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While Kansas was a Territory, the County Commissioners for Riley were: Clay Thompson, Thomas Reynolds, Claiborne R. Mobley, Fox Booth, Thomas N. Lilly, Stephen B. White, Lorenzo Westover, Amory Hunting, F. N. Blake, Jesse Ingraham, George Taylor, Jonas Kress, Amasa Huntress, O. E. Osborne and J. K. Whitson.

County Clerks. - John S. Reynolds, Daniel Mitchell, John W. Robinson, William M. Snow and R. J. Harper.

County Treasurers. - Samuel Dean, John M. Morris, Henry Condray and Amory Hunting.

Sheriffs. - John T. Price, Stephen B. Williams, William H. Davis, David A. Butterfield, Scott Newell, W. J. Bassett, C. M. Dyche, George W. Higinbotham and Samuel Long.

Probate Judges. - Clay Thomson (sic), Thomas Reynolds, John S. Randolph, Washington I. Gilbert, Lorenzo Westover and John Pipher.

Register of Deeds. - William M. Snow and R. J. Harper.

Surveyors. - Daniel Mitchell, Davina Furrow and Davies Wilson.

County Attorneys. - Abraham Barry and M. L. Essick.

Superintendents of Public Instruction. - William A. McCullom and Washington Marlatt.

County Assessors. - Richard D. Mobley, John M. Morris, Henry Condray and J. P. Ryan. Since Kansas was a State, Lewis Parish, Rudolph Nienke and Amasa Huntress.

Coroners. - F. C. Sonnamaker, Henry Condray, Ambrose Todd, R. C. Whitney and Jesse Ingraham. While a State, Ingraham, A. Carlton, E. L. Patee, W. P. Higinbotham and H. S. Roberts have had the office.

Riley County has kept several of her public servants in long employ. Amasa Huntress was County Clerk, Treasurer and Register of Deeds four years each; three years Assessor; two years County Commissioner. R. J. Harper was sixteen years Clerk of the District Court; twelve years Judge of Probate; County Clerk and Register of Deeds each two years; Samuel G. Hoyt was Register of Deeds eight years; County Clerk six years. William Burgoyne was County Clerk eight years; in October, 1882, he entered upon the duties of County Treasurer. Henry C. Crump has ten years service as Register of Deeds. R. B. Spilman has been eleven years County Attorney; one year Superintendent of Public Instruction, and one year in the House of Representatives. J. H. Pillsbury and J. W. Paul each eight years County Surveyor. Jesse Ingraham and H. S. Roberts were each nine years Coroner; J. F. Billings was nine years Superintendent of Public Instruction. John Pipher was seven years Probate Judge. William H. Bower was five years Clerk of the District Court. John M. Morris was four years Treasurer; two years Assessor; one year in the House of Representatives. J. W. Blain and John Tennant have each been four years Treasurer. John C. Peck, Jacob Van Antwerp, Jeff. D. Brown and A. L. Houghton have each been four years Sheriff. W. J. Hunter, George Pickett and T. S. St. John have each been four years Commissioners; one year Representative. Howard Secrest was two years Commissioner, two years Representative. George T. Polson was five years Commissioner. E. Warner, S. I. Childs, M. Condray and J. M. Meyers each four years. James Humphrey was one year County Attorney; two years Treasurer; three years Judge of the District Court. Below are tables of court and miscellaneous county officers:

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