Thursday, August 16, 2007

Argonne Hotel..Louisville ca 1934

I cannot find anything on the Argonne Hotel in Louisville around 1934. You would think I could find something when googling it. Why is there not a picture of the hotel on the historical society site? I wrote to the Louisville Historical Society to inquire about the hotel and here is the reply I got: (So at least it did exist)

Ms. Breese:

This is in regard to your question concerning Argonne Hotel.

I have checked in the Louisville City directory for 1934 and find the Argonne Hotel listed at 101-107 E. Chestnut here in Louisville.

By 1940, there was only a Argonne Barber Shop located at 105 E. Chestnut.

Today, at this address is our Jewish Hopital complex.

Hope this is helpful.

Nettie Oliver, Filson Historical.

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