Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nelson Rollo Death Notice

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post
Thursday, November 2, 1922


Nelson Rollo, 47 years of age, a farmer who resides in the town of Altona, near Ellenburgh Depot, shot and instantly killed himself at about 2:00 Monday afternoon on his farm on the plank road. It is said he had been in low spirits for some time and that an injury last year, caused by a fall when he struck his head, caused his despondency.

Mrs. Rollo was down stairs in the house when she heard a strange noise overhead in one of the bedrooms where her husband was and she thought he was moving some of the furniture. Soon afterwards she heard a shot. She ran to the bedroom and found her husband lying on the floor. He had shot himself with a shotgun, the charge having entered the heart. Rollo had taken the matress off the bed and had lain down on it. He had pulled the trigger of the gun with a piece of wood. Coronor LaFountaine of Champlain was called and declared the death to be one of suicide while temporiarly insane.

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