Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I found this site on LaGrange while looking up some Civil War info and thought it was worth coming back to and to remind me! I would like to take a ride up to there and look around, I think it's a couple of hours from me. We have an Orin Brees in our tree who was killed at LaGrange on 18NOV1862. Donna Allen told me that she thinks he was a cousin to Watson and they all enlisted on the same day, Watson, Orin, and 2 of Watson's brothers, I can't think which ones on the top of my head, but I am thinking Noah and Albert. I wish I could find my notes! Anyways, the 4 of them all enlisted on 4AUG1862...Co E Unit 103 Illinois Infantry.

Here's a page taken from the Breese book:

Watson enlisted at Canton, Illinois, on 4AUG1862 into Captain Franklin C Post's Company E of the 103 Illinois Volunteer Infantry. During this time, it was not uncommon for a leading citizen to appoint himself as a military leader and recruit men to serve under him. It is probable that a bonus of some sort was involved as there is a record of $25.00 bonus money being received with $75.00 still owed. Actvities of the 103rd Illinois during the Civil War have not yet been researched, but there is a notation of marching in the rain between Jackson, Tn and Holly Springs, Miss. in November 1862 and the 103rd was involved in the siege of Vicksburg in June and early July, 1863. However, it's possible that Watson didn't participate in this seige as the records indicate he may have been in the hospital at LaGrange or Memphis, Tn with pneumonia. He was wounded during the battle of Missionary Ridge near Chatanooga, Tn on 25NOV1863 by a musket ball (probably a Minnie ball as both sides used these). The ball entered the lower jaw, left side, fracturing it, then passing through and downward under the skin and emerging an inch above the clavicle on the right side. A slight leg wound is also noted. Listed as being in the hospital at Bridgeport, which is probably Bridgeport, Al, Cumberland US Army General Hospital, Nashville, TN and he was probably in several others prior to furlough on 16JAN1864. Treated again in September, October, November 1864 at Camp Butler General Hospital, Ill. Was discharged 18NOV1864 at Camp Butler.

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