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I copied this off of Genforum, this is our line of Dugans and I just wanted to get it straight eventually so I'm putting it here till I get back to Dugans. Remember, Sarah Dugan m Watson Clark Breese and then we have a few more Dugans.

Sutton Fowler Dugan (probably son of James Dugan and Hannah Fowler), born 1813, October 3, near Covington, KY, died 1895 Feb. 17, May Day, Riley Co., KS. Married Mary Ann Walker (daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah Walker) born in Ohio 1815 Aug. 12. Died 1905 July 4.

They had the following children:

1) James born 1834 14 Jan, Randolph Co., Indiana. Died 1914 26 April, May Day , Riley Co. KS. Married Martha Guilliams. They had the following children:
1a) Edith Dugan, b. ca. 1862, IA
1b) Sutton Fowler Dugan II, b. 1864 14 Jan, IA
1c) William Guilliam, b. ca. 1866, IA This is, I believe, your William G.
1d) Aaron b. 1869 April 17, KS; d. 1931 Mar. 9
1e) Mary Ann, b. ca. 1874, KS
1f) Melissa, b. ca. 1877, MO

2) Sarah Ann, b. 1836-7 Indiana, died 1899 Mar. 4, May Day, Riley Co., KS. married Watson Clark Brees in Canton, Fulton Co., IL 1855.

3) Ebenezer, b. 1839 Mar 5, d. 1839 Sept.

4) Susana b. 1840 April 3, d. 1840 April 6

5) Joseph W., born 1841, 3 April, Huntsville, IN. Died 27 July 1930, St. George, KS. Married Alice Carley (daughter of Leman Carley and Harriet L. Cate) on 1865 Oct. 8, Indian Grove, Audubon Co.,IA. He was a Civil War vet known as "Blind Dugan" due to eye injuries sustained during the war.
They had the following children:
5a) Celaski Dugan, born 1866 Nov. 18, died 19 Feb. 1933, Manhattan, Riley County, KS.
5b) George Lester, born 1868 or 1869, April 28 or 29.
5c) Mary Ann, born1871 Feb. 14, died 1960, Yakima, WA. I believe this is your Mary Ann.
5d) John, born 1873 Mar. 28. died 1954 in the fall, Manhattan, Riley Co., KS
5e)Wm. Augustus, born 1875 Mar. 5, died 1955, Aug., Kansas City.
5f) Elfie Rosalie (a twin), born 1877 or 1878 15 Aug, died ca. 1896 in childbirth
5g) Effie Rosetta ( a twin) born 1877 or 1878 August 15, died 1962 June 1 in Martinez, CA, buried Manhattan KS
5h) Harriet Louisa, born 1880 3 Jan, Mayetta, KS, died 22 May 1958, Manhattan, Riley Co., KS
5i)Laura, born 28 December 1884. Died in infancy.
And three more who died in infancy: Edna, Edgar, Stephen.

6) Lucy D., born 1843-44 in Indiana, died 2 October 1892, May Day, Riley Co, KS
7) Eliza, b. 1846 in Ohio
8) Robert G., born 28 Feb. 1849, Ohio, Died 9 April 1907, May Day, KS,
9) Isaac, b. 1851-52 Indiana, died Kansas City
10) John F., born 2 Nov. 1853, Randolph Co., IN, died 25 Aug. 1943, Manhattan, KS.
11) William Harper, born 2 April 1855, died 19 Oct. 1941, St. George, Pottawatomi Co., KS.


searching said...

My name is Verna and Leman Carley and Harriett Cote are my gg grandparents. Do you have any information on Leman, Harriett, or Alice.
It was intersting reading what you had posted.
15 April 2009

Tanya said...

Hi Verna, sorry I don't have any info on your gg grandparents. This was a post someone on genforum had posted helping me with our Dugan family. Cote and Carley aren't direct ancestors of ours. Good luck with your search!