Friday, March 14, 2008

Miron/Migneron Line

GGG Grandmother: Felicite Miron born 12SEP1833 St Constant, La Prairie Co, Quebec
Married: Honore Houle

GGGG Grandparents: Joseph Migneron/Isabelle Thout
Joseph Migneron born 27FEB1799 St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Laprairie Co, Quebec
Isabelle Thout born about 1802 Canada

GGGGG Grandparents: Joseph Migneron/Charlotte Bissonnett Choquet
Joseph Migneron born 23OCT1774 St-Vincent-de-Paul, Ile-de-Jesus Quebec
died: 19 Jun 1845, St-Jean D'Iberville, Iberville Co, Quebec
Charlotte Bissonnett Choquet: born 26 Feb 1797, St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Laprairie Quebec

GGGGGG Grandparents: Joseph Migneron/Marie-Anne Ouellet
Joseph Migneron born 2 Nov 1752, St-Francois, Ile-de-Jesus, Quebec
DEATH: 14 Dec 1794, St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Laprairie Co Quebec
Marie-Anne Ouellet born 29 Apr 1751, St-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Bellechasse Co Quebec

GGGGGGG Grandparents: Joseph Migneron/Francoise Paquet
Joseph Migneron BIRTH: 7 Oct 1725, St-Francois, Ile-de-Jesus, Quebec
Francoise Paquet BIRTH: 29 Sep 1732, St-Francois, Ile-de-Jesus, Quebec

GGGGGGGG Grandparents: Jean Francois Migneron/Marguerite Hunault(Hunaud)
Jean Francois Migneron BIRTH: 27 Sep 1696, Beaupre, Montmorency Co. Quebec
DEATH: 1769, St-Vincent-de-Paul, Ile-de-Jesus Quebec
Marguerite Hunault BIRTH: 22 Aug 1699, Montreal, Ile-de-Montreal Quebec

GGGGGGGGG Grandparents: Jean Migneron/Marie LaBelle
Jean Migneron: BIRTH: 1676, Beaupre, Montmorency Co. Quebec
DEATH: 16 Dec 1708, Montreal, Ile-de-Montreal Quebec
Marie LaBelle: BIRTH: 15 Dec 1681, Repentigny, L'Assomption Co Quebec
DEATH: 19 Jun 1702, St-Francois, Ile-de-Jesus Quebec

10G Grandparents: Laurent Migneron/Marie Guillaume
Laurent Migneron: BIRTH: ABT 1639, Chize, St-Hilaire, (Historic Province of Poitou), France
DEATH: AFT 30 Dec 1705, St-Joachim, Montmorency Co. Quebec
Marie Guillaume: BIRTH: ABT 1652, Paris, St-Medard, Paris (Historic Province of Ile-de-France), France
DEATH: AFT 30 Oct 1705, St-Joachim, Montmorency Co Quebec

Pierre Migneron BIRTH: France
Francoise Pelliqouen: BIRTH: France


RennyBA said...

Interesting blog and project. Often people in US have relatives in Norway - tell me if I can be on any help.

RennyBA's Terella

barbara said...

Hello Tanya,
It's always a delight to meet a fellow genealogist.
I believe that you have been to my Carroll genealogy blog. Thanks for visiting my personal blog, too !

My husband is French.One branch of his genealogy is related to the PARENT family name in Quebec.He has through the mariages of the children other names like C├ęcire and Roy.

Best of luck to you ;)

Linda said...

Did you ever read my posting about my geneology? My Mormon cousin says we are related to Pocahontas-however, many people in West Virginia make that same claim-that is where her son lived and died. Who knows? It's fun to think about it. I do know that one of my great grandmothers was a Cherokee Indian. Lots of that line in people from Texas.

Free Music said...

very interesting project

Anonymous said...

I have almost the complete genealogical line on the patriarchal side, going back to about 1349 in France. Am now following the matriarchal side.

Dan Miron