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Wow, last week was a great week genealogy wise for me! I ended up getting a ton of info on Houle and Seguin and also found my great aunt on my Houle side! I'm going to put all my info on here so I can clean out my emails and then sort through it all. It's so much for me to sift through!

From Andre Seguin
Bonjour Tanya

Isaie (Isaac) SEGUIN son of Guillaume Julien SEGUIN & Angele ANDRE
married in St. Isidore, Prescott Comty in Ontario, october 13, 1884
Melindee ROULEAU daughther of Jean-Baptiste ROULEAU & Emelie LECLAIR

children :
- Willie Mary Jane SEGUIN born in St. Isidore Ontario May 30, 1885
- Henry SEGUIN married in Ellenburg NY , June 12, 1916 Lilian HOULE
- Edward SEGUIN married in Ellenburg NY April 17, 1922 Albina MONETTE

That is all we have about this family

I hope this is what you looking for

any additions or more genealogical informations

send e-mail to

André Séguin
Gatineau QC
Généalogiste des Séguin d'Amérique


In an email from Raymond Seguin:

Hello Alice & Tanya,

Thank you for the genealogical informations you send me .it would improve the presentation of your family in a furtur edition of our genealogical dictionary of Séguin in North Amreica.
For Arlene daughter of Alfred & Ethel Goodrich we have the following information:
Arlene-Mary married in Manchester, NH on August 28, 1954 with Edwin-Neal Jacobs (Frred & Maud Flenelleig)

For Henry & Lillian Houle, we have four more children:
1- Francis married at Cornwall, ON November 11, 1948 with Marguerite Smith.
2- Caroline married at Massena, NY November 27, 1943 with Simon Eros
3- June married at Massena, NY April 14, 1956 with Ronald Guay
4- Joyce married at Massena, NY November 5, 1946 with Gordon Avery
In the census of 1930 for the Clinton County we find the family of Henry:
Henry Seguin born about 1899
Lilian " " 1901
Howard 1917
Hilda 1919
Floyd 1920
Beulah 1921
Pearl 1923
Caroline 1924
Grace 1925
Orin 1926
Frank 1928

For Edward Seguin.
We have:
Edward Séguin (as son of Issac Séguin & Mary Rolo) married at Ellenburg, NY April 17, 1922 with Albina Monette (John Monette & Addie Comens)
with one child Norman Séguin (as son of Edouard Seguin and Albina Monette at his marriage) married at Massena, NY December 15, 1945 with Josephine Vierno (Joaquin Vierno & Ina Carson) and they have one child Thomas Séguin married at Massena, NY November 8, 1975 with Elisabeth Silver (Ricahrd Silver & Gladys Parent).
You Have:
Edward Séguin (as son of Issaïe Séguin & Mélindée Rouleau) married with Edwardine Séguin before June 5, 1917 and
two children Irene Séguin & Norman Séguin.
If you have other information that could confirm that he is son of Mary (2nd marriage) or Mélindée and if he was married with Edwardine Séguin or Albina Monette, it would be welcome

Here is some information about our Association and the great family of Séguin:

The ASSOCIATION DES SÉGUIN D’AMÉRIQUE is a nonprofit organization. We have over 1,000 members and 10% of them are from the USA.

We estimate that about 95% of the Séguin in North America are descending from Francois Séguin who married Jeanne Petit in Boucherville, QC (near Montréal) on October 31, 1672. Francois Séguin was probably a soldier of the Regiment de Carignan (but we have no proof) and Jeanne Petit was a "fille du roi" (King’s daughter or girl sent by the king).

We publish quarterly a newsletter of about 24 pages called "La Séguinière", for the English-speaking members we include an English translation of most of the articles. In June 2003, at the occasion of our 50th edition, the newsletter had 52 pages and half of them were a retrospective of the preceding editions.

We have annual meeting with 150 to 600 Séguin. Our last annual meeting has taken place at Embrun, ON (near Ottawa) on June 25th, 2006

We have published on August 27, 2005, a second edition of a genealogical dictionary of the Seguin in North America. It is available as a bonded book at a cost of Cdn$100. including cost of mail or on CD-ROM at a cost of $28.00 including cost of mail (contact us for discount if paid in US funds). We have more than 12 000 marriages of Séguin (including Ladéroute, Laderoot, Sequin, Seguine, Sayan, Sayen, Sayah, Sawyer, ...) and thousands of births and deaths of Séguin. Many are still missing and mostly from the USA where we rest on our members and correspondents to get that information. We usually need the place and date of birth, death and marriage of a Séguin plus the name of the spouse and of his/her parents.

If you wish to apply for membership, it is $25. for the period from July 1st, to June 30th(US$25. for USA members) payable by check to the order of the Association des Séguin d’Amérique. For new membership from December to June, the membership is reduced to $12.50. If you just wish to exchange genealogical information on the Séguin family, it is fine with us.

Raymond Séguin #002, treasurer,


231 de Brullon, Boucherville, QC J4B 2J7

(450) 655-5325 raymondseguin@videotron.ca

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