Monday, March 27, 2006


I am having trouble getting anything on Harris. Gerald Lee Harris is my husbands grandfather, son of Kennon Lee Harris. His mom has given me info on names, and some dates, but nothing exact. It seems there's not alot out there on Harris, or at least our Harris'. I've sent for Jerry's death cert, hopefully that will help a little. I need to also send for Kennons. They are all from Okolona Ar but there aren't alot of records online.
Here's some Harris' I found in a couple of censuses (sp?) and I'm sure they have to be related somehow, just not sure how yet!

EDWARD M HARRIS 1 male aged 20-30
1 female aged 30-40

JAMES HARRIS 2 males aged 5-10
1 male aged 10-15
1 male aged 16-20
1 male aged 40-50
1 female aged 5-10
1 female aged 10-15
2 females aged 15-20
1 female aged 30-40

NATHANIEL HARRIS 1 male to age 5
1 male aged 10-15
1 male aged 30-40
1 female aged to 5
1 female aged 30-40

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