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Seguin stuff from Ancestry message board to sort

I'm researching the family of Isaac Seguin and Mary Rouleau (Rollo) who > settled in Ellenburg in Clinton County about 1895. Known children are > Joseph, Edward, Alfred, Albert, Henry, Lena, Lela, Edmond and Gertrude. Some > of the families they connect with are Facteau, Houle, Truchon, Goodrich and > Colburn. Any other researchers out there? Re: ISSAC SEGUIN & MARY ROULEAU Raymond Séguin (View posts) Posted: 22 Aug 2006 12:04PM Classification: Query In our genealogical dictionary of the Séguin in North America, we have ISAIE SÉGUIN son of Guillaume Séguin & Angèle André born November l, 1857 Curran, ON married on October 13, 1884 St-Isidore de Prescott, ON with MÉLINDÉE ROULEAU daughter of Jean-Baptiste Rouleau & Émélie Leclair. We have three children: 1- Wiliie-Mary-Jane born May 30, 1885 St-Isidore de Prescott, ON (no marriage) 2- Henry married June 12, 1916 Ellenburg, NY with Lilian Houle ( Frank & Percy Vosestell) (no birth) 3- Edward married April 17, 1922 Ellenburg, NY with Albina Monette ( John & Addie Comens) (no birth) Here is the direct line of Issaïe Séguin toward our ancestors François Séguin & Jeanne Petit: 7- Isaïe (Isaac) SÉGUIN St-Isidore de Prescott, ON 13-10-1884 Mélindée ROULEAU 6- Guillaume-Julien SÉGUIN Coteau-du-Lac, QC 13-08-1889 Angèle ANDRÉ-ST-AMANT 5- Guillaume SÉGUIN St-Polycarpe, QC 19-11-1821 Josephte CADIEUX 4- Guillaume SÉGUIN Vaudreuil, QC 13-02-1775 Josephte ROULEAU 3- Louis SÉGUIN Oka, QC 08-04-1736 Marie-Anne RAIZENNE 2- Jean-Baptiste SÉGUIN Boucherville, QC 07-06-1710 Geneviève BARBEAU 1- François SÉGUIN Boucherville, QC 31-10-1672 Jeanne PETIT Raymond Séguin, treasurer of the ASSOCIATION DES SÉGUIN D'AMÉRIQUE raymondseguin@videotron.ca Re: SEGUIN OF CLINTON CO NY markseguin17 (View posts) Posted: 29 May 2007 9:23PM Classification: Query Surnames: SEGUIN, ROULEAU, FACTEAU My name is Mark Seguin, Isaic Seguin and Melindee Rouleau are my Great Grandparents. My Grandfather was Edward Joseph Seguin. I'm not sure when Isaic and Melindee moved to Massachusetts but I do know that Melindee died in during childbirth on May 9, 1896 and is buried in St. Bernard's Cemetary located in Fitchburg Massachusetts. After Melindee died Isaic remarried to Mary Facteau either in late 1897 or 1898 at West Boylston, Massachusetts. I am currently researching documents and hope to have more information soon. My Father who has passed away did mention some of the names you listed, they were Joseph, Arthur and Albert, but I don't remember any others. From what I understand the family split after Isaic remarried and the children from Melinde were raised in Fitchburg by Isaic's brother Joseph. I would like to know where Isaic and Mary went. The last entry of Isaic in the Fitchburg Register was "removed to New York", but gave no exact location. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Mark R Seguin seguin@mcmxxx@charter.net Re: SEGUIN OF CLINTON CO NY EditDelete tanya breese (View posts) Posted: 21 Jun 2007 6:55AM Classification: Query Good morning Mark, I just got your message from Ancesty on the message board. Thank you for the info you gave me. Isaac/Melindee are my great, great grandparents..Lela May is my great grandmother. I'm going to try and piece together what you've already given me...I'm sure I'll have more questions after I sort through this. Do you live in Mass? Thanks again and I look forward to talking with you some more! Sincerely, Tanya Breese (Houle) p.s. I tried to email you but it kept bouncing back. Re: ISSAC SEGUIN & MARY ROULEAU EditDelete tanya breese (View posts) Posted: 21 Jun 2007 7:00AM Classification: Query Thank you so much Raymond. You have helped me out a couple of times before and I really appreciate all the info you've given me! Reply Report Abuse Print Re: SEGUIN OF CLINTON CO NY markseguin17 (View posts) Posted: 25 Jun 2007 7:53PM Classification: Query Hi Tanya, If I can help in any way please do not hesitate to e-mail, my e-mail is seguinmcmxxx@charter.net To answer your question I do not live in Mass anymore but visit often, the rest of my family still lives there though. If you can give me any information on your end it would be appriciated. Thanks again, Mark Re: SEGUIN OF CLINTON CO NY helenseguin (View posts) Posted: 19 Mar 2008 1:30PM Classification: Query My name is Helen Seguin. I just started to research my family history. I'm new to this so not sure exactly the best way to do so. I am from Ellenburgh Depot. My grandfather was Peter Joseph Seguin. He was also from Ellenburgh. Most of my family still resides in Ellenburgh. i know my granfather had a brother named Herbert I'm not quite sure of the others though. If any of this ties in I'd greatly appreciate any information. My email is helen7554@netzero.net. Re: SEGUIN OF CLINTON CO NY hootiejds (View posts) Posted: 11 May 2008 1:09PM Classification: Query my grandfathers name was Henry and he married Lillian Houle. not sure of the date or yr. they lived in ellenburgh untill the early 30's i think. i really don't know that much about my fathers family history, but it sounds like this could be my grandfathers family..thanks Re: SEGUIN OF CLINTON CO NY mecasemgr (View posts) Posted: 2 Apr 2011 4:43PM Classification: Query Have information on Henry and Lillian... they are also my partner's grandparents Re: SEGUIN OF CLINTON CO NY mikesclearing (View posts) Posted: 10 Oct 2011 8:54PM Classification: Query Surnames: Sequin, Seguin, Facteau Isaac Seguin Moved to Ellenburg NY where he died in 1924. Your Great Gandfather Edward was my Great Uncle. I am desndant of Isaac's son Joeseph (died Oct 1975) and my father was Herbert Who died in July 1964. Search face book for these exact words "Isaac Seguin Ellenburh Ny" and a site will tell you of St Edmonds Cemetary and Isac and Edmond are Listed There. I remember Minnie Facteau/Mrs Joseph Seguin telling me they came from Fitsburgh Ma, and their ancestors came from Upper Canada Mike Sequin can be reached at mikesclearing@yahoo.com Re: SEGUIN OF CLINTON CO NY mikesclearing (View posts) Posted: 10 Oct 2011 9:02PM Classification: Query I believe Henry lived in Champlain NY and has a Daughter named Susan Seguin who married Steven Morrow of Altona with a West Chazy Phone number Reply Report Abuse Print Re: SEGUIN OF CLINTON CO NY mecasemgr (View posts) Posted: 11 Oct 2011 6:24PM Classification: Query My name is Brenda Seguin and my father was Frank - parents - Henry and lillian.

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