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Antoine Hebert 18th Great Grandfather

Antoine Hebert (1621 - )

Catherine Hebert (1656 - 1693)
Daughter of Antoine
Marguerite Leblanc (1675 - 1740)
Daughter of Catherine
Marie Cormier (1722 - 1788)
Daughter of Marguerite
Marguerite Cyr (1743 - 1808)
Daughter of Marie
Archange Bourgeos (1777 - 1850)
Daughter of Marguerite
Adelaide Marceau (1804 - )
Daughter of Archange
Marie Adelaide Martineau (1832 - )
Daughter of Adelaide
Marie Guillebault (1626 - 1855)
Daughter of Marie Adelaide
Jeanne Boutin (1621 - 1725)
Daughter of Marie
Hubert Ranger (1661 - 1700)
Son of Jeanne
Thomas Ranger (1700 - 1782)
Son of Hubert
Jean Thomas Ranger (1731 - 1796)
Son of Thomas
Marie Catherine Ranger (1768 - 1854)
Daughter of Jean Thomas
Josette Cadieux (1799 - 1875)
Daughter of Marie Catherine
Guillaume Julien Seguin (1822 - 1879)
Son of Josette
Isaie Isaac Seguin (1857 - 1910)
Son of Guillaume Julien
Lela May Seguin (1903 - 1971)
Daughter of Isaie Isaac
Richard E Houle (1925 - 1985)
Son of Lela May
Richard Edward Houle (1948 - )
Son of Richard E

Antoine Hebert1 9th great grand father and end of known line
b. 1621, d. before 1693, #15750
Pop-up Pedigree

Father Unknown father Hebert. Some online sites indicate that the father of Etienne and Antoine was Jacques Hebert, but that does not seem to be the case. Etienne and Antoine were likely related, tho not brothers.

Antoine was a barrel maker in Martaize, France. Many of his descendants were transported to Louisiana from Acadia.

His sons that have descendants in Louisiana were:
Jacques Hebert & Jeanne Gautreaux
Jean Hebert & Marie Marguerite Landry
Francois Hebert & Marie Anne Bourg
Pierre Hebert & Jeanne Landry
Rene dit Groc Hebert & Anne Marie Boudreaux.2

Birth 1621 Antoine was born in 1621 at Martaize, Loudonais, France. Or born in LaHaye-Descarte, Balesne, Touraine, France.1

Note Brother of Etienne Hebert but NOT son of Jacques Hebert and Marie Juneau. Does this mean that Jacques was married more than once?? Arsenault says, in the Port-Royal volume of Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens, that Antoine and Étienne Hébert were the sons of Jacques and Marie Juneau. However, the Corrections to Arsenault states that they are not the sons of this couple, giving no further information. Possibly their name was Habert.

The misconception began with Father Adrien Bergeron's article entitled "Deux grandes familles acadiennes" [Memoires de la Societe genealogique canadienne-francaise (Vol. VI, No. 8, Oct 1955, pp. 393-394)]. Father Bergeron tried to say that Antoine and Etienne were brothers of a Jacques HEBERT, son of Jacques and Marie JUNEAU. The following year, Father Archange Godbout showed the connection to be incorrect (Vol. VII, No. 2, April 1956, pp. 122-123). An examination of Jacques' (the son) marriage contract showed his name to be HABERT, not HEBERT. Thanks to Stephen White for sending the dates for the these 2 articles. Godbaut's article also shows evidence (derived from marriage dispensations) that Antoine and Etienne were indeed brothers.3

Where were they from?
It has been said that possibly the brothers were from south of Loudon (LaChaussee, Martaize, etc.), however, since Charles Menou d'Aulnay's family had land in that vicinity. If he recruited settlers from that area, there is a chance that they came from there, but there is no proof of where they (or most other) Acadians came from. The linguistic studies by Genevieve Massignon tried to say that they were from the Loudon area, but perhaps she was focusing too much. It is probably true that they came from western France. But the lack of documentation in the Loudon region means that perhaps we're looking in the wrong place. Michael Poirier has suggested they came from west of Loudon at the coast ... near Baie de Bourgneuf. He bases this on:
- the location of the monastery of the Assumption (on the island Chauvet), which was regularly
attended by Richelieu and was the property of his brother, Alphonse.
- Port-Royal and the church of St Jean-Baptiste
- salt-water marshes in the area were drained ... much like the dyke system utilized in Acadia
- it was a zone surrounded by Protestants and enclosing Catholics.4

1640 The Heberts of Acadia have come from two sources. Etienne Hebert, whose date of birth is unknown to us, died before the census of 1671,was married at Port Royal around 1650 to Marie Gaudet, daughter of Jean Gaudet and an unknown wife, and Antoine Hebert, born between 1614 and 1621, and married around 1640 to Genevieve Lefranc, probably a widow, who was born in 1613. The dispensations which were sought by their descendants suggest that they were brothers . These two brothers traveled to Acadia in July of 1640 under a recruitment by Danrles De Menou D'Aulnay. Antoine was a cooper.. He and his brother were the progenitors of all of the Acadian HEBERTs and their descendants. They were under the command of Germain DOUCET, Sieur La Verdure, Captain of Arms of Pentagoet.1

Marriage circa 1648 Antoine Hebert may have married Genevieve LeFranc circa 1648 in France.1 If Antoine really came to Acadia with Doucet in 1640, then it is doubtful that he married Genevieve in France in 1648. It seems more likely that they were married in Acadia. But I have no PROOF. Another scenerio is that they were married in France and arrived in Acadia board the ship La Verve in 1848. This seems to be the most likely.

1671 The census of Port Royal in 1671 shows:
Antoine HEBERT, cooper, 50; wife Genevieve LEFRAND 58; Children: Jehan 22, Jehan 18, Catherine 15; cattle 18, sheep 7, 6 arpents in 2 places.5

Death before 1693 Antoine died before 1693 in Port Royale, Arcadia Canada.1

Family **GenevieveLeFranc or LaFrand by some
Children 1. **Jean Baptist Hebert 1
2. Catherine Hebert 1


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Antoine Hebert

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