Saturday, September 01, 2007

August Dombrowski (ggg grandfather)

Found this from Donna:

I need help with locating the birthplace of my g grandfather
Born: 1871
Birthplace: from Petition for Naturalization-most likely spelled
phonetically as he did not write: Mamusen,( Massussen, Manusen )Russia
He spoke Lithuanian and German
Immigration Date: 1895
Married: Lena MESKUS(MISCHKUS etc.)(/she's another story)
Date of Petition: 1905 renouncing Nicholas II Emperor of Russia

Death record and Census records state Russia/Poland as birthplace.
Other records state Germany as birthplace

Family Lore: August's family raised horses for royalty, possible he had
soomething to do with horses as he worked in Shemmelrock's Undertaking and
Embalming Livery Stable on South Side of Pittsburgh and as a steelworker.

Had some help in Salt Lake locating a name that sounds close to Massussen
etc. in a Russian Gazetteer-MANUCHIN was what the experts came up with.
This was a German Colony according to the Gazetteer. When I enter this in
the internet Odessa comes up. I'm confused more than I was when I started.

Does the name of the town sound familiar to anyone? Are there other
posssibilities. I assumed that he was from closer to Lithuania.

Thank You, Donna

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