Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Whole Family Tree

I started to enter all the names in our tree. Took me forever to just enter the few I did! I still have a ton to add and then go back and add children and proper dates and places, but it's a start! This tree will be for EVERYONE that is in our family line, not just the Breese line...this will get confusing too since I'm planning to do both of my families, adopted and bio...hmmm, not sure how I'm going to get that organized! They should make an easier tree template for situations like that!


Donna Snyder said...

Wow, I am so impressed with all of the research that you have done. It is a bit overwhelming. I am the daughter of Floyd Seguin, granddaughter of Henry and Lillian Seguin. We are definitely related.
I am also trying to solve some of the same puzzle as you.
Who were your parents?
I would love to get connected and work on this together.
Donna Snyder (Seguin)

Tanya said...

Good morning Donna, it's nice to meet you :)
I had some help from my Great Aunt Valeda Houle Schedin. Her husband does genealogy and sent me the first bit of info and it just skyrocketed from there...mostly from this site. I would love to share info...I'm really stuck on the Houles and Mary Rouleau's family. I don't have my info recorded on anything other than my blog, which helps me sort through it all, and what I have here and other genealogy sites. I am the daughter of Valerie Dembrosky and Richard Houle...he is descended down from Lela Seguin (Isaie's daughter) and Mary Rouleau