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Miscellaneous HOULE Findings 7

These were found on Mocavo which is a new to me FREE genealogy site. If you find a name that relates to you and want more information, you can click the link about the name and it will take you to that page where you can get more info in most cases.

Sources for
Ancestors of Nellie and Lucas

2557. L'Outaouais généalogique. vol.5, no.6 (June 1983), p. 83, by Hubert Houle (cited in Beauregard, Complément).

Descendants de Guillaume Thibault et de M.-Madeleine Lefrançois

3193. Wilfrid Léo Thibault (Stanley Thibault , Wilfrid Grégoire Thibeault , Paschal , André , François-Xavier , François , Guillaume )

Wilfrid married 1 Evelina Houle daughter of Thomas Houle and Alexina Langevin. Evelina was born on 3 Nov 1901 in St-Théophile, Lac-à-la-Tortue.

They had the following children:

5696 M i Bertrand Georges Etienne Thibault
Bertrand married Carmelle Cinq-Mars daughter of Amédée Cinq-Mars and Yvonne Lavigne.
+ 5697 M ii Jean-Louis Julien Thibault
5698 F iii Georgette Thibault
Georgette married Gaston Beaudet son of Raymond Beaudet and Lucina Lefebvre.


Léanne (Liane) CHENIER

Relationship=4th cousin of Théodore Gilbert Ronald CHENIER.
Léanne (Liane) CHENIER is the daughter of Octave Olivier Joseph CHENIER and Laurette BARRETTE. She married Albert HOULE, son of Joseph HOULE and Adélina COMTOIS, on 15 December 1951 in Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur, Ville La Salle, QC, Canada.

Rootsweb Simoneau

Beaudet, Jean Baptiste
× Houle, Julienne

Rootsweb Simoneau

Thibault, Sophie
× Houle, Alfred

Descendants de Louis Thibault et de Françoise Mauchaille

952. Floride Thibeault (Victor Bélaire , Jean-Baptiste , Joseph , Joseph-Charles , Armand Grégoire , Louis , Louis ) was born 1 on 22 Feb 1908 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. He was christened 2 on 22 Feb 1908 in St-Sylvère. He died 3 on 14 May 1979 in accident, St-Celestin. He was buried on 17 May 1979 in St-Sylvère.

Floride married 1 Emérentienne Houle daughter of Emile Houle and Clairina Hardy on 23 Aug 1932 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. Emérentienne was born 2 on 13 Oct 1911 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. She died 3 on 14 May 1979 in accident, St-Celestin. She was buried 4 on 17 May 1979 in St-Sylvère.

They had the following children:

1504 M i Sylvère Thibeault was born 1 on 20 Jun 1933. He died on 20 Jun 1933.
+ 1505 M ii Gaston Thibeault
1506 M iii Emile Thibeault was born 1 on 27 Jun 1935 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. He died on 1 Oct 1975 in Drummondville. He was buried on 4 Oct 1975 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. [Notes]
Emile married Agathe Desilets daughter of Armand Desilets and Eliose Rheault.
1507 M iv Gratien Thibeault was born 1 on 25 Nov 1936 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. He died 2 on 13 Aug 1974 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. [Notes]
Gratien married Denise Dupuis daughter of Arthur Dupuis and Flore Jutras.
1508 M v Claude Thibeault was born 1 on 22 Dec 1937 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. He died 2 on 22 Dec 1937 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet.
+ 1509 M vi Laurentin Thibeault
+ 1510 F vii Gisèle Thibeault
1511 M viii Grégoire Thibeault
Grégoire married Diane Adrain.
1512 F ix Nicole Thibeault
Nicole married Donald Fortin.
1513 M x Pierre Thibeault
Pierre married (1) Huguette Champigny daughter of Wilfrid Champigny and Cécile Jeanson.
Pierre married (2) Johanne Laparé.
+ 1514 M xi Michel Thibeault
1515 M xii Réal Thibeault was born 1 on 15 Dec 1946 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. He died 2 on 15 Dec 1946 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet.
1516 F xiii Lucienne Thibeault
Lucienne married Michel Bazin son of Alexandre Bazin and Edith Richard.
1517 F xiv Raymonde Thibeault was born 1 on 8 May 1949 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. She died 2 on 8 May 1949 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet.
1518 F xv Marcelle Thibeault
Marcelle married André Champoux son of Rolland Champoux and Blandine Leblanc.
1519 M xvi Gilles Thibeault was born 1 on 21 Oct 1951 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet. He died 2 on 28 Oct 1951 in St-Sylvère, Nicolet.

Descendants of Jacques Bouchard

1136. Alma9 Bouchard (Antoine8, Damase7, Damase6, Francois-Bernard5, Antoine4, Antoine3, Claude dit Petit Claude2, Jacques1) was born 09 Jul 1895 in Plaistow, Rockingham County, NH, and died Dec 1979 in Haverhill, Ma. She married Harvey Archambault 1918 in Haverhill, MA, son of Jolas Archambault and Evelyn Houle. He was born 30 Dec 1897 in Haverhill, Ma, and died Feb 1972 in Haverhill, MA.

Children of Alma Bouchard and Harvey Archambault are:
1212 i. Loretta10 Archambault, born 1921 in Haverhill, Ma.
1213 ii. Evelyn Archambault, born 1923 in Haverhill, Ma.
1214 iii. Irene Archambault, born 1925 in Haverhill, Ma.


b. circa 1910
Thomas MICHEL was born circa 1910. He married Aldéa HOULE circa 1929.
Children of Thomas MICHEL and Aldéa HOULE
Cécile MICHEL+ (living)
Jeanne d'Arc MICHEL+ (living)
b. circa 1910
Aldéa HOULE was born circa 1910. She married Thomas MICHEL circa 1929.
Children of Aldéa HOULE and Thomas MICHEL
Cécile MICHEL+ (living)
Jeanne d'Arc MICHEL+ (living)

Voyer & Bedard

Last Name, Given Name(s) Born/Baptized Person ID Tree
1 HOUDE HOULE, Emma b. Abt 1870 I83969 voyer_7_28_2008

Voyer & Bedard

Last Name, Given Name(s) Born/Baptized Person ID Tree
1 HOULE, Marie Anne Julia Ullina b. Abt 1896 I84001 voyer_7_28_2008
2 HOULE, Adelaide b. Abt 1846 I83953 voyer_7_28_2008
3 HOULE, Alcide I175709 voyer_7_28_2008
4 HOULE, Alcide I198820 voyer_7_28_2008
5 HOULE, Alexandrine I83954 voyer_7_28_2008
6 HOULE, Alexis b. Abt 1803 I83955 voyer_7_28_2008
7 HOULE, Aline b. 16 Dec 1933 I187502 voyer_7_28_2008
8 HOULE, Angele b. Abt 1786 I83956 voyer_7_28_2008
9 HOULE, Angelique b. Abt 1745 I83957 voyer_7_28_2008
10 HOULE, Angelique b. Abt 1803 I83958 voyer_7_28_2008
11 HOULE, Antoine b. Abt 1833 QC, Canada I83959 voyer_7_28_2008
12 HOULE, Antoinette b. Abt 1899 I83960 voyer_7_28_2008
13 HOULE, Appoline b. Abt 1817 I83961 voyer_7_28_2008
14 HOULE, Augustin b. 1806 Québec, Canada. I83962 voyer_7_28_2008
15 HOULE, Christian I180994 voyer_7_28_2008
16 HOULE, Christophe b. Abt 1833 I83964 voyer_7_28_2008
17 HOULE, Christophe b. Abt 1845 I83963 voyer_7_28_2008
18 HOULE, Clerina b. Abt 1862 I83965 voyer_7_28_2008
19 HOULE, Daniel I169662 voyer_7_28_2008
20 HOULE, Denis I180993 voyer_7_28_2008
21 HOULE, Edmond b. Abt 1886 I83966 voyer_7_28_2008
22 HOULE, Eleonore b. Abt 1840 I83967 voyer_7_28_2008
23 HOULE, Emma b. Jun 1873 Vermont, USA I191689 voyer_7_28_2008
24 HOULE, Emma b. Bef 1881 I83968 voyer_7_28_2008
25 HOULE, Estelle b. 1850 Canada I83970 voyer_7_28_2008
26 HOULE, Etienne b. 3 Sep 1843 I83971 voyer_7_28_2008
27 HOULE, Eugene b. Abt 1822 I83972 voyer_7_28_2008
28 HOULE, Eusebe b. Abt 1800 I83973 voyer_7_28_2008
29 HOULE, Eustache b. Abt 1878 I83974 voyer_7_28_2008
30 HOULE, Florian I83975 voyer_7_28_2008
31 HOULE, Francois b. Abt 1800 I83977 voyer_7_28_2008
32 HOULE, Francoise b. Abt 1781 I83978 voyer_7_28_2008
33 HOULE, Gedeon b. Bef 1868 I83979 voyer_7_28_2008
34 HOULE, Genevieve b. Abt 1754 I83980 voyer_7_28_2008
35 HOULE, Gervais b. Abt 1718 I83982 voyer_7_28_2008
36 HOULE, Gervais b. 12 Jun 1730 Ste. Croix, Quebec, Canada I83983 voyer_7_28_2008
37 HOULE, Gervais b. Abt 1765 I83981 voyer_7_28_2008
38 HOULE, Gervais Basile b. Abt 1789 I83984 voyer_7_28_2008
39 HOULE, Honore I83985 voyer_7_28_2008
40 HOULE, Indiana b. Abt 1892 I83986 voyer_7_28_2008
41 HOULE, Jean b. Abt 1780 I83987 voyer_7_28_2008
42 HOULE, Jean Baptiste b. Abt 1817 I83990 voyer_7_28_2008
43 HOULE, Jean Baptiste b. Abt 1819 I83989 voyer_7_28_2008
44 HOULE, Jean Baptiste b. Abt 1831 I83988 voyer_7_28_2008
45 HOULE, Jean Marcel Marie b. 12 May 1917 I190182 voyer_7_28_2008
46 HOULE, Joseph b. Abt 1756 I83994 voyer_7_28_2008
47 HOULE, Joseph b. Abt 1759 I83997 voyer_7_28_2008
48 HOULE, Joseph b. Abt 1761 I83993 voyer_7_28_2008
49 HOULE, Joseph b. Abt 1780 I83992 voyer_7_28_2008
50 HOULE, Joseph b. Abt 1792 I83996 voyer_7_28_2008

Voyer & Bedard
Last Name, Given Name(s) Born/Baptized Person ID Tree
51 HOULE, Joseph b. Abt 1826 I83995 voyer_7_28_2008
52 HOULE, Joseph b. 1840 Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada I83991 voyer_7_28_2008
53 HOULE, Joseph Albert b. 15 Mar 1920 Plessisville (Mégantic), QC, Canada I191638 voyer_7_28_2008
54 HOULE, Joseph N. b. Abt 1843 I83998 voyer_7_28_2008
55 HOULE, Joseph Stanislas I182318 voyer_7_28_2008
56 HOULE, Josephte b. Abt 1748 I83999 voyer_7_28_2008
57 HOULE, Josephte b. Abt 1783 I174417 voyer_7_28_2008
58 HOULE, Josephte b. Abt 1794 I84000 voyer_7_28_2008
59 HOULE, Julie b. 17 May 1876 Ste-Rosalie, QC, Canada I84002 voyer_7_28_2008
60 HOULE, Julie Marie b. Abt 1835 I175342 voyer_7_28_2008
61 HOULE, Leandre b. Bef 1851 I84003 voyer_7_28_2008
62 HOULE, Liliane I84004 voyer_7_28_2008
63 HOULE, Louis b. Abt 1801 I84005 voyer_7_28_2008
64 HOULE, Louise b. Abt 1816 I84006 voyer_7_28_2008
65 HOULE, Lucie b. 12 Sep 1825 Nicholet, Quebec, Canada I84007 voyer_7_28_2008
66 HOULE, Lucien b. 1886 I180818 voyer_7_28_2008
67 HOULE, Lucien I84008 voyer_7_28_2008
68 HOULE, Marie b. Abt 1690 I84011 voyer_7_28_2008
69 HOULE, Marie b. Abt 1782 I84012 voyer_7_28_2008
70 HOULE, Marie b. Abt 1843 I84010 voyer_7_28_2008
71 HOULE, Marie b. Abt 1884 I84009 voyer_7_28_2008
72 HOULE, Marie Francoise b. 15 Aug 1724 Sorel, QC, Canada I84013 voyer_7_28_2008
73 HOULE, Marie Josephte b. 4 Sep 1792 Baie-du-Febvre, QC, Canada I84014 voyer_7_28_2008
74 HOULE, Marie Louise b. Abt 1878 I198819 voyer_7_28_2008
75 HOULE, Marie Paule Jeannine Francine I83976 voyer_7_28_2008
76 HOULE, Maximim b. Bef 1876 I84015 voyer_7_28_2008
77 HOULE, Moise b. Abt 1833 I84017 voyer_7_28_2008
78 HOULE, Moise b. Abt 1865 I84016 voyer_7_28_2008
79 HOULE, Monique I179279 voyer_7_28_2008
80 HOULE, Monique I84018 voyer_7_28_2008
81 HOULE, Monique I84019 voyer_7_28_2008
82 HOULE, Olivine b. Abt 1875 I84020 voyer_7_28_2008
83 HOULE, Onesime b. Abt 1855 I84021 voyer_7_28_2008
84 HOULE, Orville I175708 voyer_7_28_2008
85 HOULE, Pauline b. Abt 1889 I84022 voyer_7_28_2008
86 HOULE, Pierre I196241 voyer_7_28_2008
87 HOULE, Raymond b. Abt 1812 I84023 voyer_7_28_2008
88 HOULE, Rebecca Marie b. 14 Aug 1878 St-Etienne-des-Grès, QC, Canada I84024 voyer_7_28_2008
89 HOULE, Regina b. Abt 1888 I84025 voyer_7_28_2008
90 HOULE, René I84026 voyer_7_28_2008
91 HOULE, Rene I165860 voyer_7_28_2008
92 HOULE, Robert I84027 voyer_7_28_2008
93 HOULE, Rock b. 02 Nov 1938 I182225 voyer_7_28_2008
94 HOULE, Rose Delima b. 1838 I84028 voyer_7_28_2008
95 HOULE, Séverine I191963 voyer_7_28_2008
96 HOULE, Sophie b. Abt 1805 I84029 voyer_7_28_2008
97 HOULE, Victor I196229 voyer_7_28_2008
98 HOULE, Victor b. Abt 1947 I196227 voyer_7_28_2008
99 HOULE, Victorine b. Abt 1867 Québec, QC, Canada I84030 voyer_7_28_2008
100 HOULE, Virginie b. Abt 1855 I84031 voyer_7_28_2008

Voyer & Bedard

Last Name, Given Name(s) Born/Baptized Person ID Tree
101 HOULE, Zoe b. Abt 1844 I84032 voyer_7_28_2008
102 HOULE, Zulna b. Abt 1855 I84033 voyer_7_28_2008

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