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Richard Dugan-Isaacs son

From Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie

Richard Dugan, Isaac's son, came to Ks with his father and married his cousin, Mary Inda May Berry in 1883. They bought 40 acres of land just up the road from Isaac. Inda said that she married Richard at the age of 18 because she was tired of moving from In to Riley, and back to In. Her father, Charles Berry, built houses in In and Ks and moved back and forth many times.
Richard and Inda raised their family on 40 acres plus the 30 acres they inherited from Isaac. They lived in a dugout until 1904, when they built a three-room house on the dugout. The reason they finally built a house was their son Fred (18 at the time) came home and found and killed an 8 inch centipede in the dugout. The very next day Richard began building his house.
Indians from NE and OK used the road by Richard's house to visit back and forth with each other. They would go by and try to get food fro mthe settlers. Inda revealed once that Richard and she met a band of Indians but they did them no harm.
One of the major events each year for the people in their neighborhood was the Old Settlers Reunion at Fancy Creek. It lasted three days and had many activities among which was a steam engine merry-go-round, horse shoe pitching contest, diving-into-the-creek contest, a main speaker and many, many fights. There were fights between young men over girls and fights just to see who was the best.
In 1910 Arthur Capper was the main speaker at the Old Settlers Reunion. The army turned out that year and put on an exhibition and some simulated battles and gun salutes on the hillside.. These soldiers were riding mounts and were from Ft. Riley.
All of Richard's children went to school at the Longview School House (later was nick-named the "Pigpen"). When the children weren't at school they were helping about the farm or off hunting and swimming in the creek. Life during this time was hard but full of fun and freedom.
The first home of James, Isaac's son was also a dugout. It was clean and cozy and later they built a large room used as a kitchen from lumber, then later yet a frame house. James had an orchard of apples, peaches, pears, cherries, grapes and berries. He had a natural talent for making these things thrive. His granddaughter's (Evelyn Hungerford) fondest memory of him is walking in the woods along Fancy Creek with Grandfather James naming the trees for her and telling her about the animals and their habits.
Children of Isaac Franklin and Emily (Berry) Dugan were:
1) James Ingalls b 21NOV1850 IN (or 25NOV1851 Harlan Co Ky) died 4JUL1920, married IN, Sarah C Foreman who was b 1853 OH, d 1903 May Day
4)Robert born 4JAN1858 IN, died 4NOV1926, married 28SEP1883 Mary Inda May Berry, dau of Charles Berry
5)John F born 1864 IN m, Nancy F
6)Amanda A b 4OCT1869 IN or IL d 27JUN1895, m Wm C Maple.

Children of James Ingalls and Sarah Dugan were:
1) Bessie b Mt Summit IN, d 8JAN1964, m 26FEB1896, Wm Lemar, son of Thomas and Adaline Lemar
2) Homer b 22MAY1877 Henry Co IN, d 12DEC1946 Tacoma Wa, m 20SEP1908 Randolph, Grace Moon, dau of Isaac and Rachel Ann (Atkinson) Moon.

Children of Richard and Inda (Berry) Dugan
1) Edward
2) Fred b 23SEP1886, m Annie Bell Reed 12NOV1919
3) Ada
4) Vivian
5) Charles
6) Mamie
7) George
8) Mabel
9) Martha (Iva)

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