Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Cochlin Line

Going to start on this line again. Haven't focused much on it so don't have alot of info.

GGG Grandfather: Daniel Cocklin born 1832 Ireland
Married: Elizabeth Dyer born 1832 Ireland or England

John Cochlin born 1867 England (GG Grandfather)
Married: Annie B Swett born 1872 Danbury Vt

John Cochlin born 1896 VT (G Grandfather)
married: Elsie Julia Wilcox born 1899 MA

Alice Blanche Cochlin born 1927 MA (Grandmother)
Married: Richard Edward Houle born 1925 MA

If you have any info on this line, would love to talk with you! Thanks!

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Xbox4NappyRash said...

Just a more general remark on this line, if you are looking at an Irish origin for this name, you will get much better results with the spelling 'Coughlin'.

Good luck!