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Some CLOUD's to work on

CLOUD, JOAB - PVT - enlisted 16 Mar 1863 - Yellville, AR
in Harrell's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry, Co. C, CSA
aka 17th Bn Ark, Cav Microfilm Roll #35 Ark

CLOUD, A. Pvt - Enl 15 Sep 1863 in Johnson Co, AR. Deserted 25 Nov 1863
Co. E, 7th AR Cavalry Reg. CSA

Who was WF Cloud?
The New Era newspaper, Fort Smith, AR


The first of this month was a happy day for the ladies and other citizens of Van Buren. The ladies of that place made and presented the 1st Reg't Ark. Infantry, a large Federal Flag, which was elevated to the top of a fine and substantial flag-staff occupying the front yard of the Court House. The rebels once waved the treasonable ensign of the Confederacy from the same towering shaft; but their first endeavor in this shameful boast of their treason resulted in tearing their flag nearly in twain. That disaster may be regarded as an omen of ill to the nefarious scheme of destroying the Federal Nationality, for the purpose of rearing on its ruins an aristocracy of the imperious few, who disregard the will and the interests of the laboring many that constitute the bone and sinew of the Arkansian population.

Appropriate speeches were delivered on the occasion by Colonel J M Johnson, of the 1st Arkansas Infantry, Colonel W F Cloud, of the 2nd Kansas Cavalry, Colonel Williams, of the 1st "Iron-Clads", and Lieutenant Colonel E J Searle, of the 1st Arkansas Infantry. These speeches were loudly applauded, and were well calculated to encourage the patriotic aspirations of the numerous assemblage of citizens and soldiers.

Who is William A. Cloud?

He enlisted Dec. 13, 1863 at Clarksville, AR in Co. K, 2nd AR Infantry Reg.
at 28 years of age, born in Hamilton county, TN (i.e. born ca 1835).

I have a William Anderson Cloud, b. ca 1834 TN, son of Jason Cloud.
Could this be him?

Who is George J. Cloud, Pvt., Co. B, 1st AR Cavalry Regt, CSA ?
"He was captured 22 Aug 1864 in Jefferson Co, AR. and sent to MP at Alton, IL 26 Nov 1864 then to Rock Island, IL 7 Dec 1864. Died of smallpox 15 Feb 1865, grave 1881." (... and what does "grave 1881" mean?)

Who is John B. Cloud, born circa 1836 KY?
CLOUD, JOHN B. Cpt Pvt - Enl 11 Nov 1861 at Ft Smith, AR. Age 25, born in KY. Elected 8 May 1862. Captured 7 Jul 1863 at Port Hudson, LA and sent to MP at Johnson's Island, OH then to Baltimore, MD 9 Feb 1864. Exchanged 3 Mar 1864 at Point Lookout, MD.

Here is more from The New Era newspaper re Col. W.F. Cloud

November 10, 1863

At a Mass Meeting of the "Unconditional Union" Men of Western Arkansas, held at Fort Smith, on the 30th day of October, 1863, F H Wolfe, Esquire, was called to the Chair, and C G Foster appointed Secretary.


Valentine Dell, Esq., Chairman of the Committee on Resolutions, reported the following, which were received with tremendous applause, and which, after being eloquently discussed in a speech by Colonel W F Cloud, were unanimously adopted.

Who is Samuel O. Cloud?

CLOUD, SAMUEL O. Cpt - Enl 12 Oct 1861 at Little Rock, AR, Co. C, 4th Battalion, Arkansas Infantry, CSA. Signed as commanding the company. Relieved by consolidation 25 Oct 1863. Sent to AR in recruiting service

Who is Daniel Cloud? (not much to go on here, sorry)

CLOUD, DANIEL Pvt - Ref: 16th Mo, Inf., Company I, 16th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA

Who is George J. Cloud? He was a Confederate POW who died in Rock Island, Illinois prison camp.

Cloud, Geo. J. - Pvt - B 1 Ark Cav - Died, Feb 13, 1865 - (1881)

Who is Sgt. James R. Cloud, Co. E, 12th AR Infantry, CSA?

CLOUD, JAMES R. Sgt - Enl 20 Jul 1861 at Arkadelphia, AR. Captured 8 Apr 1862 at Island #10 and sent to MP at Camp Douglas, IL 12 Aug 1862 then to Vicksburg, MS and exchanged 23 Sep 1862. Captured 9 Jul 1863 and paroled 12-13 Jul 1863 at Port Hudson, LA.

Who is Lt. John F. Cloud Jr. who enlisted at Benton, Saline county, AR?

See John Farmer Cloud

... could this be him ??

Info at
Company A, 11th & 17th AR Infantry (Mtd) Consolidated, CSA
CLOUD, JOHN F. Jr 2Lt - Enl 13 Jul 1861 at Benton, AR. Elected 2Lt 29 Sep 1862. Resignation accepted 2 Jan 1863.

Two references to John J. Cloud -- are they the same person? Who is he or they?

These seem to refer to the same person. The second reference gives wife as Mary Ann Fitzhugh and dob as about 1834 in Tennessee.

20th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Co. D, CSA
Cloud, John J
Private­Enlisted at Little Rock, Arkansas, March 1, 1862; appointed second corporal, May 15, 1862; captured at Hatchie Bridge, Mississippi, October 5, 1862; paroled, October 13, 1862.

Crawford's 1st/10th Arkansas Cavalry, Co. B
Cloud, John J
Private ­ Not listed on the muster roll; Federal records list him as a private in Co. B, 10th Arkansas Cavalry, who deserted on May 1, 1864, and took the oath of allegiance on May 18, 1864; previously enlisted in Co. D, 20th Arkansas Infantry, at Little Rock, Arkansas, March 1, 1862; appointed second corporal, May 15, 1862; captured at Hatchie Bridge, Mississippi, October 5, 1862; paroled on October 13, 1862; born in Tennessee, c1834; married Mary Ann Fitzhugh in Hot Spring county, January 14, 1867; listed in Hot Spring county 1860 census; occupation farmer

Who is:

CLOUD, GEORGE J. Pvt Co B, 1st Ark Cav, CSA, d. Feb 13, 1865 (#1881)
buried Rock Island, IL

Who is:

CLOUD, JAMES -K- 4th Sergeant - 6/15/1862 Camp Stokes -Capt. Moseley- Promoted to 4th Sergeant February 8, 1863. Present February 29, 1864.

Edward G. Gerdes Civil War Page
M-317 Compiled Service Records - 32nd Arkansas Infantry , Roll 207: Bra-CL

Who is:

Cloud, Burrhis - CO G - Pvt. - Washington Co. Ark.

Freeman's Regiment, Missouri Cavalry, A through E

Submitted by Tom Cloud

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Tommy Westbrook said...

Some of these Clouds are in my genealogy. William A. seems to be William Anderson Cloud, son of Jason Cloud III and Charlotte (unknown maiden name). There is also a son George W. (probably George Washington) as well as a John. It is known that the older Cloud children, starting with Lawson N., moved to Arkansas, some from AL and some from GA before the Civil War. Jason & Charlotte and their remaining children were at their farm on what is now Chickamauga Battlefield, on the Walker Co. side during that battle in 1863. Their home apparently was used as a hospital. Jason & Charlotte's next to youngest daughter, Nancy Ann (b 1850) was my great-great-grandmother. I have some old photos of her. She died in 1933.