Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Houle's in the News

From the Plattsburg Sentinel


The evidence in the preliminary examination of the Houle brothers who are charged with the murder of their brother-in-law, has been concluded in Valleyfield and both of the brothers had been held to await the action of the grand jury, and it is probable that they will be tried for their crime next February. The brothers told very contradictory stories and the evidence submitted at the examination is regarded as quite strong.

Tues. Oct. 5, 1920

Hector Houle, aged 22, of Cohoes, was found at Pavillion F of the tuberculosis camp at Albany Thursday morning with his throat cut. He had been at the camp for three months and lately became violently ill. The circumstances indicated suicide.

John Houle of Mountain View was buried from the R. C. church here on Wednesday.

Friday June 4, 1909

Mrs. Albert Houle was suddenly called to Lyon Mountain last week by the sad news that her husband who was employed there had met with an accident in breaking his leg in two places.


Bruno Houle, an old man of Montreal, Canada, is of the opinion that woman should have her rights, one of those rights being the maintenance of her husband. He has therefore brought an action against his wife for support. He alleges he is unable from illness to provide the necessaries of life, and claims a support from his better half, who is in affluent circumstances. The wife repudiates her husbands demands. Bruno thinks that it is a poor rule that won't work both ways.

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