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I am going to post an email I got from Alice Clark. I've corresponded with her a couple of times and she is trying to make a connection from her Breese's to Watson Clark Brees. She also is wanting Brees men to do a dna test to see what line they are from. I'll post her dna link as soon as she gets it to me. Here's her email, if you know of these people, please let us know!

Hi again, Tanya.
I am descended from Moses Breese, who was born in New Jersey around
1775, traveled through PA and settled in Butler County OH, then moved to
Delaware Co., IN, where he died in 1847. His daughter, Nancy, married
Richard Clark in 1824 in Butler County, and they had 6 children.
I have been intrigued by your Moses Clark Breese, born in Indiana, and
one senses there could be a connection. A photo I have of Moses Clark
Breese seems to bear a resemblance to my GG grandfather, son of the
above Nancy and Richard.
I have corresponded with Wilda Sweigard, a descendant of another Breese
line. She has put together some suggestive information about 4 men
named Breese. We do not know their connection to one another, although
it is easy to speculate that they may have been brothers. Some of the
info from Wilda:

1751-1780 Timothy, Moses, David and John all say born in Morris County, NJ.
1786 - Timothy on tax records in Westmoreland Co, PA - all children say
born there
1790 - Timothy in Westmoreland under name of Brace
1793 - Moses, David and John in military census of Morris Co, NJ
1800 - Moses, David and John in Westmoreland (did they move out to join
1810-1820 - Moses, John and David begin to show on tax records - Butler
Co, OH
1820 - Timothy has been in Franklin Co, IN, Butler Co OH and Hamilton Co. OH
1820 - Moses in Butler, John in Sullivan Co, IN, didn't find David,
Timothy in Hamilton OH
1830 - Timothy in Franklin Co, IN, Moses and David in Butler Co, OH,
John in Greene, IN
1840 - Timothy not found but he tells pension that he was in Preble Co, OH
1840 - John has died, David is in Butler Co, OH
1847 - Timothy dies in Lee Co, IA, Moses dies in Butler Co
1850 and 1860 - David is in Hancock Co, IN

Tanya, is your husband related to any of these 4? The reason I am
looking for volunteers for DNA test is that it would show exactly who
(among today's descendants of any Breese men) is related to whom. We
could see if Timothy, Moses, David and John were relatives or just
happened to be in the same place at the same time. We could also tie
their decendants together with any other Breese families. So even if
your husband knows his direct line, he might be able to find other
relatives through the test.

In any event, I'd be very interested in any information you may have run
across on any of the above Breeses, or any leads on how to pursue these

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