Thursday, July 26, 2007

Isaie Seguin born 1862 South Plantagenet

Isaie Seguin is my great, great grandfather.

South Plantagenet Township
This township is bounded on the north by North Plantagenet, east by Caledonia, south by the counties of Stormont and Glengarry, and west by Russell. The land is level, and in most parts the soil is good. Considerable attention has been given in past years to hop-growing, but owing to the present low prices of hops, a number of the farmers have decided to abandon this industry. There are thirty hop-yards in the township, raising annually from one to six tons each ; the largest hop-field comprises 14 acres. There are ten cheese factories in this township. A peculiarity in the physical features is a Ridge a few feet in height, which crosses the township from east to west, varying but little in altitude the whole distance. The soil on the Ridge differs materially from the lower land, and for this reason is adapted to the raising of different crops.(a description from 1896)

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