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Alvin Clarence is my husbands grandmother, yep I said grandmother. Her father died before she was born. In tradition, she was named after her father and it is believed then that she had special healing powers because of it. Here are some leads I got from a nice lady on genforum that I am putting here to follow up on.

SSA Death info on Annie Trevillion (Alvin Clarence's mother)
ocial Security Death Index Recordinfo
about Annie Trevillion
Name: Annie Trevillion
SSN: 431-22-1309
Last Residence: 71701 Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas, United States of America
Born: 9 Jan 1901
Died: Oct 1978
State (Year) SSN issued: Arkansas (Before 1951 )


1930 Missouri, Nevada, AR Homer Trevillian 50 born IL, father TN, mother IL, Mill Operator, Saw Mill, Annie 29, wife, born LA, parents LA, Lena Williams 8 Step-daughter, LA, Albert 7 Step-son LA, A.C. 4, Daughter (should have said step daughter as follows) born LA, father AR, mother LA as with the other step-children. What do you think, break-thru?

I think this was his second marriage. In 1910 his wife is Mollie L., married 9 yrs 1 born 0 living. He was William H. Trevillian, 31?, born IL father TN, mother IL The pair doesn't show up 1930 at least not in this county.

ame: Homer Trevillion
SSN: 432-14-5888
Last Residence: 71857 Prescott, Nevada, Arkansas, United States of America
Born: 19 Feb 1880
Died: Jul 1966
State (Year) SSN issued: Arkansas (Before 1951 )

Also, WWI Draft Card, Homer Cazzie or Cazzel Trevillion, born 19 Feb 1880, works in saw milling, wife Leona.

If you can't get here, http://www.depotmuseum.org/cemetery.heitml?&card=heises.b71842d8957219e41fbe91c64cae7a93

Annie B. is buried with Homer. Annie Sept 9, 1901 - Oct 10, 1978. Pleasant Hill Cemetery North - White

You can get an obit for Homer. 7-28-1966
Homer C. Trevillion; 86; Pleasant Hill Cem.
Contact the Nevada County library.


Okay, I found Gerald Lee Harris no problem. I see "Wanda" helped you back in 2002. Did you get the information you needed? I have 1930 census and SSN with birthdate. I'll post 1930, as I see you seek relatives related to this line and maybe mention of siblings names will help. 1930 Antoine, Clark Co., AR, Kannon L. Harris, 41, married at 23, born AR, parents AR, General Farm, Manie L., 34, married at 17, AR, parents AR, Charlie O. 17, AR, Thomas L. 15 AR, Sarah 12 AR, Gerald 9 AR, Will K? 6, AR.

More. 1920 South Fork Township, Clark Co., Burtrell Road, Cannon L. 30, Manie L. 24, Charlie D. 7, Thomas L. 5, Sarah C. 2 yrs 6 mos., Garret or Garnet, Uncle, 44. All born AR, parents AR. Farmers

1910 Fisher Co., TX, Kennan L. Harris, 19, AR parents AR, Keeper of Restaurant.

1900 Antoine, Clark Co. AR, James Harris born Oct 1866, 33, married 11 yrs., Lizzie wife, March 1870, married 11 yrs. 2 born 2 living, Fanny, daughter, Jan 1890, Jim son, May 1895, William K. father, Nov 1834 widowed, born AL, parents VA, Lela niece May 1882, Mollie niece Sep 1885, Cannon nephew Oct 1888, Thomas nephew Nov 1892, Duenna niece Sep 1898. All born AR parents AR except for father, William K.

On his WWI Draft card he is Kennon Lee Harris born Oct 11 1888 Okolona, AR, married two children to support.

I show Tom Gom?? Harris, born Nov 17 1892, Okolona, AR, farmer single.

1880 Antoine, Clark Co. AR, William K. Harris, 45, born AL, parents VA, farmer, Fanny G. 36, born VA, parents VA, Alexander 20 son born MS, Fannie 17 daughter-in-law, AR parents KY, Robert 18 son, AR, Beu 15 son, James 13 son, Garnet or Garret 8 son. All children except for Alexander, born AR father AL, mother VA.

1870 Elkins, Clark Co. AR W.K. Harris, 35, Farmer born AL, Fanny (Fanyes?) 25 born TN, Aleck 11 MS, Robert 9 AR, Benjamin 6 AR, James 4 AR.

Probable 1860 Southfork, Clark Co. AR, W.K. Harris 23 AL, Fanny 15 VA, D. L. 11 mos. AR

Possible death for Lizzie: Name: Lizzie Str Harris
Estimated Birth Year: 1871
Age: 74
Death Day: 1
Death Month: May
Death Year: 1945
County: Clark
Volume Number: 62
Roll Number: 1945
Certificate Number: 101

Post any or all on other websites to find relatives.

Query. On one post you have Annie Barnes as Annie Barnes Williams Trevillion. In another post you have her as Annie Barnes. I searched for both and didn't come up with anything proof positive. What is her real surname?

You also mention Jonesboro (Jackson Parish) as place where Alvin and Annie married?

You are SOOO welcome! Yes, Wanda, was going to send you all or send you something via e-mail. I was hoping to find Alvin Clarence Williams, born AR, same time frame as when Anne was born. No luck first try. Here was the source of the obit for Trevillion.


NCP refers to Nevada County Picayune (I was on my way out and was anxious to post what I had just found.) Per the website above, http://www.rootsweb.com/~arnevada/, "The complete obituaries can be found on microfilm at
Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives at Old Washington,
eight miles north of Hope, AR." Contact info is
Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives
Washington, AR 71862
Phone: (870) 983-2633
Historical and Genealogical Research

Source for burials: http://www.pcfa.org/depot_museum/cemetery/cemetery.html?&card=heises.1380d76ecb39a53ab441866eddd9df62

Additional information: Pleasant Hill (North) Cemetery Record

Pleasant Hill Cemetery (North) is a fairly large cemetery located north
of Prescott on Hwy. 19 in the Pleasant Hill community. It is next to the
old Pleasant Hill Church of Christ. The cemetery is fenced. From
Prescott, go north on Hwy. 19 toward Delight five or six miles. the
church and cemetery will be on your right.

This record made March, 1998 by Jerry and Jeanie McKelvy and
updated through March 7, 1999. (on rootsweb)

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