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Some Harris stuff to work on

Social Security Death index
Charlie Harris, b. Sept. 23, 1912, d. Dec. 14, 1990, last residence Odessa, Ector Co. TX.
Ector Co. TX death index Charles Dee Harris, d. 12-14-1990

Social Security Death index
William K. Harris b. Apr 1, 1924, d. DEc. 4, 1987, last residence Colorado City, Mitchell Co. TX; SSN issued Arkansas
Westbrook Cemetery,
Harris William Kennon Apr 01 1924 Dec 04 1987 US Army WW I* N-1/R-17
(Obviously a typo--believe it means WWII)

Would suggest checking with either the Odessa American newspaper or the Abilene Reporter News, (or the libraries), for an obit. That, as you know, will give you survivors.

1920 Census, Southfork Township, Clark Co. AR
Harris, Cannon, 30, farmer, AR-AR-AR
" ", Mania L., 24, wife, AR-AR-AR
" ", Charlie D., 7, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", Thomas L., 5, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", Sarah C., 2 6/12, dau, AR-AR-AR
" ", Garnet (Garret?)., 44, uncle, AR-AR-AR

1920 Census, Antoine, Clark Co. AR
Harris, James C., 50, head, AR-MS-TN, farmer, owns farm free
" ", Lizzie, 48, wife, AR-AR-AR
" ", Kennon, 85, father, widowed, MS-VA-VA
next door
Harris, Lester, 34, head, AR-MS-AR
" ", Leila, 22, wife, AR-MS-AR
" ", Marjoria A., 3, dau, AR-AR-AR

WW2 Draft Registration
Kennon Lee Harris
b. Oct. 11, 1888
address: RFD #1, Okolona Co AR
next of kin: Manie Lou Harris

WWI Draft registration
Kennon Lee Harris
b. Oct 11, 1888
Okolona Ark
reason for exemption: wife and 2 children
tall, medium build, grey eyes and brown hair

1910 census, Fisher Co. TX
Harris, Kennon, WM, 19, AR-AR-AR, for occupation it looks like "keeper of" and then business says "restaurant"

Now this is very interesting to me. Not necessarily because of the restaurant thing, which is kinda interesting (check the Handbook of Texas Online for a history of Fisher County. Suggest you see if there was anything going on at the time, like an oil boom, that would bring a 19 year old out to make his fortune as a restauranteur. You can google for Handbook of Texas Online). What is interesting is that Fisher Co. is VERY near Mitchell Co. And not too far (150 miles, maybe) from Ector Co. That's a funny coincidence.

1900 Census, Clark Co. AR
Antoine Township
Harris, Jas., b. Oct. 1866, 33, mar. 11 yrs, AR-GA-GA
" ", Lizzie, , wife, b. Mar. 1876, mar 11 yrs, mother of 2/2 living, AR-AR-AR
" ", Fanny, 10, dau, b. Jan, 1890, AR-AR-AR
" ", Jim, 5, son, b. May 1895, AR-AR-AR
" ", Wm. K, 65, father, b, Nov. 1834, widowed, AL-VA-VA
" ", Lela, 18, niece, b. May, 1882, AR-AR-AR
" ", Mollie, 14, niece, b. Sept. 1885, AR-AR-AR
" ", Cannon, 11, nephew, b. Oct. 1888, AR-AR-AR
" ", Thos, 7, niece, b. Nov. 1892, AR-AR-AR
" ", Duenna, 1, niece, b. Sept. 1898, AR-AR-AR

1880 census, Antoine, Clark Co. AR
Harris, William K., 45, head, farmer, AL-VA-VA
" ", Fannie G., 36, wife, VA-VA-VA
" ", Alexander, 20, son, MS-VA-VA
" ", Fannie, 17, daughter in law, AR-KY-KY
" ", Robert, 18, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", Ben, 15, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", James, 13, son, AR-AR-AR
" ", Garrett? Garnett? 8, AR-AR-AR

1870 census, Elkins, Clark Co. AR, (Arkadelphia PO)
Harris, WK, 35, b. AL, worth $1500, farmer
" ", Fanyes? (Fanny), 25, b. TN
" ", Aleck, 11, b. MS
" ", Robert, 9, b. AR
" ", Benjamin, 6, b. AR
" ", James, 4, b. AR

So, the line goes:
William K Harris b. 1835---to either Alexander, Robert, or Benjamin--to Kennon b. 1888--to Gerald.

I hope this helps you get started. I promised you a list of my favorite sites (that I used for a lot of this)
US GenWeb --sites for all states and all counties in all states. Free. Quality varies from county to county (volunteer driven) but always worth a look!

Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet. Amazing a card catalog of the internet

Mormon site (Latter Day Saints or LDS) that has many resources, including the entire 1880 US census (all name index). Free.

This guy has a great how to, including this page of how to write a query. I don't know him, but I appreciate his site.

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