Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ida Dembrosky

This is my Great Aunt Ida Dembrosky (bottom row, 3rd from right). She is the sister of my Grandfather, Edward Dembrosky.

I found this great old photo HERE

Taken from the website:
1920 - Samuel F. B. Morse School Photo
2416 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Courtesy of Bill Dukstein, (
(Posted: February 2, 2009; Updated February 3, 2009)

From the Contributor: Emma Duckstein, my 2nd cousin, is in this photo and she grew up on the South Side on Sarah St. She was born in Oct 1910 and she appears to be about 10 years old in this photo. The background school building is housing today called "Morse Gardens.

1st row: Frank Petrauskas, Martha Rudregge, Ruth Liebert, Bill Lynder, Mary Sherman, Martha Stepanovich,
Rus Beauseigneur, Gertrude James, Ida Dembrosky, Earl Klein, Irene Magorian

2nd row: Elizabeth Bier, Joe Sands, Eliza McKennzie, Rose Spaggozis, Helen Grminsky, Bill Funaiock, Rose Minetti,
NFI Edginton, Francis Schmidt, Catherine Mahoney, Henry Jordan

3rd row: Mr. Hammond, William Bittner, Laura Maslawski, John Mamula, _______, George Terbovich, Miss Becker,
Emma Duckstein, ??? Smith, Wilbert Colteryolm, Mr. Ettling

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