Friday, February 29, 2008

Catherine Raizenne Married Jean Baptiste Seguin

I got a note from "V" last night wanting more information on this line, the marriage of Catherine to Jean Baptiste.

This is what I have:

Marie Catherine Raizenne (daughter of Josiah Rising/Abigail Nims) was born 11MAY1714 in Quebec and died 1749 Quebec.
She married Jean Baptiste Seguin (son of Jean Baptiste Seguin and Genevieve Barbeau) born 14MAY1714 in Boucherville, Qu and died 24JUL1786 in Vaudreuil, Qu.

They had a daughter, Elizabeth, born 8JUL1745 Qu and died 27FEB1808 Vaudreuil, Qu.

My tree is on relating to this family as well as several others that you can look through.
Also, Email David Nims at the Nims Family Assoc They are gathering info on all the descendents of Nims. I know he hasn't had many yet from the Abigail branch, which is the one I am from too.

Abigail Nims and Josiah Rising (Raizenne) are my GGGGGGG Grandparents and my line is like this:

Abigail and Josiah Rising (Raizenne)
Child: Marie Anne Raizenne married Louis Seguin Laderoute (GGGGGG Grandparents)

Child of Marie and Louis:
Guillaume Seguin married Marie Josephte Rouleau (GGGGG Grandparents)

Child of Guillaume and Marie:
Guillaume Amable dit Laderoute Seguin married Josette Cadieux (GGGG Grandparents)

Child of Guillaum ADL Seguin and Josette:
Guillaume Julien Seguin married Angele Andre St. Amant (GGG Grandparents)

Child of Guillaume Julien Seguin and Angele:
Isaie Seguin married Mary Rouleau (GG Grandparents)

Child of Isaie Seguin and Mary Rouleau:
Lela May Seguin married Harold Houle (G Grandparents)

Child of Lela May Seguin and Harold Houle:
Richard Edward Houle married Alice Cochlin (Grandparents)

Child of Richard Edward Houle married Valerie Dembroski (parents)
Child of Richard Edward Houle/Valerie Dembroski=Me :)

I hope this helps some!


Hans Lundahl said...


I know parts of my ancestry back to 1800, about, but not much further ...

Anonymous said...

Abigail and Josiah Rising (Raizenne)
Child: Marie Anne Raizenne married Louis Seguin Laderoute who are my GG 6x removed...