Friday, August 04, 2006

William and Zennie Breese...from Donna Allen

Zennie was badly injured in a horseback accident , she was bed-fast for a month or so
forget how long before she died.I got this from old newspaper clippings. Her obit told how her elderly parents would miss her beautiful singing around the house and that she had been such a big help to her mother, interesting side bar was a clip that said Edna Hood had been to visit the ailing Zennie. Edna married Matthew.
Anita obviously told Johnny the story of William who died during a bad snowstorm.
They wanted to bury him at the new Mayday Cemetery but got halted part way there by huge drifts.Not wanting to take the body home where a grieving mother was.
Watson and Sarah's father Sutton Dugan buried him deep in a large drift , intending to continue with him when the storm stopped. When they went back the body had been drug off by wild animals who had dug it up. They never told Sarah who believed he was buried in Mayday.He was the 4th child she had lost since soming to Kansas.

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