Tuesday, November 29, 2005


1) August 6, 1862, 103 Il Vol Inf Canton Fulton Co
2) November 25, 1863 Injured at Missionary Ridge, TN
3) 5ft 11in tall, dark hair, dark eyes
4) Farmer and meat butcher
5) 1869, Homesteaded in Riley Co Ks
6) Built a dugout home (it's still there, I've seen it and have pictures!)
7) About 1870 lost 3 children to measles outbreak
8) Married Katie Hudson, 23 year old widow (After Sarah passed on in 1899) I've heard that Katie Hudson took alot of family things and left.

I have pictures of Watson and Sarah and also a picture of Watson in his military uniform if anyone would like copies.

This info was taken out of the Watson and Sarah Brees book that I got at a Breese reunion. A cousin, Donna Allen put it together and it's full of interesting family facts, all the family trees and copies of alot of different documents. There is a Brees reunion held every couple of years in Kansas, near the original homestead. A Breese newsletter is also put out on occassion. If you would like info on the reunion or newsletter just let me know!

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YaYaGirl71 said...

just found your great blog....keep me in the loop of any reunions in KS and newsletters. I am from one of the lines of Breese's that Wilda mentioned, in the Coffeyville KS area.