Friday, April 18, 2008

Max Von Wille

Great news on my great grandfather, Maximillian Von Wille. He is one of my brickwalls. I had written to a volunteer from the Louisville Genealogy Society and she was going to look up any articles in the newspaper. This was a while back and I completely forgot, and so had she,lol. Well I just got an email from her helper and she found this information:

I have a copy of the Coroner's Memo, a copy of the
city directory listing for the Argonne Hotel and the
article in the newspaper telling that the pistol was
found under him in his hotel room and that he left a
signed note attributine the act to "ill health" and
what to do with his personal belongings. Also, that
he was from New York City and connected with the
editorial offices of the American Historical Society.

She is going to mail the copy's to me. One thing I didn't know is that he was from NYC. I know he came from Berlin and that he spent time in Miami and Alabama and Louisville, KY where he died. Hope these will open a door!