Thursday, January 12, 2006

Samuel Breese

This is written by Donna Allen

Samuel was born 1799 in Pa according to Federal Census records. He married Jane Prickett in Hamilton, Butler Co Oh on Sept 14,1828. They are not in the Greene Co In census in 1830 so must have remained in Oh for some time. But Sam did sign as a witness for the land transfer in 1837 in Greene Co In.
1840 finds them in Greene Co In with 2 sons uncer 10 years of age. which would have been Watson and Noah.
1850 they are in Fulton Co Il with all 4 sons.
1860 census in Fulton Co Il, only Thomas and Noah are listed, 18 year old Albert was probably living with someone else working as a farm hand. And Watson had his own family.
According to family legend from the Il relatives, Sam and Valentine lived across the road from each other, Sam in Fulton Co, Val in Peoria Co. Brother John Jr lived in Peoria Co, not far away as did sister Mary Ann Purcell.
Sam Brees ran some kind of mill that was later put on the Old Settlers Grounds in Peoria Co.
He is not in the 1870 census, but in 1873 Jane Breese signed a petition for Edward Purcell who was trying to get a pension for his Civil War injuries.
No records of Samuel's or Jane's death can be found and again we run into strip mining in the area plus a court house fire.
Three of Samuel and Jane's sons were in the Civil War, Watson, Noah (who died of sickness)and Albert who went to Chicago and enlisted. After his death, Noah's personal effects were given to his brother Watson. Noah is buried in Vicksburg National Cemetery.
Some people have listed Orin Breese as one of their sons, but he was never in a census with them, I believe he was John Jr's son.
According to military records, Edward Purcell went to LaGrange Tn and got Orin's body and brought it back to Il for burial. He also died of sickness. He was listed in a 1860 census with the Purcell's as a farm hand.

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