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Ida Dembrosky

This is my Great Aunt Ida Dembrosky (bottom row, 3rd from right). She is the sister of my Grandfather, Edward Dembrosky.

I found this great old photo HERE

Taken from the website:
1920 - Samuel F. B. Morse School Photo
2416 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Courtesy of Bill Dukstein, (
(Posted: February 2, 2009; Updated February 3, 2009)

From the Contributor: Emma Duckstein, my 2nd cousin, is in this photo and she grew up on the South Side on Sarah St. She was born in Oct 1910 and she appears to be about 10 years old in this photo. The background school building is housing today called "Morse Gardens.

1st row: Frank Petrauskas, Martha Rudregge, Ruth Liebert, Bill Lynder, Mary Sherman, Martha Stepanovich,
Rus Beauseigneur, Gertrude James, Ida Dembrosky, Earl Klein, Irene Magorian

2nd row: Elizabeth Bier, Joe Sands, Eliza McKennzie, Rose Spaggozis, Helen Grminsky, Bill Funaiock, Rose Minetti,
NFI Edginton, Francis Schmidt, Catherine Mahoney, Henry Jordan

3rd row: Mr. Hammond, William Bittner, Laura Maslawski, John Mamula, _______, George Terbovich, Miss Becker,
Emma Duckstein, ??? Smith, Wilbert Colteryolm, Mr. Ettling

W.M. Semmelrock, Undertaking, Embalming, Livery Stable

August Dombrowski worked here.

CAPTION: Wm. Semmelrock, Undertaking & Embalming,
1720 Carson Street, South Side.
HEADING: Pittsburgh. Districts. South Side.
#: L356.
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Lena Mischkus' Ellis Island Record?

Built by A/G Vulcan Shipyard, Stettin, Germany, 1890. 6,875 gross tons; 463 (bp) feet long; 51 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engine, single screw. Service speed 18 knots. 826 passengers (244 first class, 122 second class, 460 third class).Two funnels and three masts.

Built for North German Lloyd, German flag, in 1890 and named Havel. Bremerhaven-New York service. Sold to Spanish Government, Spanish flag, in 1898 and renamed Meteoro. Used as an armed merchant cruiser in the Spanish Navy. Sold to Compania Transatlantica Line, Spanish flag, in 1899 and renamed Alfonso XII. After 1916 Bilbao-New York service. Scrapped in Italy in 1926.

Lena is also known as Helena Myszkus, born 1877 Pavistytis, Lithunia

First Name: Helena
Last Name: Mischke
Ethnicity: ...
Last Place of Residence:
Date of Arrival: Aug 16, 1894
Age at Arrival: 17y Gender: F Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Havel
Port of Departure: Bremen & Southampton
Manifest Line Number: 0382

Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line #
Page # 0005
Mischke, Helena Aug 16, 1894 Bremen & Southampton -
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Manifest for Havel
Sailing from Bremen & Southampton
Name Gender Age Married Ethnicity Place of Residence

0031. Rosenthall, Mayer M 35y M ...
0032. Meyer, Mase M 43y M ...
0033. Meyer, Margrethe F 32y M ...
0034. Utz, William M ... M ...
0035. Utz, Fredk M 16y S ...
0036. Utz, Edward M 14y S ...
0037. Rosenthall, Reg. H. M 40y M ...
0038. Leavett..., E.D. M xxx M ...
0039. Leavett..., Marg. F ... S ...
0040. Blesior..., Ludwig M 30y S ...
0041. Audo, F.B. M 40y M ...
0042. Wildermann, Chas. M 36y M ...
0043. Wildermann, Elise F 23y M ...
0044. Wildermann, Maria F 8y S ...
0045. Wildermann, Fritz M 6y S ...
0046. Clemson or Clesnson, Walter M 37y M ...
0047. Zerrsher, Carl M 68y M ...
0048. Hackfeld, Phillip M 40y M ...
0049. Scheff, R... M 46y M ...
0050. Rothbarthe, A... M 38y M ...
0051. Reias, Ferdinand M 49y M ...
0052. Schiniff, Geo. ... M 45y M ...
0053. Fink, Frederick P. M 39y M ...
0054. Goodman, Szianalorz... M 42y M ...
0055. Goodman, Mrs. F 43y M ...
0056. Goodman, Annie F 17y S ...
0057. Goodman, Sylvia F 8y S ...
0058. Goodman, Blanche F 5y S ...
0059. Green, Rose F 21y S ...
0060. Ormsby..., Geo. A. M 45y M ...
0061. Ormsby..., Mrs. Asa F 41y M ...
0090. Lantz, Bertha F 26y S
0091. Hille, Fred. Wm. M 32y M
0092. Emken, Frich. M 41y M
0093. Krusins, Ewald M 32y M
0094. Krusins, Hilda F 31y M
0095. Krusins, Henry M 6y S
0096. Krusins, Alice F 4y S
0097. Krusins, Nelly F 10m S
0098. Poppe, Bertha F 24y S
0099. Bradky, Josef M 76y M
0100. Bradky, Kerel M 74y M
0101. Thier, John M 50y M
0102. Thier, Pauline F 48y M
0103. Thier, Emilie F 12y S
0104. Thier, Heinrich M 10y S
0105. Fischer, Favline F 27y S
0106. Dichm..., Ottilie F 20y... M Germany
0107. Socr..., Pavil... F 30y
0108. ...usbert, Elisabeth F 40y M
0109. Hursbert..., Wilhelm M 11y S
0110. Hursbert, Louise F 9y S
0111. Scheitte, Minnie F 35y M
0112. Kurkamp, Katherine F 36y M
0113. Moskel, Aline F 38y S
0114. Lauterbach, Elisa F 46y M
0115. Gipsere..., Eugene M 51y M
0116. Gipser, Minia F 54y M
0117. Studenroth..., Maria F 29y S Germany
0118. Fiedermann, F. F 28y S
0119. Fiedermann, Willy M 8y S
0120. Stein, Emil M 41y M
0121. Stein, Bella F 38y M
0122. Newmann, Aug. M 38y M
0123. Schloss, Solomon M 30y M
0124. Mantner, Lon... M 51y M
0125. Trinkner, Wm. M 54y M
0126. Moebim, Osker M 33y M
0127. Baumann, Fred. M 42y M
0128. Baumann, Alena F 42y M
0129. Baumann, Fritz M 11y S
0130. Baumann, Emma F 10y S
0131. Schoeneck, Heinrik M 24y M
0132. Schoeneck, S... F 44y M
0133. Lender, Al... M 49y M
0134. Larnas..., Jakob M 60y M
0135. Kichire, Frank M 31y M
0136. Lange, Helazer M 46y M
0137. Studenroth, Henry M 35y M
0138. Schusbel, Charles M 40y M
0139. Schusbel or Schuabel, Gretchen F 15y S
0140. Kalkhof, Fredke F 30y M
0141. Ahieno, H.N. M 59y M
0142. Schroder, H... M 57y M
0143. Rodemann, Georg M 36y M
0144. Geringer, Jan M 41y M
0145. Geringer, Maria F 37y M
0146. Gode, Geo M 38y M
0147. Gode, Sophie F 38y M
0148. Gode, Georg M 11y S
0149. Gode, Carl M 9y S
0150. Gode, Joh M 7y S
0151. Lehmann, Marie F 27y S Germany
0152. Masin..., Barbera F 29y M
0153. Marine..., Kerel M 8y S
0154. Robitolek, Jennie F 41y M
0155. Robitslek, Fanny F 15y S
0156. Noble, Elia F 24y S
0157. Wempen, John M 19y S
0158. Wempen, Mirona... F 30y M
0159. Wasmann, Antonette F 45y M
0160. Schelling, Andreas M 30y M
0161. Diller, Wilhelm M 22y S Germany
0162. Lindenschmidtz, Chas M 53y M
0163. Bechmann, David M 30y M
0164. Cadden, Abr. M 54y M
0165. Merckel, Ernest M 32y S
0166. Pritter..., Joidne M 52y S
0167. Deik, Franz Jos. M 60y M
0168. Meyer, Peter G... M 60y M
0169. zen...mann, Lew... F 32y
0170. Velee..., St... M 42y
0171. Chone, Beo... M 30y
0172. B..., Marie F 25y
0173. Stobla, Robert M 52y M
0174. Beackler..., Chia M 39y M
0175. Beastler, Mary F 28y M
0176. Ettingheiman, Beruk... F 42y
0177. Bereger, Josef... F 62y M
0178. Bereger, Ros... F 38y
0179. Bereger, Mar... F 28y
0180. Grebel..., Ma... F 42y
0222. Fehrmann, Carl M 29y M ...
0223. Wikar, Petronella F 40y M ...
0224. Walldorf, Hicod M 21y S ...
0225. Gosler, Carl M 21y S ...
0226. Schmitt, Elise F 10y S ...
0227. Bursky, Minnie F 27y M ...
0228. Bursky, Helene F 4y S ...
0229. Letatz, Joseph M 52y M ...
0230. Letatz, Franziska F 52y M ...
0231. Conrad, Itz. G. M 19y S ...
0232. Matthias, Hermann M 29y S ...
0233. Meinke, Helene F 37y M ...
0234. Meinka, Albert F 10y S ...
0235. Meinka, Ella F 8y S ...
0236. Burkert, Mina F 16y S ...
0237. Wallis, Lenchen F 18y S ...
0238. Scheerer, Marie F 14y S ...
0239. Schmitt, Marg. F 20y S ...
0240. Lippert, Sophie F 21y S ...
0241. Bistler or Ristler, Clara F 23y M ...
0242. Wedegartner, Marthe F 16y S ...
0243. Clohm..., Sigisund... M 62y M ...
0244. Clohm..., Therese F 62y M ...
0245. Clohm, Otto M 28y M ...
0246. Clohm or Clotun, Josef M 42y ...
0247. Ball, Hener. M 32y M ...
0248. Eisele, Marie F 41y M ...
0249. Eisele, Emilie F 10y S ...
0250. Eisele, Wilhelm M 7y S ...
0251. Ebinger, Louise F 60y M ...
0252. Holling, Caroline F 50y M ...
0253. Holling, Adolf M 11y 10m S ...
0254. Herson, Jos. M 43y M ...
0255. Herson, Cilla F 11y S ...
0256. Herson, Rosa F 9y S ...
0257. Iffert, Carl A. M 49y M ...
0258. Kammanann, Minnie F 22y S ...
0259. Schurenbegk, Dorothea F 37y S ...
0260. Kammann, Fritz M 15y S ...
0261. Dort, Maria F 21y S ...
0262. Scheibel, Hch. A. M 26y S ...
0263. Schnute, Wilhelm M 28y S ...
0264. Lehner, Anna F 21y S ...
0265. Brauer, Carl M 45y S ...
0266. Jansen, Emma F 52y W ...
0267. Blankenburg, Carl M 62y M ...
0268. Zimmer, Eduard M 45y S Germany
0269. Blankenburg, Agathe F 10y S ...
0270. Sutton, John M 23y S ...
0271. Euler, Conrad M 59y M ...
0272. Euler, Agnes F 61y M ...
0273. Feikert, Mary F 11y S ...
0274. Kuchutsold, Therese F 38y M ...
0275. Kuchutzold, Margt. F 6y S Germany
0276. Meinke, Margt. F 20y S ...
0277. Wissemann, Cath. F 64y W ...
0278. Shischke, Frank M 31y M ...
0279. Hoffmann, Helena F 16y S Bohemia
0280. Miks, Anna F 22y S ...
0281. Nymand, Tes or Jeo M 36y M Denmark
0282. Nymand, Frie or Anna F 32y M Denmark
0283. Nymand, Cath. F 6y S Denmark
0284. Frederiksen, Jorgen M 22y S Denmark
0285. Frederiksen, Sophia F 27y S Denmark
0286. Frederiksen, Kierstine F 6m S Denmark
0287. Drohse, Jugeborg Marie M 17y S Denmark
0288. Johnsen, Marie K. F 27y M Denmark
0289. Johnsen, Magnus M 6y S Denmark
0290. Johnsen, Waldemar M 4y S Denmark
0291. Hansen, Anton M 32y S Denmark
0292. Schapera, Eva F 45y M Russia
0293. Schapera, Feige F 15y S Russia
0294. Schapera, Salomon M 11y S Russia
0295. Schapera, Schlome M 10y S Russia
0296. Schapera, Gittel F 8y S Russia
0297. Imessen, Herm. M 35y M
0298. Imessen, Sophie F 35y M
0299. Imessen, Albertine F 9y S
0300. Imessen, Minnie F 6y S
0301. Imessen, Sophia F 9m S
0302. Krenzer, Amalia F 21y S Bohemia
0303. Mesrevowitz, Hesse F 28y M Russia
0304. Mesrevowitz, Mendel M 11y S Russia
0305. Mesrevowitz, Sore F 9y S Russia
0306. Mesrevowitz, Gitel F 7y S Russia
0307. Mesrevowitz, Riwe M 5y S Russia
0308. Mesrevowitz, Zususche F 11m S Russia
0309. Guggolz, William M 41y M
0310. Johnson, Albert M 27y S Sweden
0311. Lindner, Josef M 29y S Germany
0312. Lang, Caroline F 28y S Germany
0313. Cahn, Salli M 18y S Germany
0314. Freese, Arnold M 15y S Germany
0315. ficken, Friedr. M 22y S Germany
0316. Mayer, Gottlob M 13y S Germany
0317. Hensingen, Wilhe. F 17y S Germany
0318. Rohrich, Christ. M 56y S Germany
0319. Rugner, Emil M 16y S Germany
0320. Streicher, Wilh. M 20y S Germany
0321. Streicher, Carl. M 16y S Germany
0322. Bunger, Mathilde F 17y S Germany
0323. Hutscher, Emie F 28y M
0324. Hutscher, Josie F 7m S
0325. Lieber, Louis M 17y S Germany
0326. Kusserow, Friedr. M 33y M Germany
0327. Ziem, Diedr. M 23y S Germany
0328. Strobach, Edm. M 17y S Austria
0329. Schuabel, Charles M 14y S
0330. Durr, Carl M 15y S Germany
0331. Porrmann, Friedr. M 32y S
0332. Grizdz, Marga. F 24y S Austria
0333. Mesloh, Louise F 50y S Germany
0334. Gunther, Anna F 30y M Germany
0335. Gunther, Louise F 7y S Germany
0336. Gunther, Ernst M 5y S Germany
0337. Engelter, Eva F 23y S Germany
0338. Derenstiel, Eduard M 37y M
0339. Backhaus, Fritz M 14y S Germany
0340. Jusct..., Salomi M 20y S Germany
0341. Riedl, Emil M 4y S Bohemia
0342. Kacenova, Anna F 16y S Bohemia
0343. Oktavec, Anna F 11y S Bohemia
0344. Cerveuka, Elisabeth F 19y S Bohemia
0345. Vovak or Novak, Barbora F 23y M Bohemia
0346. Novak, Ruzena F 3y S Bohemia
0347. Novak, Karel M 2y S Bohemia
0348. Smolik, Justina or Fustina F 20y S Bohemia
0349. Bor, Anezka F 17y S Bohemia
0350. Tesek, Anna F 22y S Bohemia
0351. Rolcikova, Anna F 36y M Bohemia
0352. Rolcikova, Antonie F 16y S Bohemia
0353. Rolcikova, Ruzena F 6y S Bohemia
0354. Tavlova, Bozena F 17y S Bohemia
0355. Horak, Cenek M 40y M Bohemia
0356. Horak, Marie F 39y M Bohemia
0357. Horak, Josef M 15y S Bohemia
0358. Horak, Antonin M 11y 6m S Bohemia
0359. Horak, Emanuel M 10y S Bohemia
0360. Horak, Frantisek M 4y S Bohemia
0361. Horak, Vincenc M 11m S Bohemia
0362. Auerbach, Mina F 20y S Bohemia
0363. Tanenka, Antonin M 25y S Bohemia
0364. Eisenberg, Beile F 29y M ...
0365. Eisenberg, Aron M 6y S ...
0366. Eisenberg, Israel M 4y S ...
0367. Eisenberg, Ariel M 6m S ...
0368. Feldstein, Basse F 20y S ...
0369. Stolow, Minna F 21y S ...
0370. Schneider, Abrah. M 16y S ...
0371. Rosenberg, Malchen F 19y S ...
0372. Katz, Johe. F 23y S ...
0373. Helme..., Marge. F 16y S ...
0374. Huttl, Josef M 34y S ...
0375. Hockemeyer or Lockemeyer, Sophie F 30y S ...
0376. Otting, Minne F 19y S ...
0382. Mischke, Helena F 17y S ...
0383. Sager, Friedr. M 32y S ...
0384. Schlossel, Louise F 43y M ...
0385. Schlossel, Anna F 7y S ...
0386. Schlossel, Ottilie F 4y S ...
0387. Wiermann, John M 39y S ...
0388. Enzinger, Geo. M 31y M ...
0389. Wendt, Karl M 29y M ...
0390. Josel or Posel, Feige F 45y M ...
0391. Posel, Simke M 11y S ...
0392. Posel, Chaje F 14y S ...
0393. ...ozing, Louise F 17y S Bohemia
0394. Riedl, Christina F 18y S Bohemia
0395. Klein, Hane or Ilane F 30y M Russia
0396. Klein, Israel M 5y S Russia
0397. Klein, Mache F 6y S Russia
0398. Klein, Chatzke M 11m S Russia
0399. Krawtzow, Ziwie F 61y W Russia
0400. Guller, Esther F 25y M Russia
0401. Guller, Ennie F 8y S Russia
0402. Guller, Rose F 5y S Russia
0403. Guller, Ruchel F 2y S Russia
0404. Pauls, Sophie F 60y M Germany
0405. Schwarz, Otto M 17y S Germany
0406. Oetting, Wm. M 21y S
0407. Kele..., Paul M ... S Germany
0408. Bresenieger..., Caroline F ... M Germany
0409. Breseneger..., Ernst M 7y S Germany
0410. Thrumann..., Mat. M 27y S Germany

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Mischke, Helena Aug 16, 1894 Bremen & Southampton -
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August Dembrowski's Ellis Island Records

Built by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Company, Glasgow, Scotland, 1890. 5,048 gross tons; 415 (bp) feet long; 48 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engines, twin screw. Service speed 13 knots. 2,035 passengers (44 first class, 36 second class, 1,955 third class).

Built for North German Lloyd, German flag, in 1890 and named Stuttgart. Bremerhaven-New York service. Including sailings to New York. Scrapped in 1908.

First Name: August
Last Name: Dombrowski
Ethnicity: Russia
Last Place of Residence:
Date of Arrival: Jan 18, 1896
Age at Arrival: 25y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Stuttgart
Port of Departure: Bremen
Manifest Line Number: 0131

Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line #
Page # 0359
Dombrowski, August Jan 18, 1896 Bremen -
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Manifest for Stuttgart
Sailing from Bremen
Name Gender Age Married Ethnicity Place of Residence

0075. Zagorac, Mijo M 29y M Hungary
0076. Glaic, Juro M 47y M Hungary
0077. Jasevac, Filip M 15y S Hungary
0078. Matosovac, Anton M 40y M Hungary
0079. Jaglinsky, Pioter M 26y S Aust., Hungary, Galician
0080. Debowski, Yosef M 30y M Galician
0081. Kalta, Yacob M 20y S Galician
0082. Feltovics, Petro M 23y M Hungary
0083. Schwarz, Jstvan M 56y M Hungary
0084. Laczlaw, Yozef M 18y S Hungary
0085. Bulanda, Anna F 21y S Aust., Hungary, Galicien
0086. Hinlicska, Andras M 32y M Hungary
0087. Mucha, Mihaly M 38y M Hungary
0088. Jency, Gyorgy M 28y M Hungary
0089. Jency, Sandor M 23y M Hungary
0090. Revilyak, Andras M 34y M Hungary
0091. Dzioba, Zofia F 17y S Austra, Hungary, Galicien
0092. Dzioba, Pawel M 37y M Austra, Hungary, Galicien
0093. Filipczak, Mikolaj M 35y M Austra, Hungary, Galicien
0094. Mruk, Bronislawa F 17y S Austra, Hungary, Galicien
0095. Last, Osias Hermann M 25y S Galicien
0096. Mika, Wojciech M 40y M Galicien
0097. Dytiniak, Huat M 27y M Galicien
0098. Steranka, Mikolay M 33y M Galicien
0099. Uzdajczyk, Dmytro M 33y M Galicien
0100. Macynczak, Wasyl M 33y M Galicien
0101. Barna, Michal M 33y M Galicien
0102. Wolk, Piotr M 36y M Austro Hungary, Galicien
0103. Yawilak, Seman M 33y M Galicien
0104. Szwandko, Seman M 27y S Galicien
0105. Beluch, Hric M 33y M Galicien
0106. Grabania, Petro M 19y S Galicien
0107. Kowtko, Maksym M 38y M Galicien
0108. Ropczak, Tomas M 28y S Galicien
0109. Riglhaupt, Salomon M 50y M Galicien
0110. Glowa, Wanio M 16y S Galicien
0111. Glowa, Wasyl M 25y S Galicien
0112. Gonos, Hric M 35y M Galicien
0113. Yozefezak, Antony M 43y S Galicien
0114. Szmardzik, Mihaly M 34y M Hungary
0115. Koprovics, Karoly M 31y M Hungary
0116. Kondrat, Gyorgy M 25y M Hungary
0117. Haber, Marianna F 30y M Austro, Hungary, Galicien
0118. Haber, Wladisl M 4y S Austro, Hungary, Galicien
0119. Haber, Ignac M 1y 6m S Austro, Hungary, Galicien
0120. Machnik, Ludwik M 28y S Galicien
0121. Rybienski, Yan M 28y S Galicien
0122. Szarafin, Yosef M 28y S Galicien
0123. Magdoska, Karoly M 35y M Hungary
0124. Szonyi, Mariska F 34y S Hungary
0125. Vasko, Jakab M 33y M Hungary
0126. Derzsak, Janos M 26y M Hungary
0127. Kozel, Jozsef M 31y M Hungary
0128. Kozel, Maria F 22y M Hungary
0129. Sztanko, Jozsef M 31y M Hungary
0130. Wieszniewski, Clemens M 25y S Russia
0131. Dombrowski, August M 25y S Russia
0132. Diesenberg, Friedr. M 23y S Germany
0133. Modigkoit, Christoph M 25y S Russia
0134. Kriszun, Simon M 26y S Russia
0135. Kriszun, Johann M 23y S Russia
0136. Flassin, Chaie F 53y M Russia
0137. Flassin, Israel M 18y S Russia
0138. Flassin, Breine F 17y S Russia
0139. Hercyk, Adalbert M 32y M Austra, Hungary, Galicien
0140. Csutek, Ystvan M 26y S Hungary
0141. Kostelec, Marko M 58y S Hungary
0142. Schlachthof, Marianna F 17y S Austro, Hungary, Galicien
0143. Madarzonka, Cath'a F 17y S Galicien
0144. Wronislawa, Breda F 17y S Galicien
0145. Kacsmarik, Georg M 28y M Hungary
0146. Nowak, Istvan M 36y M Hungary
0147. Czarik, Yanos M 26y M Hungary
0148. Toth, Peter M 29y M Hungary
0149. Borek, Michal M 28y S Austro, Hungary, Galicien
0150. Lengyel, Yanos M 29y S Hungary
0151. Pataki, Andras M 17y S Hungary
0152. Mozes, Yanos M 30y M Hungary
0153. Szokira, Yanos M 38y M Hungary
0154. Molnar, Bertal M 17y S Hungary
0155. Petro, Ystvan M 45y M Hungary
0156. Yuszezak, Yurko M 27y S Austro, Hungary, Galicien
0157. Tarnowszky, Mihaly M 35y M Hungary
0158. Lesko, Ferencz M 28y M Hungary
0159. Sirilo, Andras M 48y M Hungary
0160. Hawran, Jan M 30y M Austro, Hungary, Galicien
0161. Gralak, Andrzej M 26y S Russia
0162. Gromek, Wojcicclo M 40y M Austro, Hungary, Galicien
0163. Maczej, Jstvan M 18y S Hungary
0164. Majnak, Andras M 27y M Hungary
0165. Bezsila, Andras M 28y S Hungary
0166. Koleno, Andras M 25y M Hungary
0167. Stefik, Gyorgy M 25y M Hungary
0168. Turdik, Jstvan M 24y M Hungary
0169. Krempa, Jlko M 33y S Austro, Hungary, Galicien
0170. Kralik, Andras M 35y M Hungary
0171. Sznegony, Janos M 24y M Hungary
0172. Friedmann, Benjamin M 25y S Russia
0173. S...k, Chaje F 24y M Russia
0174. S...k, Chajne M 3y S Russia
0175. Fregmann, Mosche F 50y M Russia
0176. Fregmann, Noach M 3y S Russia
0177. Geler, Scholem M 26y S Russia

Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line # Page # 0075
Dombrowski, August Jan 18, 1896 Bremen -
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