nov 04 1823
Sims, Elias Martin, Elizabeth 96 May 15 1817
Sims, Eliza Dejarnett, James 73 Jul 04 1799
Sims, Elizabeth Barnes, James 111 Oct 10 1814
Sims, Elizabeth Newby, Andrew J 233 May 05 1842
Sims, Francis Ellison, Elizabeth 197 Jan 29 1835
Sims, James Owens, Jemima 12 Mar 26 1796
Sims, Langhorn Alford, Catley 72 Aug 13 1817
Sims, Matthew Night, Elizabeth (Knight?) 41 --- -- ----
Sims, Nancy Mellon, Travis (Milton,Melton,Million)06Feb 17 1791
Sims, Rebecca Barnes, Azle 96 Feb 10 1817
Sims, Sally Martin, Aaron 219 Apr 25 1839
Sims, Sarah E Logan, William B 153 Dec 14 1824
Sims, Tesple? Roberts, Moses 134 Dec 14 1820
Sims, William Million, Patsy 123 Feb 03 1818
Singleton, Merit Boleware, Elizabeth 216 Oct 10 1839
Singleton, Merrit Bower, Rachal 229 Jan 31 1843
Skees, Elizabeth Richardson, John 64 Apr 01 1817
Skidmore, Betsy Chap, Solomon 114 May 28 1809
Skidmore, Charity Pettit, Benjamin 21 Dec 23 1800
Skidmore, Elizabeth Abrams, Gabriel 59 Jun 20 1798
Skidmore, Elizabeth Oldham, Presley 60 Jun 20 1798
Skidmore, Henry Cane, Nancy 46 Mar 31 1805
Skidmore, Joseph Barker, Sarah 18 Apr 06 1795
Skilleron/Skillern, William-Alcorn, Nancy 67 Jan 08 1789
Skillion, George Miller, Elizabeth 18 Nov 21 1795
Skinner, Ann Guess, John 152 May 16 1824
Skinner, Betsy Baxter, John 84 Apr 10 1816
Skinner, Henry Felix, Frances 146 Nov 04 1823
Skinner, John South, Ann H 131 Sep 09 1820
Skinner, John Wright, Catharine 151 Mar 31 1825
Skinner, Joseph Noland, Sarah 65 Aug 22 1787
Skinner, Madad Powell, Nancy 197 Jan 18 1835
Skinner, Nica South, James 154 Sep 27 1825
Skinner, Nicy Yager, Adam (Yeager) 145 Apr 21 1823
Skinner, Pheby Wood, John 132 Dec 20 1820
Skinner, Sally Tincher, William 35 --- -- ----
Skinner, Simeon Todd, Polly 179 Dec 24 1828
Skinner, Susannah Fowler, Zachariah 118 Aug 14 1817
Skinner, William Cornelison, Jane 109 Mar 12 1812 *
Slayton, Henry Miss. Dozier, James J 108 Jun -- 1806
Slayton, William R Tisdale, Elizabeth 192 Jan 13 1834
Small, John McMillan, Nancy 33 Jul 20 1792
Smallwood, Abraham Stevens, Cordelia 227 Dec 12 1837
Smallwood, Elijah Benton, Nancy 98 Jun 28 1814
Smallwood, Russell Maupin, Mary Ann 224 Feb 13 1840
Smiley, Hugh Barnett, Dorcas 42 Jan 31 1792
Smiley, Isabella Alcorn, George 25 Feb 21 1793
Smith, Andrew Scribner, Sally (Scrivner) 04 Oct 25 1801
Smith, Anna Harris, William 93 Dec 05 1816
Smith, Asa Lattimore, Eliza 160 Oct 03 1826
Smith, Belinda Jennings, William 32 Jun 07 1805
Smith, Benjah N Blackburn, Elizabeth 232 Jan 20 1842
Smith, Caroline Oldham, Dawson 230 Nov 22 1842
Smith, Carr Owens, Ursly 87 Apr 02 1799
Smith, Casy Tipton, Thomas M 99 Jan 07 1815
Smith, Cynthia Shrewsberry, Nathaniel 54 Jul 05 1811
Smith, Elizabeth Golden, Jesse 21 Aug 27 1800
Smith, Elizabeth Tyree, John 118 Oct 08 1817
Smith, Elizabeth Wren, Joseph 225 Jun 15 1840
Smith, Elizabeth Hocker Ballard, Michael W 200 Mar 12 1835
Smith, Enoch M Banta, Wilmouth Mrs. 231 Oct 20 1842
Smith, Esther Callahan, Vance 151 Jun 27 1824
Smith, Harriet Hunt, David 98 Dec 18 1808
Smith, Isaac Anderson, Elizabeth 19 Jul 12 1804
Smith, Jacob Porter, Eliza 128 Jul 05 1819
Smith, James Tadford, Sarah 72 Mar 20 1788
Smith, James Evans, Elizabeth 101 Aug 20 1812
Smith, James T Grimes, Jane 170 Mar 02 1826
Smith, James W Tharp, Elenor 123 Aug 25 1818
Smith, Jemima Hopper, Larkin 223 Mar 05 1840
Smith, John English, Ann 61 Nov 04 1794
Smith, John Reily, Peggy (Riley) 02 Mar 26 1806
Smith, John Fowler, Nancy 153 Jan 20 1825
Smith, John Ryland, Nancy 170 Oct 16 1827
Smith, John Speed Clay, Eliza Lewis 99 Jul 31 1815
Smith, Joseph Rogers, Margaret Jane 219 Jan 02 1839
Smith, Lewis Willis, Rhoda 133 Jan 08 1818
Smith, Margaret Pully, Lewis 218 Jul 01 1838
Smith, Martha Taylor, Thomas 139 Jan 06 1822
Smith, Mary Jane Kindley, Windford W 211 Sep 12 1838
Smith, Monceur De Quick, Susan 140 Jun 16 1822
Smith, Nancy Evans, Ezekiel 52 Aug 01 1799
Smith, Nancy Snuthen, Reuben 10 Jul 24 1802
Smith, Nathan Gentry, Minerva 204 Aug 18 1836
Smith, Nicholas Holloway, Patsy 116 Aug 25 1813
Smith, Nicholas Coy, Anny 100 May 25 1816
Smith, Polly Hampton, John 64 May 08 1817
Smith, Polly Crews, Hiram 133 Jan 01 1818
Smith, Polly Moore, Lewis 149 Oct 14 1824
Smith, Polly Woodson, Aswell Vorter 194 Sep 11 1833
Smith, Rachal Gray, William 59 May 10 1798
Smith, Rachel Miller, John P 225 May 10 1840
Smith, Reuben Jennings, Tabitha 47 Jul 11 1793
Smith, Sally Hendricks, Isaac 60 Jan 29 1804
Smith, Sally Ann Goodloe, David S 204 Dec 03 1835
Smith, Sarah Webb, Moses 53 Oct 15 1795
Smith, Sarah Walkup, James 198 Jun 04 1835
Smith, Simeon Rannels, Dicy C (Reynolds) 48 Mar 24 1790
Smith, Susan Callahan, David 119 Mar 09 1818
Smith, Tabitha White, Joel 32 Mar 11 1807
Smith, Thomas Allegree, Salley 50 Jan 11 1791
Smith, Thomas Woods, Sally 73 Dec 13 1804
Smith, Thomas Jarman, Verona 209 Dec 14 1837
Smith, William Turpin, Sarah 53 Dec 06 1795
Smith, William Burris, Polly 56 Apr 02 1812
Smith, William Rogers, Elizabeth Ann 202 Jan 14 1836
Smith, William Gentry, Janett 207 Sep 10 1837
Smith, William Gentry, Janett 209 Sep 08 1837
Snapp, Elijah Stocker, Patty 54 Jan 08 1812
Snell, Deby Kelly, Benjamin 64 Sep 12 1817
Snoddy, Cynthia Williams, Jefferson 150 Aug 05 1824
Snoddy, Cynthia Williams, Jefferson 153 Aug 05 1824
Snoddy, Elizabeth Reid, Anderson W Jr. 198 Jul 03 1834
Snoddy, Jane Ann Robinson, Walton 209 Nov 30 1837
Snoddy, Nancy Parks, John 170 Oct 11 1827
Snow, Betsy Booth, John 47 Apr 22 1805
Snow, Jenny Morgan, Josiah 89 Sep 18 1806
Snowden, James Combs, Matilda 129 Feb 12 1820
Snuthen, Reuben Smith, Nancy 10 Jul 24 1802
Sorrels, William Walker, Margaret 124 Oct 08 1818
Souder, Jacob Wright, Susannah 144 Mar 13 1823
South, Ann H Skinner, John 131 Sep 09 1820
South, Benjamin Searcy, Polly 129 Apr 23 1819
South, Caty Malott, Joseph 68 Apr 22 1789
South, James Skinner, Nica 154 Sep 27 1825
South, Nancy Manion, Thomas 03 Mar 14 1793
Southerland, Lanty Portwood, Elizabeth 10 Apr 30 1801
Southern, Polly Bledsoe, John 15 Jun 05 1801
Spading, Eliza Hill, Green B 215 Aug 15 1839
Sparks, Rachel McQueen, John 178 Dec 25 1830
Speakes, Susan Searcy, Squire 154 Nov 17 1825
Speaks, Hesekiah Emerine, Nancy 174 Aug 28 1828
Spear, Thomas Logan, Jane 12 Dec 15 1801
Speer, Elizabeth Bevin, Valentine 30 Mar 15 1803
Spence, Theophilus Hogan, Jenny 111 Dec 04 1810
Spencer, Abraham Bush, Tabitha 101 Jun 18 1812
Spencer, Abraham Jameson, Nancy 178 Aug 12 1830
Spense, Dosha Oldham, Nathaniel 103 Aug 07 1814
Spoon, Jacob Lineback, Elizabeth 41 May 15 1806
Spoonmore, Elizabeth Grant, Anthony 209 Aug 15 1837
Spratts, Solomon Hogan, Martha Ann 219 Jul 12 1838
Sproul, Oliver (Sprawl) Michell, Nancy (Ricketts)(Richett)123 Nov 18 1818
Sproul, Susan Dunn, Samuel 161 Jul 12 1826
Spur, Ruthy Rutledge, John 166 Jul 17 1827
Squires, Sebby Stone, Daniel 116 Jun 10 1812
Stafford, Samuel Fullilove, Huldett 227 Jul 23 1835
Stagner, Anna James, Robert 09 Jul 21 1803
Stagner, Elender Moreman, Charles 126 Feb 04 1819
Stagner, Jesse Swing, Polly 50 Mar 28 1805
Stagner, John Pinkston, Polly 56 Feb 17 1811
Stagner, Lucy Ann Todd, Hardin 210 Jan 07 1836
Stagner, Milly Moberly, Daniel 177 Oct 19 1830
Stagner, Presley Coddle, Polly 177 Jun 17 1830
Stagner, Rebecca Walden, Elijah 56 Dec 06 1813
Stagner, Richmond Harris, Elizabeth 132 Jun 21 1821
Stagner, Rosanna Tevis, Silvas 194 May 23 1833
Stagner, Rossanna Arnold, John B 222 Jan 12 1841
Staily, Christian Jameson, Polly 05 Apr 26 1803
Stalker, Polly McGee, Ralph 100 Dec 20 1816
Stalker, Thomas Allega, Martha 08 Jan 16 1794
Standley, Jonathan R Covington, Elizabeth 71 Jan 24 1805
Standley, Nathan (Stanley?)-Land, Rosanna 128 Sep 02 1820
Standley, Susannah Barnett, John 41 May 25 1806
Stanhope, Nancy Hilisward, William 169 Apr 30 1825
Stanley, Fanny Masters, Moses 189 Dec 29 1831
Stanley, Jacob Davis, Polly 37 Mar 21 1815
Stanley, Louisa Rentfroe, Thomas J 195 Jan 16 1834
Stanley, Rosanna Land, Jesse 206 Jul 21 1835
Stanley, Tabitha Arbuckle, Samuel 43 Jan 02 1794
Stansberry, Rebecca Nix, William 89 Nov 05 1817
Stanton, Clinton Ward, Polly 31 Feb 28 1812
Stanton, Thomas Creath, Jenny 41 Oct 17 1805
Stapp, Eliza Willis, John 216 Dec 23 1837
Stapp, James Ham, Mary 28 Aug 25 1796
Stapp, John Gully, Margaret 130 Jul 13 1820
Stapp, John (or Snapp) Walker, Polly 115 Dec 14 1811
Stapp, Margaret Gardner, Thomas Jefferson 189 Aug 28 1832
Stapp, Minerva Masters, Joseph H 164 Jan 17 1827
Stapp, Paulina Roberts, Elisha 187 Feb 20 1831
Stapp, Polly Davis, Philip 176 Sep 23 1830
Stapp, Reuben Phelps, Magdelen 91 Dec 26 1793
Stapp, Robert Duerson, Mildred 151 Jan 18 1825
Stapp, Sally Phelps, Shadrach 28 Dec 08 1796
Stapp, Thomas Jefferson Cosby, Susan 189 Dec 29 1831
Starnes, Isaac Howard, Malvina 151 Feb 27 1820
Starns, Agens Searcy, Allen 107 Nov -- 1812
Steele, Jane M Richardson, Felix A 177 Apr 29 1830
Steele, Joseph Boone, Marian 108 Oct -- 1805
Steele, Oliver C Williams, Elizabeth 210 Feb 12 1837
Steele, Oliver C Samuel, Elizabeth S 218 Jan 05 1838
Steen, William McClary, Betsy 93 Sep 19 1816
Stenson, James Woolery, Betsy 50 Jun 21 1805
Stepens, Elizabeth Williford, Samuel 16 Oct 08 1807
Stepenson, Nathan Kennedy, Cassander 94 Jan 14 1817
Stepenson, Peggy Roder, Reuben 34 Jan 08 1807
Stephens, Ann Bryan, William 53 Nov 26 1795
Stephens, Elizabeth Freeman, Edward 109 Oct -- 1809
Stephens, James Maupin, Sarah 87 Jan 27 1799
Stephens, John Dunn, Nancy 96 Nov 23 1809
Stephens, Nicholas Easter, Elia 174 Jan 28 1828
Stephens, Sarah Gabbard?, Elijah 207 Dec 28 1836
Stephens, Susan Ray, Eli 130 Oct 12 1820
Stephens, Viney Shanks, John 166 Oct 10 1827
Stephens,, Sophia Owens, John 176 Aug 16 1830
Stephenson, Betty Ward, John 70 May 04 1797
Stephenson, Darkey? Wilie, James 145 Feb 26 1824
Stephenson, Elizabeth Bailes, Alexander 38 Apr 27 1792
Stephenson, Elizabeth Malery, James 123 Aug 13 1818
Stephenson, James Lee, Polly 103 May 04 1814
Stephenson, Jenny Guire? Henry 73 Nov 15 1804
Stephenson, Jesse Blackburn, Ailsey 129 Jan 07 1819
Stephenson, John Roe, Elizabeth 101 Dec 22 1812
Stephenson, Joseph Tribble, Polly 108 Dec -- 1806
Stephenson, Lucinda Elder, Robert 225 Jun 22 1841
Stephenson, Mary A Wilson, John K 224 Oct 19 1841
Stephenson, Minerva Terry, Joseph 190 Oct 11 1832
Stephenson, Nancy Todd, John 176 Sep 26 1830
Stephenson, Patsy Edster, Littleton 179 Nov 19 1830
Stephenson, Sarah Glasgow, Franklin P 222 Nov 24 1840
Stephenson, Sary Terrill, Edward 42 Mar 25 1794
Stepp, Betsy (Stapp) Burton, Houtching 85 Sep 21 1798
Stevens, Catharine Pitcher, William 132 Nov 12 1820
Stevens, Charles Tharp, Margaret 205 Jan 24 1837
Stevens, Cordelia Smallwood, Abraham 227 Dec 12 1837
Stevens, Elizabeth Picket, Daniel 09 Nov 23 1803
Stevens, Joseph Glockin, Susannah 33 Dec 23 1810
Stevens, Rufus M Todd, Martha Jane 238 Jan 21 1844
Stevens, Talton Q Todd, Susan Elizabeth 238 Apr 04 1844
Stevens, Thomas Wilbourn, Polly 63 Jan 30 1809
Stevens, Thomas Guess, Fanny 227 Jul 21 1834
Stevenson, Frances Bogie, Thomas 202 Feb 20 1836
Stevenson, Patsy Terrill, George 25 Dec 29 1796
Stevenson, William Gentry, Jane 162 Sep 01 1825
Stevinson, Rachel Ann Garrison, Morgan 238 Nov 09 1843
Stewart, Charles Simpson, Delphy 28 Oct 02 1796
Stewart, David Larrison, Elizabeth 80 May 31 1807
Stewart, Dulceny Jacob, Oliver P 191 Mar 23 1824
Stewart, Elizabeth Shackelford, Roger Jr. 12 Apr 01 1796
Stewart, James Potts, Jane 12 Oct 13 1796
Stewart, Jane Gilbert, Aquilla 25 Apr 01 1810
Stewart, Jane Gilbert, Aquilla 113 Apr 05 1811
Stewart, John Gilbert, Polly 40 Oct 25 1809
Stewart, Martha Yates, Joshua 07 Sep 17 1795
Stewart, Mary Burgin, Achelles 226 Aug 18 1830
Stewart, Sally Butler, Allen 170 Jan 05 1826
Still, Elizabeth Asbell, William 171 Dec 04 1828
Still, Francis Asbell, Hannah 178 Nov 21 1829
Still, John Lamb, Sally 131 Jun 12 1820
Stinnett, Benjaman Jackson-Massie, Mahala 187 Jan 28 1833
Stinnett, James Turpin, Lucinda 238 Aug 03 1843
Stinnett, William Dean, Mary 233 Aug 10 1842
Stinson, Lucy Ann Flack, James M 206 Aug 24 1837
Stinson, Polly Noland, William 175 Feb 18 1830
Stith, James (Slaith) Hail, Sally 116 Aug 19 1813
Stiver, George Peyton, Sally 96 Dec 22 1815
Stivers, Edward Aldridge, Elizabeth 08 Dec 11 1803
Stivers, Peter Gentry, Cynthia 133 Apr 23 1818
Stivers, Sally Hamilton, Patrick 118 Aug 14 1817
Stivers, Simpson Foster, Anna 224 Aug 17 1841
Stockdale, William H Kincaid, Rachel 170 Oct 26 1826
Stocker, Arminda Newby 233 Mar 07 1842
Stocker, Elizabeth Howard, Ignatius 119 Jan 11 1813
Stocker, Matilda Foster, Elisha P 233 Aug 25 1842
Stocker, Patty Snapp, Elijah 54 Jan 08 1812
Stockstill, Elizabeth Gordon, James 57 Mar 08 1807
Stockstill, Ellender Hawk, Sampson 08 Sep 30 1793
Stokes, William Portwood, Susan 133 Dec 02 1819
Stone, Agnes Powell, Samuel S 205 Jan 25 1837
Stone, Carlisle Walker, Owen W 182 Dec 30 1830
Stone, Daniel Squires, Sebby 116 Jun 10 1812
Stone, Elizabeth Norris, Jacob 66 Oct 22 1779?
Stone, Elizabeth Lewis, Thomas 16 Sep 29 1796
Stone, Elizabeth Hopkins, William 45 Jan 09 1798
Stone, Elizabeth Turner, Squire 125 Jan 14 1819
Stone, Elizabeth Tevis, Cyrus T 152 Dec 23 1824
Stone, Elizabeth J Mrs. Ratcliff, William B 186 Apr 23 1833
Stone, Francis E Webb, Lucy 124 Dec 24 1818
Stone, James McMullin, Polly 19 Sep 07 1802
Stone, James McMullin, Polly 98 Sep 07 1802
Stone, John Parks, Elizabeth 69 Feb 10 1789
Stone, Madison Embry, Charlotte 190 Sep 27 1831
Stone, Mary Bush, Elkanah 205 --- -- ----
Stone, Mary Bush, Elkanah 167 Mar 20 1827
Stone, Mary J Wilson, Nathan W 209 Sep 07 1836
Stone, Matilda R Turner, Archibald W 170 Nov 29 1827
Stone, Polly Garrett, Moses 05 May 22 1802
Stone, Rachel Garrett, Jacob 113 Apr 17 1806
Stone, Rebecca Oden, Thomas 68 May 14 1789
Stone, Richard Maddin, Elizabeth 16 Oct 21 1796
Stone, Samuel Rodes, Nancy 93 Oct 15 1816
Stone, Sarah Ford, Peter 42 Dec 15 1791
Stone, Thomas M McClanahan, Elizabeth 174 Aug 25 1829
Stone, William Duncan, Mary 21 Nov 05 1795
Stone, William Harris, Nancy 02 Oct 22 1805
Stone, William Phelps, Mildred Ann 204 Dec 27 1836
Stoner, George W Tribble, Nancy 109 Mar -- 1812
Stoner, Nancy Tribble, Samuel 155 Dec 15 1824
Stoner, Peter B Tribble, Frances 136 Jan 03 1822
Stotts, Mahala Ferrill, Archer Jr 206 May 03 1837
Stotts, William Farrell, Clary 187 Oct 29 1832
Strange, James Lowry, Mahala 182 Sep 08 1830
Strange, Rachel Embry, Joseph 16 Jun 07 1796
Strange, Sally Rainey, William 09 Dec 22 1803
Strange, Stephen Crook, Ann 06 Jan 11 1791
Straughan, Jacob Austin, Eliza 57 Jun 18 1812
Straughan, Joseph Jeffers, Rachel 55 Mar 01 1812
Straughan, Mary Shaw, James 53 Jan 07 1796
Straughn, Adelia D Wilkerson, Pleasant 228 Jan 17 1838
Straughn, J B Miss Harbour, Dan Mr. 237 Nov 28 1843
Straughn, M A Miss Raborn, Harrison Mr. 237 Nov 10 1843
Street, Jonathan Finley, Martha 178 Mar 25 1830
Street, Lewis Finney, Polly 178 Mar 25 1830
Strickland, Joseph McClain, Ufias 161 Apr 18 1820
Strickland, Sally McClain, John 123 Oct 08 1818
Stricklen, Peggy Burnett, William 121 May 26 1818
Strong, Elizabeth Horn, Ezekiel 153 Jan 01 1825
Strong, Jefferson Shipton, Deborah 223 Dec 02 1840
Strong, John Woods, Cynthia 09 Feb 10 1803
Strong, Patsy Horn, John 132 Oct 19 1821
Strother, Samuel Wright, Anna 210 Jan 26 1837
Strupes?, Sarah Jackson, Josiah 106 Nov 19 1809
Stuart, Alexander Anderson, Fanny 191 Aug 01 1832
Stuart, David White, Cynthia 186 Dec 13 1832
Stuart, Elizabeth Green, Stephen 33 Dec 07 1792
Stuart, Thomas A Guess, Nancy 234 Mar 26 1843
Sturper, William Kidwell, Resin 123 Dec 13 1818
Sudduth, James Davis, Sally 23 Apr 20 1802
Sullinger, Edney E Field, Martin D 209 Jan 23 1836
Sullinger, Sally Ann Estill, John 219 Jun 20 1839
Sullivan, Eliza Moore, James 186 Mar 22 1832
Sullivan, Jemima America-Morton, Joshua 214 Dec 20 1838
Sullivan, Joseph S Morton, Durany 214 Nov 05 1838
Sullivan, Lucy P Wood, Anderson W 209 Oct 30 1836
Sullivan, Mary Deshazer, Jonathan 102 Oct 05 1809
Summers, John McCord, Keziah 93 Mar 28 1816
Summers, Nancy McWilliams, James 106 Nov 30 1809
Summers, Peggy McCord, James 106 May 10 1809
Suthen, Lucy King, John 107 Nov 05 1810
Sutton, John Oldham, Willa 166 Nov 15 1827
Sutton, Nancy Ferrill, Richard 208 May 30 1838
Swiney, Caty Clark, William 50 Apr 10 1805
Swing, Polly Stagner, Jesse 50 Mar 28 1805
Swing, Sarah Turner, Cornelius 66 Aug 17 1794
Swobe, George (Swope?) Jett, Elizabeth 21 Jul 21 1800
Swoobe, Polly Baker, Joseph 87 Feb 25 1799
Swords, Austin Irvine, Jane 117 May 07 1817
Symes, William Madoin?, Susannah 78 Dec 01 1811
Syms, Cressee Night, John 66 Oct 02 1779?
Syms, Randal Green, Betsy 106 Feb 14 1809

* Skinner/Cornelison correction sent by Pamela Ingle pingle@viagrafix.net 01-20-01

Dudley Stone-Fort Boonesboro/Boone Station 1775

This site lists a Dudley Stone as a settler of Boonesboro.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

John Cloud

Pioneers: John Cloud, 1970, Winn Parish, LA.
Submitted by Greggory E. Davies, 120 Ted Price Lane, Winnfield, LA 71483

Submitted to the LAGenWeb Archives
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From: March 19, 1970 Winn Parish Enterprise-News American

Friend Of Davy Crockett

Soldier of War for Independence Buried on Homesite Near Gansville

by Barry Zander

On his way to the Alamo, probably in 1835, Davy Crockett stopped off near
Gansville to visit with John Cloud, only veteran of the Revolutionary War
known to be buried in Winn Parish.

cloud had been a private in the Georgia Troop during the War for Independence,
moving to what was later named Winn Parish, from Kentucky, after the fighting
was over. Born
Feb. 5, 1740, Cloud died four days before his 100th birthday on his home site,
now owned by John M. Maxwell.

Cloud was a native of North Carolina. He fought with the troops from Georgia
during the war, then moved back to North Carolina where he married Miss Lacy.

Cloud, his wife, family, and Lacy and Folsom relatives went to Kentucky. From
there, they followed a nephew of Edward M. Breckinridge (famous for
Breckinridge Park in San Antonio, Texas) to the northwest portion of Winn

Davy Crockett from Tennessee and Ben Milam of Kentucky heard the call of Sam
Houston for troops to defend the Alamo against Mexican General Santa Anna, and
set out to meet Houston at the Prothro Mansion near St. Maurice in Winn

the two fighters stopped off to visit with their friend, John Cloud, for a
week of hunting raccoons to be used for, among other things, "coon skin caps."

Cloud had more than just friends fighting for Texas' independence, according
to local historian Harley B. Bozeman, who is the source for most of the
information about Cloud. Joining Davy Crockett's Mounted Volunteer
Sharpshooters to fight in Texas was Daniel Cloud.

Daniel, a young lawyer practicing in Natchitoches (note: I believe this is in
error; letters on file at the Alamo, from Cloud to relatives, indicates he was
camped near Natchitoches, while enroute to the Alamo, and not that he was
practicing law there), took with him marksmanship abilities with a rifle
inherited from his father (note: according to family records, there is no
indication that this Daniel Cloud is a son of John Cloud, but it is believed
that he might have been a nephew). The young Cloud is believed to have died
with Crockett, Jim Bowie, Milam, William B. Travis, James Bonham and the other
famous men who perished at the Alamo March 6, 1836. (According to records at
the Alamo, young Cloud did in fact die at the Alamo).

The last contact between John Cloud and Davy Crockett was a letter mailed by
Crockett from St. Augustine, Tex., dated Jan. 9, 1836.


Several traces of this part of American history remained in the area long
after John Cloud and Davy Crockett died.

There was a Crockett post office in Ward 10 (in Section 36-13N-5W or about
four miles south of Brewster's Mill [note: Brewton's Mill], about seven miles
southwest of Gansville), named after the famous "Injun' fighter."

Cloud's Crossing between Ward 10 of Winn Parish and Natchitoches Parish is
named after Noah, a son of John Cloud. And descendants of the Revolutionary
War soldier can be found throughout the Gansville area.

Most significant trace of John Cloud, though, is a headstone marking Cloud's
grave. The marker, located in a small graveyard on his property, was erected
by the Shreveport chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

John Maxwell moved to the land once owned by Cloud about five years ago. The
lad was purchased by Cornelius Rushing, a great grandson of the original
owner, who bought the site from the McGinty family.

About a mile north of the Maxwells lives Nolan Harper, a fourth generation
descendant of John Cloud.


Maxwell retired after working for Louisiana Power & Light Co. for 30 years.
He bought the house from Rushing and then cleared out a section of woods that
revealed a two graveyards.

In the small graveyard where John Cloud is buried, there are seven grave
markers, including a monument to Dr. T. A. Wilkinson, Nov. 7, 1848, to Jan 28,

Cloud's marker reads: "John Cloud, North Carolina Pvt., GA Troops,
Revolutionary War, Feb. 5, 1740-Feb. 1, 1840."

The headstone of Elisha O. McGinty was broken before the Maxwells came, but
the legible part gives the dates 1876-Aug. 22, 1884. Elisha was the son of E.
K. and M. C. McGinty.

Wilber Lee Gatlin was a relative of the McGinty who died in infancy, Sept. 19,
1893, to June 22, 1894. Other markers which are engraved say simply "W. L.
G." and
"E. O. McG".

According to Maxwell, a larger graveyard lied behind the small plot. Buried
there in unmarked graves are Indians and Negroes, Maxwell said.

(Several years ago, I became somewhat obsessed with John Cloud and visited
with several of his descendants. Many say that his grave his not in this
cemetery, but at the old Willard Taylor place a few miles away, Ward 4, Winn
Parish. Also, according to an older citizen of Gansville, and a relative to
Cloud, the grave marker is located on part of what was originally known at the
Hagler Plantation, later owned by the McGinty family, and, at one point in
time many years ago, several small free standing chimneys were located in and
around this small cemetery, which turned out to be chimneys of slave cabins.
I have been fortunate enough to have been granted, in the past, permission of
the current landowner to inspect and photograph the grave site. True to form,
my film did not develop and I have not bothered to go back to take more
photos. Further information received concerning Dr. Wilkinson buried at this
site was that the good doctor committed suicide and was not welcomed to be
buried at the Siloam/Gansville Cemetery nearby, where his family is buried.)

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William and Zennie Breese...from Donna Allen

Zennie was badly injured in a horseback accident , she was bed-fast for a month or so
forget how long before she died.I got this from old newspaper clippings. Her obit told how her elderly parents would miss her beautiful singing around the house and that she had been such a big help to her mother, interesting side bar was a clip that said Edna Hood had been to visit the ailing Zennie. Edna married Matthew.
Anita obviously told Johnny the story of William who died during a bad snowstorm.
They wanted to bury him at the new Mayday Cemetery but got halted part way there by huge drifts.Not wanting to take the body home where a grieving mother was.
Watson and Sarah's father Sutton Dugan buried him deep in a large drift , intending to continue with him when the storm stopped. When they went back the body had been drug off by wild animals who had dug it up. They never told Sarah who believed he was buried in Mayday.He was the 4th child she had lost since soming to Kansas.

CLOUD's rev war pension apps

Images of the pension applications for Rev. War soldiers:
Ezekiel Cloud
Forest Cloud
John Coud
Noah Cloud
William Cloud

are now on line.

The easiest way to see them is to visit the "Whats New" link and scroll down do
the (second occurrence of) Documents

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Harold F Houle is my biological great grandfather. I think I mentioned before that I'm adopted and have some clues into my bio family. So here's what I've found out so far and need to work on....someday,lol.

Harold F Houle born 30May1899 NY
died 22Mar1980 Fitchburg Mass

Married: Lela M Sequin 20OCT1919 St Edmunds Church, Ellenburg Depot, NY
died 13OCT1971 Fitchburg Mass

Children: 1)Clarence H Houle b 1921 NY
2)Clayton F Houle 1922 NY
3)Richard E Houle (grandfather)
4)Harold F Houle Jr
5)Jacqueline Houle
6)Valeda Houle

Harold F Houle worked at the Falulah Paper Co and was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles AERIE 448

Fitchburg Sentinel Newspaper story:

Mr and Mrs Harold Hould of 67 Falulah Rd, daughter Valeda and son Clarence were guests of Mrs. Houles mother, MRS. MARY LEBARGE at Massena NY

Another story from the Fitchburg Sentinal:
Mr and Mrs Houle 25 Anniversary

Mr and Mrs Houle of 57 Falulah Street are today observing their 25 wedding anniversary. Miss Lela Sequin and Mr Houle were married Oct 20, 1919 in St Edmonds Church at Ellenburg Depot, NY. They have 4 sons, Clarence with the Army, stationed in Italy, Richard with the Navy Air Corps in Pensacola, Fl and Clayton and Harold Jr, both of this city and 2 daughters, Jacqueline and Valeda, of this city.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Kennon Lee Harris' Father

My Kindred has Kennon Lee's father listed as Robert or Beau Harris Died before 1900

Robert/Beau Harris:
Father: William K Harris born 1834 Alabama
Mother: Fanny G born about 1844 Virginia

Kennon Lee Harris born: 11OCT1888 Okolona Arkansas
Thomas G Harris born: 17NOV1892 Okolona Arkansas
Duenna Harris born: 1898 Arkansas

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Gerald Lee Harris SSA application

I finally got his application today. My husband always thought his grandpa and grandma married at a very young age and left Ar earlier than this but on the app it's showing that at 20 years old he's still living in Okolona and single.

Date of application 1/15/41
Date of last full time job ended 9/26/40
Place of employment: C.C.C. (anyone know what c.c.c. is?)
Fathers full name: Kennon Lee Harris
Mothers full name before marriage: Manie Lou Cloud

I would sure like more info on Kennon Harris' family. I'll have to send away for his ssa next.

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Some CLOUD's to work on

CLOUD, JOAB - PVT - enlisted 16 Mar 1863 - Yellville, AR
in Harrell's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry, Co. C, CSA
aka 17th Bn Ark, Cav Microfilm Roll #35 Ark

CLOUD, A. Pvt - Enl 15 Sep 1863 in Johnson Co, AR. Deserted 25 Nov 1863
Co. E, 7th AR Cavalry Reg. CSA

Who was WF Cloud?
The New Era newspaper, Fort Smith, AR


The first of this month was a happy day for the ladies and other citizens of Van Buren. The ladies of that place made and presented the 1st Reg't Ark. Infantry, a large Federal Flag, which was elevated to the top of a fine and substantial flag-staff occupying the front yard of the Court House. The rebels once waved the treasonable ensign of the Confederacy from the same towering shaft; but their first endeavor in this shameful boast of their treason resulted in tearing their flag nearly in twain. That disaster may be regarded as an omen of ill to the nefarious scheme of destroying the Federal Nationality, for the purpose of rearing on its ruins an aristocracy of the imperious few, who disregard the will and the interests of the laboring many that constitute the bone and sinew of the Arkansian population.

Appropriate speeches were delivered on the occasion by Colonel J M Johnson, of the 1st Arkansas Infantry, Colonel W F Cloud, of the 2nd Kansas Cavalry, Colonel Williams, of the 1st "Iron-Clads", and Lieutenant Colonel E J Searle, of the 1st Arkansas Infantry. These speeches were loudly applauded, and were well calculated to encourage the patriotic aspirations of the numerous assemblage of citizens and soldiers.

Who is William A. Cloud?

He enlisted Dec. 13, 1863 at Clarksville, AR in Co. K, 2nd AR Infantry Reg.
at 28 years of age, born in Hamilton county, TN (i.e. born ca 1835).

I have a William Anderson Cloud, b. ca 1834 TN, son of Jason Cloud.
Could this be him?

Who is George J. Cloud, Pvt., Co. B, 1st AR Cavalry Regt, CSA ?
"He was captured 22 Aug 1864 in Jefferson Co, AR. and sent to MP at Alton, IL 26 Nov 1864 then to Rock Island, IL 7 Dec 1864. Died of smallpox 15 Feb 1865, grave 1881." (... and what does "grave 1881" mean?)

Who is John B. Cloud, born circa 1836 KY?

CLOUD, JOHN B. Cpt Pvt - Enl 11 Nov 1861 at Ft Smith, AR. Age 25, born in KY. Elected 8 May 1862. Captured 7 Jul 1863 at Port Hudson, LA and sent to MP at Johnson's Island, OH then to Baltimore, MD 9 Feb 1864. Exchanged 3 Mar 1864 at Point Lookout, MD.

Here is more from The New Era newspaper re Col. W.F. Cloud


November 10, 1863

At a Mass Meeting of the "Unconditional Union" Men of Western Arkansas, held at Fort Smith, on the 30th day of October, 1863, F H Wolfe, Esquire, was called to the Chair, and C G Foster appointed Secretary.


Valentine Dell, Esq., Chairman of the Committee on Resolutions, reported the following, which were received with tremendous applause, and which, after being eloquently discussed in a speech by Colonel W F Cloud, were unanimously adopted.

Who is Samuel O. Cloud?

CLOUD, SAMUEL O. Cpt - Enl 12 Oct 1861 at Little Rock, AR, Co. C, 4th Battalion, Arkansas Infantry, CSA. Signed as commanding the company. Relieved by consolidation 25 Oct 1863. Sent to AR in recruiting service

Who is Daniel Cloud? (not much to go on here, sorry)

CLOUD, DANIEL Pvt - Ref: 16th Mo, Inf., Company I, 16th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA

Who is George J. Cloud? He was a Confederate POW who died in Rock Island, Illinois prison camp.

Cloud, Geo. J. - Pvt - B 1 Ark Cav - Died, Feb 13, 1865 - (1881)

Who is Sgt. James R. Cloud, Co. E, 12th AR Infantry, CSA?

CLOUD, JAMES R. Sgt - Enl 20 Jul 1861 at Arkadelphia, AR. Captured 8 Apr 1862 at Island #10 and sent to MP at Camp Douglas, IL 12 Aug 1862 then to Vicksburg, MS and exchanged 23 Sep 1862. Captured 9 Jul 1863 and paroled 12-13 Jul 1863 at Port Hudson, LA.

Who is Lt. John F. Cloud Jr. who enlisted at Benton, Saline county, AR?

See John Farmer Cloud

... could this be him ??

Info at http://www.couchgenweb.com/civilwar/11_17coa.html
Company A, 11th & 17th AR Infantry (Mtd) Consolidated, CSA
CLOUD, JOHN F. Jr 2Lt - Enl 13 Jul 1861 at Benton, AR. Elected 2Lt 29 Sep 1862. Resignation accepted 2 Jan 1863.

Two references to John J. Cloud -- are they the same person? Who is he or they?

These seem to refer to the same person. The second reference gives wife as Mary Ann Fitzhugh and dob as about 1834 in Tennessee.

20th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Co. D, CSA
Cloud, John J
Private­Enlisted at Little Rock, Arkansas, March 1, 1862; appointed second corporal, May 15, 1862; captured at Hatchie Bridge, Mississippi, October 5, 1862; paroled, October 13, 1862.

Crawford's 1st/10th Arkansas Cavalry, Co. B
Cloud, John J
Private ­ Not listed on the muster roll; Federal records list him as a private in Co. B, 10th Arkansas Cavalry, who deserted on May 1, 1864, and took the oath of allegiance on May 18, 1864; previously enlisted in Co. D, 20th Arkansas Infantry, at Little Rock, Arkansas, March 1, 1862; appointed second corporal, May 15, 1862; captured at Hatchie Bridge, Mississippi, October 5, 1862; paroled on October 13, 1862; born in Tennessee, c1834; married Mary Ann Fitzhugh in Hot Spring county, January 14, 1867; listed in Hot Spring county 1860 census; occupation farmer

Who is:

CLOUD, GEORGE J. Pvt Co B, 1st Ark Cav, CSA, d. Feb 13, 1865 (#1881)
buried Rock Island, IL

Who is:

CLOUD, JAMES -K- 4th Sergeant - 6/15/1862 Camp Stokes -Capt. Moseley- Promoted to 4th Sergeant February 8, 1863. Present February 29, 1864.

Edward G. Gerdes Civil War Page
M-317 Compiled Service Records - 32nd Arkansas Infantry , Roll 207: Bra-CL

Who is:

Cloud, Burrhis - CO G - Pvt. - Washington Co. Ark.

Freeman's Regiment, Missouri Cavalry, A through E

Submitted by Tom Cloud

The Breese Family in the Everglades

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March Of Dimes

Christian is walking for the March of Dimes with his school. Please click on the link above to help save babies.

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Hi Genealogy Friends and Family!

We just returned from vacation. The kids were out of school for spring break for 2 weeks and we headed down to the Okefenokee and the Everglades and also spent some time in Key Largo. I'll put some pictures up when I get time. I sent away for Gerald Harris' death cert (dh's grandpa) and hopefully that will be helpful in some way. I'm having trouble getting much on the Harris side. I've been anxiously awaiting the mail! I won't be doing much genealogy in the next week either as my mom and brother will be out for a visit! Happy hunting!

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FREE census tax & land, birth, marriage, death & surname records for this surname and ALL of EASTERN KENTUCKY. this is a great site, the best overall collection of free resources for eastern kentucky...

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Not sure the relation, but he also ties into the CLOUD line by marrying Leila Cloud Harris. So another thing to follow up on!


James Lester Harris born about 1894, Ark. Age on census 34
Spouse: Leila Harris born Arkansas, Age on Census 32
Son: James C Harris 6 years old, born Ark, both parents born Arkansas
Son: Robert L Harris 2 1/2 years old, born Ark, both parents born Arkansas
Home in 1930: Okolona Arkansas
Home owned
Value of home: 750
Does family live on farm: No
Age at First Marriage: 17...Leila age 15
Occupation: Proprietor
Industry: Theatre
Veteran: No


I am having trouble getting anything on Harris. Gerald Lee Harris is my husbands grandfather, son of Kennon Lee Harris. His mom has given me info on names, and some dates, but nothing exact. It seems there's not alot out there on Harris, or at least our Harris'. I've sent for Jerry's death cert, hopefully that will help a little. I need to also send for Kennons. They are all from Okolona Ar but there aren't alot of records online.
Here's some Harris' I found in a couple of censuses (sp?) and I'm sure they have to be related somehow, just not sure how yet!

EDWARD M HARRIS 1 male aged 20-30
1 female aged 30-40

JAMES HARRIS 2 males aged 5-10
1 male aged 10-15
1 male aged 16-20
1 male aged 40-50
1 female aged 5-10
1 female aged 10-15
2 females aged 15-20
1 female aged 30-40

NATHANIEL HARRIS 1 male to age 5
1 male aged 10-15
1 male aged 30-40
1 female aged to 5
1 female aged 30-40

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WILLIAM CLOUD b 1621 d 1702

William Cloud Sr is my husbands gggggggggg grandfather. Here is some interesting information on him...

All of the male children, except perhaps for Joseph, came to America with the father in 1682. William Cloud was granted 530 acres of land in Pennsylvania by his friend, William Penn on December 7, 1681. The granted land is located on the border of what is now the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Land is on the South side of Naaman`s Creek. After the state of Delaware was formed, the land was in New Castle County, DE. Cloud, William, of Calne, in Wiltshire, England, purchased land 7 Oct 1682, which was afterwards laid out in Concord Township. The will of William Cloud, of Concord `being aged and well stricken in years` was proved in 1702, in which he mentions his sons, William, Jeremiah, Joseph, John and Robert. Of these, Joseph came over as a servant to John Bezer, and received his 50 acres of land in Caln Township, where he was living in 1709. John, William and Jeremiah resided on Naaman`s Creek for some time. William Jr was living in Caln in 1715, and died there in 1720. His eldest son, Joseph, was there in 1719, but probably at Pextang after this (Paxtan Twp. is now in Dauphine Co., near Harrisburg, it was part of Lancaster Co. when it was formed in 1729 and then became Dauphine Co.when it was formed). Joseph Sr. married Mary Moore, widow of Richard, and mother of Thomas and John Moore. He died in1739. William Cloud came to America with William Penn, after 1660. He and others were gathered for worship (Friends or Quakers) at Calne, Wiltshire, England May 16, 1660. On September 8, 1681, William Penn granted 500 acres of land in Pennsylvania (later found to be New Castle County, Delaware). He lived in Concord Twp, Chester, Penn. He was a member of Chichester Friends Meeting and his will was made 7 mo. 20, 1700. He came to America in late 1682 or early 1683. The loading of `Unicorn` was mentioned in the London Gazette of 22 June 1682 under a Bristol dateline of 17 June as ship `now ready to take in Goods and Passengers and to sail the next month [for] Pensilvania (sic) and New-Jersey` those interested in taking passage were directed to apply to Thomas Goldney or John Dudlestone in High Street or to the Master. The London Impartial Mercury noted that in Bristol a ship was `fitting out for Pensylvania on board which 40 Quakers together with their families willimbarq (sic).` it further reported that `tis said that they carry over with them 300 pound-worth of half-pence, and farthings which in that Collony (sic) go current for twice their value and `tis added that some discontented Presbyterians will Likewise accompany them.` Twelve days later the same paper reported that the ship `full graught with Quakers bound for Pennsylvania is ready to sail.` William Cloud imported a number of items with him for trading purposesas well as bring with him as an indentured servant Jacob Willis. [25 August] William Cloude: 4 cwt. wrought iron; 3 pieces qty. 120 yds. Wnglish linen; cwt. lead shot; 3 doz. bodices; 150 made garments; 1 1/2 cwt. brass and copper manufactured;1/2 cwt. pewter; 3 samll sad1dles; 3 pieces English fustians; 2 cwt. nails; 6 doz. Irish stockings. Bristol Port Book In 1683 Wm. Cloude had shipped the following additional goods aboard the Bristol Merchant [27 October] WilliamCloude: 40 lbs. serges; 15 lbs. linsey woolsey; 18 lbs. woolen stockings; 14 lbs. haberdashery; 68 lbs. shoes & boots; 2 1/2 cwt. cheese; 3 cwt. wrought iron; 1/2 cwt. nails; 8 lbs. gunpowder; 28 lbs. shot; 1/2 cwt. English soap; 2 cwt. bread,value 23s. [duty] 1s 2d. Bristol Port Books William Cloud`s Will: He made is will on the 20th day of the 7th month 1700 which method of dating is usually a Quaker designation, and same was probated at Chester Aug. 25, 1702, as follows: `I, William Cloud of Concord Sem, in county of Chester, being aged and well stricken in years, do give unto my son William Cloud 100 acres of my purch. land; to my son Jeremiah Cloud 200 acres of my purchased land, to sons, Joseph, John and Robert Cloud one English shilling if demanded; to my grand daughter, HANNAH CLOUD, daughter of JEREMIAH CLOUD, all the rest of my estate, both real andpersonal, she to be Executrix. Son Jeremiah to be Overseer. Wits: Robert Pyle, Ann Pyle, Sadie Pyle.? William Cloud (Clowde), Yeoman, from Seene, Wiltshire, was a First Purchaser of 500 Acres, (9 Mo.1681) which were laid out on the south side of Naamans`s Creek, Chester County. While his lot in Philadelphia in right of his being an F.P. was warranted and surveyed in 1683 In 1691 Wm. Cloud conveyed 200 acres to his sons Joseph and John Cloud; three years latter Joseph conveyed his rights to `his brother John Cloud.` In the `Blackwell quitrent rolls` complied by Receiver General and former Deputy Governor John Blackwell from December 1689-March 1689/90. William Cloud is listed as having 250 taxable acres in Chester County as well as 49 feet of frontage on lot in Philadelphia for which he paid a quitrent of 2s.

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Kennon Lee's World War 1 Draft Registration Card

This is dated 1917-1918

Name: Kennon Lee Harris
Date of Birth: October 11, 1888
Place of Birth: Okolona, Arkansas
Occupation: Farmer
Supports a wife and 2 children
Claimed exemption of the draft to support his family
Tall, medium build
Brown Hair
Grey eyes


Kennon Lee Harris is my husbands great grandfather (maternal). He was born Oct 11, 1881 in Okolona Arkansas and married MARIA LOU CLOUD. I don't have alot of info yet on the Harris side, but there is plenty on CLOUD if you click on OUR FAMILY TREE in the links section, you will get alot more on the CLOUD side.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mustard Bread

I've been slacking on my genealogy this month, sorry! This bread came from my husbands, grandmother, Kathryn. I've not done anything on her side of the family yet, but I've got her mustard bread,lol. It's really good with bbq! This is out of the Breese Family cookbook that Donna Allan put together. She mentioned doing another one.

1 loaf of french bread
butter the bread and spread mustard on top. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese if desired. (I usually do one side with just the mustard and one side with the cheese.)
Wrap in tin foil and bake at 350 for 30 mins. For crustier bread, don't wrap in tin foil.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Alvin Clarence is my husbands grandmother, yep I said grandmother. Her father died before she was born. In tradition, she was named after her father and it is believed then that she had special healing powers because of it. Here are some leads I got from a nice lady on genforum that I am putting here to follow up on.

SSA Death info on Annie Trevillion (Alvin Clarence's mother)
ocial Security Death Index Recordinfo
about Annie Trevillion
Name: Annie Trevillion
SSN: 431-22-1309
Last Residence: 71701 Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas, United States of America
Born: 9 Jan 1901
Died: Oct 1978
State (Year) SSN issued: Arkansas (Before 1951 )


1930 Missouri, Nevada, AR Homer Trevillian 50 born IL, father TN, mother IL, Mill Operator, Saw Mill, Annie 29, wife, born LA, parents LA, Lena Williams 8 Step-daughter, LA, Albert 7 Step-son LA, A.C. 4, Daughter (should have said step daughter as follows) born LA, father AR, mother LA as with the other step-children. What do you think, break-thru?

I think this was his second marriage. In 1910 his wife is Mollie L., married 9 yrs 1 born 0 living. He was William H. Trevillian, 31?, born IL father TN, mother IL The pair doesn't show up 1930 at least not in this county.

ame: Homer Trevillion
SSN: 432-14-5888
Last Residence: 71857 Prescott, Nevada, Arkansas, United States of America
Born: 19 Feb 1880
Died: Jul 1966
State (Year) SSN issued: Arkansas (Before 1951 )

Also, WWI Draft Card, Homer Cazzie or Cazzel Trevillion, born 19 Feb 1880, works in saw milling, wife Leona.

If you can't get here, http://www.depotmuseum.org/cemetery.heitml?&card=heises.b71842d8957219e41fbe91c64cae7a93

Annie B. is buried with Homer. Annie Sept 9, 1901 - Oct 10, 1978. Pleasant Hill Cemetery North - White

You can get an obit for Homer. 7-28-1966
Homer C. Trevillion; 86; Pleasant Hill Cem.
Contact the Nevada County library.


Okay, I found Gerald Lee Harris no problem. I see "Wanda" helped you back in 2002. Did you get the information you needed? I have 1930 census and SSN with birthdate. I'll post 1930, as I see you seek relatives related to this line and maybe mention of siblings names will help. 1930 Antoine, Clark Co., AR, Kannon L. Harris, 41, married at 23, born AR, parents AR, General Farm, Manie L., 34, married at 17, AR, parents AR, Charlie O. 17, AR, Thomas L. 15 AR, Sarah 12 AR, Gerald 9 AR, Will K? 6, AR.

More. 1920 South Fork Township, Clark Co., Burtrell Road, Cannon L. 30, Manie L. 24, Charlie D. 7, Thomas L. 5, Sarah C. 2 yrs 6 mos., Garret or Garnet, Uncle, 44. All born AR, parents AR. Farmers

1910 Fisher Co., TX, Kennan L. Harris, 19, AR parents AR, Keeper of Restaurant.

1900 Antoine, Clark Co. AR, James Harris born Oct 1866, 33, married 11 yrs., Lizzie wife, March 1870, married 11 yrs. 2 born 2 living, Fanny, daughter, Jan 1890, Jim son, May 1895, William K. father, Nov 1834 widowed, born AL, parents VA, Lela niece May 1882, Mollie niece Sep 1885, Cannon nephew Oct 1888, Thomas nephew Nov 1892, Duenna niece Sep 1898. All born AR parents AR except for father, William K.

On his WWI Draft card he is Kennon Lee Harris born Oct 11 1888 Okolona, AR, married two children to support.

I show Tom Gom?? Harris, born Nov 17 1892, Okolona, AR, farmer single.

1880 Antoine, Clark Co. AR, William K. Harris, 45, born AL, parents VA, farmer, Fanny G. 36, born VA, parents VA, Alexander 20 son born MS, Fannie 17 daughter-in-law, AR parents KY, Robert 18 son, AR, Beu 15 son, James 13 son, Garnet or Garret 8 son. All children except for Alexander, born AR father AL, mother VA.

1870 Elkins, Clark Co. AR W.K. Harris, 35, Farmer born AL, Fanny (Fanyes?) 25 born TN, Aleck 11 MS, Robert 9 AR, Benjamin 6 AR, James 4 AR.

Probable 1860 Southfork, Clark Co. AR, W.K. Harris 23 AL, Fanny 15 VA, D. L. 11 mos. AR

Possible death for Lizzie: Name: Lizzie Str Harris
Estimated Birth Year: 1871
Age: 74
Death Day: 1
Death Month: May
Death Year: 1945
County: Clark
Volume Number: 62
Roll Number: 1945
Certificate Number: 101

Post any or all on other websites to find relatives.

Query. On one post you have Annie Barnes as Annie Barnes Williams Trevillion. In another post you have her as Annie Barnes. I searched for both and didn't come up with anything proof positive. What is her real surname?

You also mention Jonesboro (Jackson Parish) as place where Alvin and Annie married?

You are SOOO welcome! Yes, Wanda, was going to send you all or send you something via e-mail. I was hoping to find Alvin Clarence Williams, born AR, same time frame as when Anne was born. No luck first try. Here was the source of the obit for Trevillion.


NCP refers to Nevada County Picayune (I was on my way out and was anxious to post what I had just found.) Per the website above, http://www.rootsweb.com/~arnevada/, "The complete obituaries can be found on microfilm at
Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives at Old Washington,
eight miles north of Hope, AR." Contact info is
Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives
Washington, AR 71862
Phone: (870) 983-2633
Historical and Genealogical Research

Source for burials: http://www.pcfa.org/depot_museum/cemetery/cemetery.html?&card=heises.1380d76ecb39a53ab441866eddd9df62

Additional information: Pleasant Hill (North) Cemetery Record

Pleasant Hill Cemetery (North) is a fairly large cemetery located north
of Prescott on Hwy. 19 in the Pleasant Hill community. It is next to the
old Pleasant Hill Church of Christ. The cemetery is fenced. From
Prescott, go north on Hwy. 19 toward Delight five or six miles. the
church and cemetery will be on your right.

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updated through March 7, 1999. (on rootsweb)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Corn Casserole

1 can creamed corn
1 can whole corn, well drained
1 box Jiffy brand corn muffin mix
1 egg
1 8 ounce carton sour cream
1 stick butter, melted
Mix all ingreadients in a 2 inch deep baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. If the top is not brown, run it under the broiler for a few minutes. Caution, watch because it will brown very quickly!

Congratulations to Ashlyn

Ashlyn entered a writing contest sponsored by Scholastic and she was a runner up.
She was in our local newspaper, The Walton Tribune and here is the article.

Student Author Honored

Ashlyn Breese, a sixth grade student at Youth Middle School has been recognized as a runner up for Storyworks Create a Character Contest. This contest is sponsored by Scholastic Inc., and over 8000 students entered the contest. Ashlyn was selected as one of the 75 runners-up. This is quite an accomplishment. She receved an award certificate and a congratulatory letter from the associate editor of Storyworks. Ashlyn also received a letter of congratulations from author Jane Yolen.

An email I received on the Stone Family

I received this email from Stone Jasie and I wanted to look into it more, so I'm putting it here to follow up on it so I won't forget!

Source: Marriage Polly Burnet, Bath County Marriage Book #1, As compiled by
Alice P. Reynolds

1/ Kentucky Obituaries 1787-1854, Kentucky Hist. Soc. Publication, p61.
Lexington Kentucky Reporter 8/11.

+ Benjamin B. STONE b. Rockingham Co., NC. Emigrated ~ 1840 or after.

m. Sara (is her maiden name Lewis??)


+ Dudley L. STONE b. 20 Jan. 1785 d. ca 1832

m. 1st Polly EPPERSON b. d. Aug. 1826 d/o Francis Radford
EPPERSON, Revolutionary War, lived in Fayette Co. KY


+ John B. STONE b. 1825 d. 1856

+ Agnes STONE

m. Samuel S. POWELL

+ Francis Epperson STONE

m 2nd 1816 in Bath Co. KY, Polly BURNET


+ Dudley STONE b. d. 6 July 1830 in New Orleans 1/.
(Unsure if he is Polly’s son).

Epperson, Joel Brassfield, Salley Nov 6, 1794, BURKE COUNTY, NC ,
Thomas Brassfield (Bond) Chas. Gordon (Witness). [The Brassfields
married into the Trammell family – see Trammel doc.]

Charlotte Co. VA 1782 Tax list:

Epperson, Francis 7 8

Epperson, Thomas 2 7Epperson, Francis
2 5Epperson, William 10 8

LWT Epperson, Francis 1786, Charlotte Co. VA

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GEORGE S. MORGAN was born in 1858 in Fredericksburg, Va., and in 1862 he accompanied his parents to Washington, D. C. He received his education in the common schools and subsequently learned the trade of barber. He remained in the capital until June 14, 1881, when he removed to Kansas, locating in this city, where he shortly afterward opened a first class tonsorial establishment., on Poyntz Avenue, which he still continues. October 10, 1879, Mr. Morgan married Miss Hermine Strong, of Farmville, Va. He is a charter member and secretary of the Corinthian Lodge, A. F. & A. M., and takes a lively interest in everything pertaining to the welfare of his adopted State.

JOSEPH M. MYERS, Sheriff of Riley County, was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, December 17, 1843. When he was a year old, his parents moved to Hancock County, Ill. where they lived until 1859. In 1858 his father had located a homestead in Riley County, and returning to Illinois for his family, sickened and died. The family, however, followed his intentions and settled on the homestead chose, where the widowed mother still resides. Enlisted August 11, 1862, in Company A, Ninth Kansas, as a private, and served until the close of the war, in the Army of the Frontier. After the war he returned to the farm, where he continued until 1881, when he was elected Sheriff of the county, which office he now fills with ability. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and G. A. R. He was married in January 1868, at Paola, to Miss Belle White. They have five children - Mattie, born May 1, 1869; Josephine, born October 10, 1871; Phoebe, born November 9, 1877; Dollie, born December 13, 1879; and Louis, born December 17, 1881.

E. L. PATEE, M. D., was born in Oxford, Delaware County, Ohio, February 23, 1832. He was educated at the Ohio Wesleyan University, graduating in the scientific course in 1849. Was a student one year at the Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati, and for two years at Starling Medical College, Columbus, Ohio, graduating therefrom in the class of 1852. Afterwards he took a one term course at a Homoeopathic Medical College in Cleveland. He began the practice of his profession at Portland, Meigs County, Ohio, in the fall of 1853, where he continued until January, 1854, when he settled and practiced a year, and took a past graduate course at Miama Medical College. In the fall of 1855 he came to Kansas, taking a homestead at Ashland, in Riley County, and the following year moved his family to the State where he had determined to make his home. He came with the Cincinnati Colony, but left the boat at Kansas City, purchased a team, and came the remainder of the way overland. April 14, 1861, he entered the Second Kansas Volunteer Infantry, and was commissioned First Assistant Surgeon. Was mustered into the United States service, June 20, 1861. After the battle of Wilsons Creek and the death of Gen. Lyon, the troops with which he served retreated to Rolla. Lieutenant-Colonel Charles W. Blair ordered him to remove the sick and wounded to St. Louis. His train arrived at night with the suffering men, covered with dust and overpowered with heat. Working all night, he succeeded in dressing the wounds and caring for all his men. Gen. Fremont visited the hospital early in the day, and detecting the marvelous energy and power of the man, ordered him not to return to the front, but placed him in charge of the hospital - New House of Refuge. In July, at his personal request, he was again ordered to the front. Gen. Blunt gave him detached service until September, and then ordered him to report at his headquarters at Fort Scott. He was promoted to be Surgeon, rank of Major, September 19, 1862, and was Medical Director of Blunts army, until July, 1863, when he was detailed upon the staff of Gov. Kearney, ranking as Colonel. In this capacity he helped organize the Fifth and Fourteenth Kansas regiments. He served until the close of the war, and then returned to his practice at Manhattan, where he has been in continuous practice since, and ranks as one of the best surgeons in Kansas. He is purely eclectic in his practice, counseling all schools of practice. He has held several important civil offices. In 1867 he was appointed Clerk of the District Court for Davis County, then attached to Riley for judicial purposes, which position he held by appointment and election for four years. In 1864 he was elected Treasurer of Riley County, and re-elected in 1866, holding the office four years. He has also been Coroner of the county several terms. He is a member of the Masonic order, and of the I. O. O. F., G. A. R., and K. of L. He was married September 22, 1852, in Morgan County, Ohio, to Miss Cynthia A. Dye. They have three children - Alice (Mrs. Dickens), Clarence and Henry, all grown up and away from the parental homestead.

JOHN PIPHER, farmer, P. O. Manhattan, is one of the first settlers of the place, and has been active in every improvement of the city. he was born in Chester County, Pa., August 26, 1811. At the age of twenty-one years he went to Harrisburg, Pa. and learned the trade of tobacconist. Here he worked three years and then went to New Lisbon, Ohio, where he lived seven years, and finally to Cincinnati, where he spent eleven years, where we find him in the spring of 1855, preparing to emigrate to the then young territory of Kansas. A company of seven persons, of which Mr. Pipher was one, purchased a steamboat, the Hartford, and started with a colony of Cincinnatians, intending to locate at or near the mouth of the Republican River near Fort Riley. Leaving Cincinnati in the latter part of April, the steamer made St. Louis in four days. Here a delay of several days took place in trying to secure a pilot, the Missouri River pilot refusing to navigate an abolition boat. Finally leaving St. Louis, they made Kansas City in nine days. The Kaw River being low, the boat was unable to proceed at once, and Mr. Pipher, with two others of the colony and a surveyor, purchased a team, and traveled overland to a point where Junction City now stands, and began surveying the contemplated town which they had determined before leaving Cincinnati to name Manhattan. Finally the boat was started up the Kaw, and after a long and tedious passage, reached the mouth of the Blue River. Here they landed in response to an invitation of a colony from Boston, which they found occupying the land, and after consulting with them, Mr. Pipher and his associates at Fort Riley were sent for and a consolidation of the two colonies finally effected, the Boston Company taking the lands north of Poyntz Avenue, the Cincinnati colony south of that street, amounting in all to over 1,400 acres. The Boston Company, by their very liberal management, had thus secured a powerful ally, avoided a formidable rival, secured building material, the Hartford having on board ten frame houses complete, and more then all, the use of the steamboat designed to run regularly between the new settlement and the Eastern markets. But the boat was destined to never again leave the Kansas River. On her return trip the river had become so low that she was laid up at St. Marys Mission to await the flood from the autumn rain. While lying against the bank of the river, a prairie fire, probably set by two Indians, that the mate had driven from the boat for begging tobacco, swept over the country, leaped on board, and before aught could be done to arrest the flames, the Hartford was a smouldering (sic) ruin. The boat had cost the company $7,000; was insured for $3,500 and this, together with $300 derived from the sale of boilers, was all the company realized from their investment. The bell, with which the pilot was wont to control her movements, was afterward recovered, and is still doing good service in the tower of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Manhattan. The Cincinnati Company having by the terms of settlement been allowed the honor of naming the future city. After the settlement had been effected, Mr. Pipher became a leader in every enterprise, looking to the future development of the place. For a year he was engaged entirely as a resident agent of the Cincinnati Company, being the only one of the capitalists that had a permanent residence here. Although afterward, one of the company, A. J. Mead, lived here for several years. At the end of the first year Mr. Pipher began business as a merchant, which he continued for some dozen years or more. In 1855, on the organization of the town, he was appointed Justice of the Peace by Gov. Reeder, and by appointment and re-election held the office for five years. He was also elected Mayor in the year of the settlement, and Colonel of a regiment designed to protect the State from the inroads of the border ruffians of Missouri . Mr. Pipher was appointed postmaster, the first for Manhattan, in 1855, and held the office for several years. In 1860 he was elected Probate Judge of Riley County, and continued to be re-elected until 1868 when he declined a re-election. The judge is a man foremost in every good work. He has been a member of the methodist Episcopal Church for more than fifty-eight years, and an officer thereof for more than half a century. He organized the first Methodist Episcopal Society of Manhattan while on board the steamer Hartford, before they had left the Ohio River. He has been a member of the I. O. O. F. since he was twenty years of age, having by dispensation of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania been admitted to a membership before his majority, and for the last twelve years he has been Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Kansas; has also been Deputy Grand master. He has belonged to all temperance organizations, and is still an active temperance worker. He has frequently been Police Judge of the city, and in 1878 was elected Mayor for his last term, although the people are liable to honor him in the same way at any election. The judge has been twice married, living with his first wife for twenty years, and with the present Mrs. Pipher for a period of upward of thirty years in all, in double harness. His two surviving children - John W. and Mrs. George T. Brown, are married and living in Manhattan, and the judge is hale and hearty, and surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He is passing his last years peacefully and in comfort, loved and respected by the whole community of his beloved Manhattan.

JEFFERSON ROBINSON, M. D., was born in Bath, Steuben County, N. Y., May 4, 1835. When he was five years old his parents moved to Chicago. At the age of fourteen years he went to Rome, Wis., and worked at the wood turners trade until his majority was passed. Entered Rush Medical College, and abandoned the college to enter the army, September 6, 1861, in Company I, Fifty-second Illinois Volunteer Infantry, as a private. He was promoted to Second Lieutenant, Fifty-fourth United States Colored Infantry, March 2, 1865, and was discharged from service in August, 1866. He returned to Chicago and re-entered Rush Medical College, from whence he graduated in the class of 1867. March 9 of the same year he came to Kansas and settled at Manhattan, where he has been practicing since. He is also the proprietor of a very fine drug store in the city, located on Poyntz Avenue. He has been a member of the City Council, belongs to the Masonic order, and has attained to the Royal Arch degree. He was married in February, 1867, at Milwaukee, Wis., to Miss Mary E. Burnell, who has borne him three children - Charles Nash, born February 19, 1869; Stanley R., born February 28, 1874, and Elsie M., born November 20, 1879.

E. M. SHELTON, professor of agriculture, in the Kansas Agricultural College, and editor of the Industrialist, was born in England, August 7, 1846. At the age of eight years his parents emigrated with him to America, settling in Western New York. In 1860 they moved to Shiawasse County, Mich. Mr. Shelton was educated in the Michigan Agricultural College, graduating in the class of 1871. Immediately after graduation, he was employed by the Japanese Government to make a collection of pure blood horses, cattle, sheep and swine, amounting to five car loads, which, together with agricultural implements, etc., he accompanied to that empire, and for a year was the superintendent of an experimental farm near Tokio (sic). At the end of the year, having lost his health in the unfavorable climate, he returned to Colorado and settled at Greeley, and became a farmer, remaining there one year. In 1874 he was elected to his professorship, and has been in charge of the State farm ever since. In 1879 he was elected to the same chair in the Michigan Agricultural College, but remained in the Kansas Institution. He has been editor of the college paper since 1878. Was married December 24, 1874, to Miss Elizabeth E. Sessions, of Ionia, Mich. They have two children - Frank, born in 1877, and Mary, born in 1879.

ALBERT TODD, A. M., First lieutenant, First Artillery, United States Army, and professor of military science in the Kansas Agricultural College, was born in Rhode Island, October 21, 1854. In 1856 his parents removed to Kansas, settling in Riley County. At an early age he entered the Kansas Agricultural College, graduating with the class of 1872. The following year Hon. William A. Philips, Member of Congress of the First Kansas District, appointed him to a Cadetship at the Military Academy, whence he graduated in due course, in the class of 1877, standing number five in a class of seventy-six. He was immediately after his graduation appointed Second Lieutenant in the First Artillery, and was stationed at Fort Adams, Rhode Island, was was afterward transferred to the school of artillery and practice at Fortress Monroe, Va. In July, 1881, he was detailed by Secretary Lincoln as instructor of military science in the Kansas Agricultural College. He was promoted to First Lieutenant, First Artillery, in April, 1882, and is now in his second years work in the college.

H. A. YOUNG & CO., dealers in lumber and all kinds of building material, Manhattan, Kan.

THOMAS E. WILLIAMS, druggist, was born in Kenton County, Ky., December 11, 1851. In 1855, his parents removed to Ashland Township, then Davis, but now a part of Riley County, where they still reside. Entered the Kansas Agricultural College where he was a student for two years. Returning to his farm, he remained until 1879, when he went into business with Robinson & Little as clerk, and continued with them and their successor, Dr. Robinson, until August, 1882, when he formed a partnership with Dr. Little, under the firm name of T. E. Williams & Co., and opened present business on his own account. They have a splendid store, and a fine trade. He was married, May 6, 1872, to Miss Octavia Westbrook, of Riley County. They have one child - Ada Florence.

JOHN F. BECKMAN, merchant, was born in Hanover, Germany, December 9, 1846. In 1863, he and his brother, C. W. Beckman, came to America, locating at Leavenworth, Kan. After passing a few years in a clerkship at Leavenworth, he engaged in the mercantile business on his own account, at Randolph, Kan., October 1, 1870. By close attention to business his trade rapidly increased, until, in 1879, he erected a spacious and commodious business house for his use. January 1, 1882, he took into partnership with himself, C. W. Beckman, under the firm name of John F. Beckman & Brother, and their business now ranks third in Riley County. He is a genial and cultured gentleman; a careful business man, and a good citizen. He belongs to the Masonic order, being a member of Farmers Lodge, No. 166, Randolph, Manhattan Chapter and Topeka Commandery. He was married, April 19, 1872, to Miss Anna Louisa Grall, of Randolph, and has apparently settled down into a permanent resident of this place.

J. CRANS, M. D., Riley Center, was born in Orange County, N. Y., August 6, 1842. He was educated at Middletown Academy. Prepared to enter college, but the war coming on, he abandoned the halls of education for the field. He enlisted in September, 1862, in Company B of the One Hundred and Ninth New York Volunteer Infantry. After serving three months as a private, he was promoted to Hospital Steward United States Army. Served three years and resigned at Mobil, Ala., in the spring of 1865. He commenced the study of medicine when but fifteen years of age, attended one course of lectures at Georgetown, D. C., and continued it after leaving the army, in Chicago, Ill., where he resided five years attending lectures. He then came to Riley Center in 1870. Finding that thee was but little sickness in this healthy and thinly settled country, he commenced raising stock, which business he has been engaged in extensively up to the present time. In 1878 Riley Center had begun to boom, and being much in the need of a drug store, the doctor built his present cozy little building, and filled it with a choice line of pure drugs and medicines. During the winter of 1879-80, he attended another course of lectures at Keokuk, Iowa, where he graduated with high honors, and returned to Riley Center, where he has established a large practice, and is recognized by the medical fraternity of Kansas as one of the most promising young doctors in the State. He belongs to the Masonic order, having attained to thirty-two degrees. Is a member of the Chicago Consistory. He was married at Chicago, Ill., May 6, 1866, to Miss Edith C. Landall. They have two children - Eulila, born July 1, 1871, and Daisy, born February 28, 1881.

CYRUS FOLTZ, County Commissioner of Riley County, P. O. Manhattan, was born in Franklin County, Pa., January 18, 1833. In 1855 moved to Fulton County, Ill., engaged in the trade until the spring of 1857, when he moved to Shawnee County, Kan., where he resided until the fall of 1864, when he moved back to Abingdon, Knox County, Ill., engaged in trade as druggist and grocer. In the spring of 1867 he returned to Kansas, settling in Riley County on a farm in Zeandal Township, then a part of Wabaunsee County, where he still resides. During the Rebellion he was in the employ of the Quartermaster's Department of the army for one year. he is a member of the Knights of Honor. He was married July 4, 1860, at Auburn, Kan., to Miss Helen M. Thomas, who bore him five children. Mrs. Foltz died in March, 1866, and he again, August 23, 1877, entered the marriage state, allying himself with Miss Mattie E. Whitney, of Riley County. They have one child - Mildred, born March 14, 1882.

CAPTAIN WILLIAM GORDON, farmer, P. O. Bala, was born in Ireland, February 6, 1833. He came to America in 1847, joining his parents who had preceded him in Philadelphia. They lived in Montgomery County, Pa., in 1851, at Philadelphia. He enlisted in the United States Army, and was assigned to Company I of the First Dragoons. He served in New Mexico until the expiration of his term of enlistment, being discharged from Fort Thornton. He returned to Weston, Mo., and was soon afterwards employed in the Quartermasters Department of the Army of Fort Leavenworth. He was sent to Fort Riley, where he continued in Government employ from July, 1856, to August, 1858. He then settled on a farm in Township 9, Range 4, being in Riley County, where he lived until the spring of 1860. He spent the summer of that year in Colorado, returning in the fall. In December, 1861, he enlisted as a private in Company F of the Sixth Kansas Cavalry Regiment. After a months service he was commissioned Second Lieutenant of the Company, was promoted to First Lieutenant in July, 1862, and to Captain soon after; he served two years, and was forced to resign on account of disability from wounds and disease. He returned to Riley County and settled on a farm in Township 9, Range 5, where he is still living, engaged in farming and stock-raising. He is well-fixed and raises cattle, horses and swine. He was Township Trustee in 1866. He is a member of the Masonic order and the Grand Army of the Republic. He was married April 6, 1861, in Riley County, to Miss Jane Thompson. They have five children - Ellen May, John Ross, Katie Belle, William Robey, and Rutherford B. Hayes. The Captain and his excellent wife have reared two orphan children of a soldier, whose parents died during the war. They have just past their majority, and have been kindly cared for and are good children.

J. H. JENKINS, druggist, Bala, was born in Wales, November 6, 1840. He was educated at New Kingswood College, Bath, England. After graduating, he was engaged in the service of various banking-houses of Wales and England as accountant and teller. IN 1868 he resigned his position as receiving teller in the Provincial Bank of England and came to America, settling at Utica, N. Y., where he was employed for a year as accountant in the wholesale drug trade by Comstock Bros. In 1870 he came to Kansas, living six months in Osage County, and settling in the fall of that year in Bala, Riley County, he established a drug store, and in the spring of 1882 opened another at Leonard. Both of these store he still owns, and does a thriving trade in both . Is also engaged in real estate and loan business. He was married April 9, 1872, to Miss Elizabeth H. Jenkins, of Riley County. They have one child - Isaac John, born October 1, 1882. Has probably the most extensive notary public practice in the county.

R. H. MOODY, P. O. Vinton, was born in North Carolina, May 10, 1822. Began to preach at the age of twenty-one. Preached eight years in Caldwell County, N. C. Was educated at Furman University, in Greenville, S. C. Taught school in the academy at Waynesville, N. C., six years, and preached on Sunday till the war commenced; then returned to his farm in North Carolina, where he continued to preach during the war. Went and preached some time in Livingston County, Mo. returned home and preached till 1877; then removed to Kansas and engaged in farming and preaching. Preached some months in Carroll County, Mo. Was married in Caldwell County, N. C., to Miss B. B. Chambers, a native of Illinois. They never had but sixteen children - John (deceased), Mary E., Nancy F., Jane E., Cynthia E., William E., Robert H., Thomas L. (deceased), Marcus D., James N., Caleb J., Rachel B. (deceased), Joseph C., Sarah L., Josephine C., Horace A. Nine of the family are members of the Baptist Church. William, James and Caleb are now at William Jewel College, Mo.

SOLOMON SECREST, farmer and merchant, Randolph, was born in Canton Zurich, Switzerland, December 30, 1834. In 1846 his parents removed to Jackson County, Ind., where he lived until September, 1856, when he moved to Kansas, settling on a claim a few miles up Fancy Creek, where he still resides. Mr. Secrest is owner of one of the best farms in Kansas. In 1864 he built a large stone dwelling-house, the first one built on the creek, hauling the lumber, shingles, etc., from the Missouri River. In 1864 he served in the Kansas State Militia in a campaign against the Indians of Western Kansas. From 1869 to 1873 he was one of the Justices of the Peace for Jackson Township. In 1879 he opened a general store in Randolph, where he is ably assisted by his son, John. Mr. Secrest still makes farming and stock-raising his chief business. IN March, 1861, he was married to Miss Melvina Dealy, of Marshall County. They have six children living - Cara, John, Edwin, William, Emma and Viola. Mr. Secrest is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and the neat little church adjoining his farm was built largely by his aid and influence. In politics he is a Republican, sharing in the struggle then existing to make Kansas a Free-State, and he now has the satisfaction of seeing the young commonwealth grow both thrifty and populous.

WILLIAM H. SIKES, merchant, Leonardville, was born in Du Page County, Ill., August 1, 1858. His father was a minister of the Congregational Church, and consequently often moved from place to place. The youth of Mr. Sikes was spent in Michigan until 1870, when his parents removed to Kansas. He was educated at the Kansas Agricultural College, graduating in the class of 1879. After graduation, he taught in the public schools of Wamego one year, and then, in partnership with Mr. Landon, opened a store of general merchandise at the town of Garrison. In 1881 Mr. Sikes bought the interest of his partner, and soon after removed the stock to the new town of Leonard, Riley County, where we still find him in business. He resigned the postmastership at Garrison on removing to Leonard. He is also, in addition to his other business, engaged in the live-stock trade, buying, shipping and selling in the Eastern market. He does a good business, and is a rising man.