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Anna Reichkof (my ggg grandmother

Subject: Re: [LITHUANIA-L] Wystiniec, Poland/Vystytis, Lithuania Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 12:53:47 -0400 Hi Donna,On my map I have Lake Vis~tytis on the border between Lithuanian and the Kaliningrad region. Vis~tytis is at the north end of the lake and it has a church. Pavis~tytis is 1 mile due east on the little river running east out of the middle of the lake.I would guess the records would be in the Polish archives.Good luck,Arv______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________Subject: [LITHUANIA-L] Wystiniec, Poland/Vystytis, LithuaniaAuthor: Non-HP-dhagberg (
DisplayMail('','dhagberg'); at HP-USA/o2=mimegw4Date: 6/17/98 10:18 PMAfter years of searching and guessing I think I finally found the town my gggrandmother was from. I found them in LDS films of Lutheran Church records of births, marriages, deaths, for Wystiniec(Wischstiten or Vishtitis), Suwalki, Poland; later Vystytis, Lithuania. Helena MYSZKUS daughter of Georg and Anna (REICHKOF) Myszkusborn ( if I'm reading the records correctly) in Powisztajcie (Pavistytis) September 1876. This must be a small settlement near Vystytis, it is on the Russian/Lithuanian border along with a lake (which I believe may have the same name as the town), 102.2 miles west of Vilnius. Is any one familiar with the above names or towns? The records cover 1863-1940, where would I find earlier records? I would love to find something about what this area is/was like, can any one suggest any sources of information? Thanks in Advance. Donna ==== LITHUANIA Mailing List ====Going on vacation? Gone longer than 4 days? Please unsubscribe Single messages Users, send to
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