Thursday, August 02, 2007

Death Cert on Max Wille

This does seem to be my Max Wille (great grandfather). Unfortunately the death cert dosn't tell who his parents were, how long he lived at that address and how long he was in the US among other things.
What I do have is that Max Wille, about 55 years old, born in Germany died of a "gun shot wound to brain" at the Argonne Hotel in Louisville. They listed it as a suicide but according to my mother, he was shot by Capone's mob? Also, his job is listed as "salesman". Is that what they would call a "bookie"? Or would a bookie hide behind another profession? His is buried at Schardein Cemetery in Louisville on Dec. 31, 1934..sec C Range G Lot 22 (if anyone wants to take a picture for me :) ) His residence is listed as: 101 E Chestnut. Not sure if that is the hotels address or if he lived at the hotel? Still have him listed as married to Nell Wille (Foley).

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Joliet Jakes Blues said...

Dear Tanya, I googled Max Wille seeking completely different information, and came across your posting. Believe it or not, I have two red enamel bowls hallmarked "M Handwrought W" After trying to find out who made these bowls for years, an auction finally came up on Ebay yesterday with an identical hallmark, and associated with Max Wille, Cellini Craft, Chicago. All I have been able to find out about him is that another industrial designer, Georges Briard worked for him. Query for Georges Briard. According to the Wikipedia posting, Georges Briard and Max Wille met each other at college, so that college must have been the Art Institute of Chicago. Another google for Georges Briard turned up the fact that there is a book entitled, Designed and Signed by Georges Briard by Dr. Leslie Pina. A google search for Dr. Leslie Pina reveals that she is Department Head of Interior Design, Ursuline College, and that her email address is Given the fact that Georges Briard worked for Max Wille, Dr. Pina might have additional information on Max Wille. I intend to write to her because I want to sell off my Max Wille bowls, and this information could aid in my Description. But you may want to write to her seeking information related to your search. I don't know if your Max Wille is this same person. But if so, the job description of Salesman needn't be sinister. He may have been an industrial designer and artist, and sold his own stuff. I also can’t speak to the Al Capone connection, but one of the mob’s rackets was extortion of honest businessmen; maybe Max Wille was simply a victim, and not employed by Capone. Anyway, good luck.