Friday, June 28, 2013

My Dembrosky's in Pittsburgh

We recently took a short trip to Pittsburgh. While there I wanted to see the house that August and Lena (my great grandparents) lived in and where they are buried:
Here is their home at 115 So 25th Street, Southside (the white house with the green awning)
Together August and Lena raised 13 children in this home:
Lena Marie 1898-1900
August Andreas 1899-1985
Bertha Emilie 1900-1983
Johann Hermann 1902-1905
Wilhelm 1904-1981
Albert Carl 1906-
Emma Augusta 1908-1994
Ida Margareth 1910-1997
Frederich 1912-1931
Martha Alma 1914-1988
Freda 1916
Edward Paul 1918-1988 (my grandfather)
Grace 1919

A street view

They may have even owned another house next door....

They are buried at: First St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh (Mt. Oliver), PA
(Allegheny County)

Sadly August's name plate has gone missing:

And Frederick's has come loose


magiceye said...

Impressive history and captures

Carola said...

Fascinating history. I like the way how you remember.