Thursday, January 25, 2007


Here's a few miscellaneous items on Benjamin Stone:

Misc. Notes> He purchased land in Caswell/Orange County, NC in 1768 from JohnWistsett.> He was in Madison County, KY by 1788. He was on the Tax List inMadison> County, Ky in 1788,1789, 1791,1792, 1794.2 He is listed on theCensus of> Kentucky in 1790.3> It is possible that he had a first wife, a Burgess, who was themother of> Susannah, Burgess, Mary, Rebecca and John.> The witnesses to his will were: Aaron Lewis, Isaac Lewis,Benjamin B.> Stone, Thomas Lewis, John Lewis, and his wife, Sarah. It wasproved on 4 Aug> 1795.4> There is a possibility that he was a private in the 10th Regiment,Blounts> Command. He enlisted and was commissioned on 20 July 1778. Heserved nine> months in North Carolina.1>> Spouse: Sarah> ---------------------------------------------> Birth: Of Orange County/Guilford County, NC> Death: Madison County, KY>> Misc. Notes> She is mentioned in her husband's will. She and Aaron Lewis arelisted as> executors for her husband's will. Sarah (South) and Aaron Lewiswere> witnesses. These are two different Sarahs. It is felt thatthere is a Lewis> connection.> She is listed as a taxpayer in Madison County, KY in 1895, 1796,1797.2>>> Children> ---------------------------------------------> 1 F: Susannah Stone> Birth: 11 Dec 1763 Orange County, NC> Death: 27 May 1826 St. Charles, Missouri> Spouse: Francis HOWELL> ---------------------------------------------> 2 F: Rebecca Stone5> Birth: 20 Jan 1765> Spouse: Thomas ODEN> ---------------------------------------------> 3 M: Burgess Stone> Birth: bef Sep 1765 Guilford County, NC> Death: 1839 Guilford County, NC> Spouse: Elizabeth BOWEN> Spouse: Mary (Polly) KEATH> ---------------------------------------------> 4 F: Mary Stone> Birth: abt 1767> Spouse: Thomas BOWEN> ---------------------------------------------> 5 M: Daniel Lewis Stone> Birth: 23 Dec 1771 NC> Death: 2 Aug 1857 Warren County, KY> Spouse: Susanna McFADIN> Spouse: Rose MIDDLETON> Spouse: Elizabeth FOX> Spouse: Libby SQUIRE> ---------------------------------------------> 6 F: Elizabeth Stone5> Birth: 1772> Spouse: Thomas LEWIS> ---------------------------------------------> 7 F: Jane Stone> Birth: 24 Aug 1775 South Carolina?> Death: aft 1850 Montgomery County, Missouri> Spouse: William L. HOPKINS> ---------------------------------------------> 8 M: John Bluford Stone> Birth: 24 Mar 1779 VA> Spouse: DUDLEY> ---------------------------------------------> 9 M: Samuel Stone6,7> Birth: bef 1778 VA Or NC8> Death: Sep 1840 Warren County, KY8> Spouse: Sarah (Lotta, Satta, Sally) SOUTH> ---------------------------------------------> 10 F: Frances (Fanny) L. Stone> Birth: 1781 North Carolina> Death: 24 Oct 1854 Warren County, Ky> Spouse: Isaac Orlton LEWIS> ---------------------------------------------> 11 M: Dudley Lewis Stone9> Birth: 20 Jan 1780/8110> Death: 183411> Spouse: Mary EPPERSON> Spouse: Susannah SKINNER>>> Sources> 1. NSDAR, DAR Patriotic Index, Centenial Editon, NSDAR, 1990, Vol.3, p.> 2822.> 2. â?oMadison County, Kentucky Taxpayers,â? Madison County,Kentucky,> 1787-1799, Photocopy of text, In our possession.> 3. â?oFirst Census of Kentucky,â? Madison County, Kentucky, 1790,In my> possession.> 4. Anna Joy (Munday) Hubble, Abstracts of Madison County, KentuckyWill Book> A, Route 2, Whitefish, Montana 59937.> 5. Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, â?oMadison County, KentuckyMarriage Records,> 1790-1843.,â?, 2 July 2001.> 6. Bryan Harrison, How Pocohontas Came to Texas, p. 163-166.> 7. John M. South, â?oSOUTH-SURNAME-L@...,â? 7 Nov 2001, In our> Possession.> 8. Research of Gail Jackson Miller in February 2005> 9. Marilee Jeffers, â?oStone-South Connections,â? 28 August 2004,In our> possession.> 10. Todd Moberly, â?oPioneers at Boonesborough,â? 25 August 2004,In our> Possession.> 11. Ruby Louis, â?oDudley Lewis Stone,â? 20 Aug 2004, In ourpossession.>


sheeplady said...

Can you clarify Benjamin's lineage for me? Are these all his children? I am of this lineage and trying to confirm my information with yours. I have Benjamin having Burgess and Burgess having Dudley.. Can you help me?

Tanya said...

I don't have anyway of getting in touch with you so I hope you come back and read this. Give me your email address and I'll get you in touch with the Stone Family Group. This group is for all descendants of Benjamin. Not sure if all my info on here is correct off the top of my head, I know there's alot of speculation when it come to Benjamin and his wife(s). The children are correct though. I hope you will check this and get back in touch with me!

rachael said...

there was a mrs breese from oak ridge in guilford county nc at a quilt show.

from 1969-1974, my neighbor was a doug breese at lackland afb tx.

i can remember he was from the SW corner of MN. he was wonderful wood carver.

anyone know any breese's from MN or the area?