Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Max and Nell's divorce record

Rec'd divorce record yesterday. I really wish that the people who filled these out would have done them correctly. I'm 99% sure this is my Max and Nell but under the maiden name of wife it lists her last name as Wille. I was hoping to see "Foley" listed.
Date married: Mar 19, 1926 in Miami
Date of divorce: April 18, 1930
No. of minor children affected by decree: 1 (probably my grandmother, Patricia Wilson)
Grounds for Divorce: Habitual Intemperance
Full name of Husband: Maximilliam Arthur Wille - Address: Molton Hotel, Birmingham, Al
Maiden name of wife: Nell Marie Wille - Address: Dade Co Florida

Next step I guess I'll have to order the marriage cert. Unfortunately the marriage records for Florida start in 1927, just my luck!

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