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Watson C. Brees Pension Records

This is taken out of my Brees(e) Genealogy book that was put together by Donna Allen.

From Pension and War Dept Records

The brief biography is followed by a detailed synopsis of the records from which the information was obtained. With one exception, all entries were hand written on prepared forms and the synopsis uses the same wording and spelling as the hand written entries. Relative to the name spelling, there can be no doubt that Watson spelled it Brees. (I covered the name spelling in the blog somewhere else about why the "E" was added, at least to my husband line). There are a number of items he has personally signed and they are all signed "Brees". There are many examples of mis-spelling, most commonly Breese, but also Breece, Bress, Brease, and Brese. (The Illinois monument at Vicksburg has it "Watson Breese".
(The mis-spellings listed here are funny to me as the most common mis-spelling we have now with the name is "Breeze".
Watson C. Brees was born in Greene Co, Indian, (Carlisle), which is southwest of Indianapolis, on 27JUN1831. They moved to Canton, Il, in Fulton County, west of Peoria, abt 1846. Other communities listed in Fulton County are Barnes (or Baumis) and Coples (Coppisas) Creek. He married Sarah Dugan on 23SEP1855. Children were: Albert A Brees born on 9SEP1856, Eliza (Lida) Jane Brees born 1JUL1864, Maggie Ann Brees born 21FEB1866, Mathew W. Brees born 9JAN1871, Ida May Brees born 20MAY1873 and Festus D Brees born 5AUG1875. (Festus D. Brees, or Delbert Festus Brees is Nick's g grandfather and this is the only notation I have seen with his name turned around. I have always assumed his name was "Delbert Festus Brees" so not sure if this was a typo or not). The first 3 were born in Illinois, but don't know if the last three were all born in Kansas or not as records don't show when they moved to Kansas, although it was sometime between 1Nove1868 (last item from Illinois) and Sept 1883 (first item from Kansas).

Watson enlisted at Canton, Illinois on 6AUG1862 into Captain Franklin C Post's Company E of the 103 Illinois Volunteer Infantry. During this time it was not uncommon for a leading citizen to appoint himself as a military leader and recruit men to serve under him. It is probable that a bonus of some sort was involved as there is a record of $25.00 bonus money being received with $75.00 still owed. Activities of the 103rd Illinois during the Civil War have not yet been researched, but there is a notation of marching in the rain between Jackson, TN and Holly Springs, Ms in Nov 1862 and the 103rd was involved in the siege of Vicksburg in June and early July, 1863. However, it's possible that Watson didn't participate in this siege as the records indicate he may have been in the hospital at LaGrange, or Memphis, TN with pneumonia. He was wonded during the battle of Missionary Ridge near Chattanooga, TN on 25NOV1863 by a musket ball (probably a Minnie ball as both sides used these). The ball entered the lower jaw, left side, fracturing it, then passing through and downward under the skin and emerging an inch above the clavicle (collar bone) on the right side. A slight leg wound is also noted. Listed as being in the hospital at Bridgeport, which is probably Bridgeport, Al, Cumberland U.S. Army General Hospital, Nashville, TN and he was probably in several others prior to furlough on 16JAN1864. Treated again in Sept, Oct, Nov 1864 at Camp Butler General Hospital, Illinois. Was discharged 18NOV1864 at Camp Butler.
Watson was 5 feet 10 1/2 inches tall, dark complexion, dark eyes and black hair. He is supposed to have homesteated the place at Alert and probably lived in the dugout while building the house some 3/8 of a mile east of the dugout site. His wife Sarah, died 5MAR1899 and at this time his mother in law, Mary Ann Dugan was living with them. Watson died 21 MAR 1911 and is buried in Mayday Cemetery, WNW of Mayday Ks (I have pictures of his and Sarah's grave and will post one day when I find where I put them!)

Company Muster Rolls:

1. Muster In Roll for Watson Breece, 2OCT1862, Peoria, Illinois

2. 2-31 Oct 1862 for Watson C. Breece, present

3. November and December 1892 for Watson C. Breese, present

4. January and February 1863 for Watson C. Breese, present

5. 12APR1863 for Watson C. Brees, present (special muster)

6. March and April 1863 for Watson C. Brees, present

7. May and June 1863 for Watson C. Breece, absent - left at LaGrange, Tn, sick

8. July and August 1863 for Watson C. Breese, absent - left in hospital at Memphis, TN, 8JUN1863

9. September and October 1863 for Watson C. Breece, present

10. November and December 1863 for Watson C. Breese, absent - wounded at Missionary Ridge 25NOV1863-in hospital

11. January and February for Watson C. Breese, absent. Stoppage for trans. 9.6.22 Wounded 25 Nov at home on furlough

12. March and April 1864 for Watson C. Breese, absent - wounded 25NOV1863 at home on furlough

13. May and June 1864 for Watson C. Breese, absent - wounded 25NOV1863 at home on furlough

14. July and August 1864 for Watson C. Breese, absent - wounded 25 November 1863 at home on furlough

15. September and October 1864 for Watson C. Brese, absent - sick in Hospital at Springfield, Illinois.

16. November and December 1864 for Watson C. Breece, absent -sick in Hospital at Springfield, Illinois

17. January and February 1865 for Watson C. Brees, absent -sick in Hospital at Springfield, Illinois

18. March and April 1865 for Watson C. Breese, absent - sick in Hospital, Springfield, Illinois

19. Company Muster Out Roll dated near Louisville, Kentucky, 21 JUN 1865 for WAtson C. Breese. Last paid to 31DEC1863. Clothing account: last settled never; drawn since $79.27. Bounty paid $25.00; due $75.00. Remarks: Sick in Hospital in Springfield, Illinois

20. Apparently REverse side of 19. Watson Brees appears on list of absentees from 4MAY to 4JUN1865. Last heard from May 1865 Source of Information, Surgeon in Chief. Absent 17 months. Sick in General Hospital, Springfield, Illinois

Form from Cumberland U.S. Army Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee, 25JAN1864. States that Watson C. Breese Private Company "E", 103rd Regiment, Illinois Volunteers has been paid in this hospital by Major Brown for months of September, October, November and December 1863. Signed by C. Mc(Dumas?) Surgeon in charge.

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I think I may be related to this Watson Breese. My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Mae Eveland Breese (b.1917 in Canton, IL). She was the youngest of 8 children of Albert Breese and America Clefford.