Friday, December 30, 2011


Have you signed up with WikiTree yet? It's a FREE genealogy site which lets you upload your tree and you can merge matches from other trees on the site. I signed up a while back and was a bit confused on how to get going but now that I've actually taken a bit of time to look around I am finding it a great genealogy tool and have found several of my ancestors in other trees. Give it a try, the more people signed up and using it, the better it will be for all of us!


You can also find the badge to my wikitree along the right hand side bar.


Chris Whitten said...

Thanks for the great review and recommendation, Tanya!

Chris Whitten
WikiTree Creator

Tanya said...

sure, i'm really liking it now that i've kind of figured it out. i don't know if you remember but i was having trouble a month or so ago and you helped me out...super customer service!

Lowell said...

Hi Tanya...

Did you write to me a few years ago (before photo blogging) and a possible link between families?

My full name is Lowell Anderson, and Breese sounds very familiar to me...perhaps we're linked in the FT DNA?

And then again, I may be remembering it all wrong!

Tanya said...

i don't know lowell, it's a possibility! wouldn't that be funny?!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tanya, You went to my husband's blog (George)--and he told me that you enjoyed Genealogy....

I love Genealogy --and wish I had more time to spend on it... Blogging and Facebook take up alot of my time. ha

I do belong to --and in the process of putting some of my Family History on there. I'm getting quite a few 'hits' from doing this --so I am enjoying it and do recommend it. It does have a charge --but is worth it to me.

Haven't tried WikiTree --but will check into it.

I will check your other blog too... My blog is a hodge podge of stuff (birding, traveling, flowers, hiking, waterfalls, etc.). Check it out if you get a chance.