Friday, January 26, 2007


This is the full and complete text of Benjamin's will, with al l spellingerrors intact:In the name of god Amen I Benjamin Stone of the County of Madiso n in thestate of Kentucky being weak of body but of sound and perfect mi nd andmemory thanks be to Allmighty god for his mercies and calling t o mindthe mortality of mans body and that its appointed for all fles h to diedo make constitute and ordain this my last will and testament i n thefollowing manner viz first of all I order that all my just debt s shallbe honestly paid and as to the rest of my estate I will and bequ eath inthe following manner viz the place whereon I now live together w ith allmy personal estate I leave to the use and support of Sarah my we llbeloved wife during her natural life and after her death the sai dplantation to be given up to my son Dudly as soon a he comes o f age butin case that his mother dies before that he comes of age that h e is tohave the profits thereof but in case that his mother shall liv e longerthat the time he comes of age he shall not disposses her but sh e is tohave a decent support from the profits of the said place so lon g as sheshall live and all the household furniture to be equally Divide d amongstmy three daughters Elizabeth, Jane and Fanny and also to hav e a cow andcalf after the death of their mother and as to the remainder par t of mystock to be equally divided amongst my three sons Samuel, Danie l andDudly after their mother's desease; and as I have exchanged myplantation that is in Guilford County No Carolina with Burges m y son fora bond upon Aron Lewis for five hundred acres of land which agre eable tothe condition of the said bond he was to have choice of severa l entriesthat the said Lewis has in the state of Kentucky and accordingl y I have______(looks like pitihed) on a certain entry that lies in the d ividingridge between Kingston and the waters of state and Lulbegrude th e entrycontains 1250 acres in the name of James Crabtree which if the s aid 500acres is obtained to be a good right I give 100 to my son John o nehundred to Samuel and one hundred to Daniel and fifty to Jeane a nd fiftyto Fanny and the remainder one hundred to Burges and the stallio n colt Ileave the profits for the first two years to be equally divide d betweenmy sons Samuel & Daniel and afterwards I give and bequeath the s aidhorse unto my son Dudly either to keep or sell & the price there of (inkblot) let out on interest untill dudly comes of age at the discr essionof my executors and to the rest of my children I give and bequea th vizto Burges Susanna Mary and Rebeckah the sum of five shillings ea ch to bemade out of my personal estate and (inkblot) hereby appoint Sara h mydear wife Executrix and Aron Lewis executor of this my last wil l andtestament and do pronounce and declare this to be my last will a ndtestament this twentieth day of January in the year of our lor d onethousand seven hundred and ninety five.Signed sealed pronouncedand declared in presentsof Aron Lewis, Isaac Lewis Benjamin his B mark Stone (LS)Thomas Lewis, John Lewis, Sarah LewisAt a court held for Madison County on Tuesday the 4thday of Augu st 1795This will was proved to be the last will and testament of Benjam in StoneDec'd by the oath of Sarah Stone, Aron and Thomas Lewis. Witness esthereto and ordered to be recordedTeste Will Irvine CMC

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