Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Breese DNA Project Breakthrough

I was cleaning out old emails and came across this from Alice Clark. She is in charge of the Breese DNA Project (if interested, there is a link on my blog to take you to it). I had my son Christian take a dna sample for the group. He is the ggg grandson of Watson Clark Breese. Alice was quite pleased with the link Christian's sample proved. Here is the email I received from Alice:

Sue, Christian is the son of Tanya and Nick. Tanya just told me that it was Christian, not Nick, who took the test. I have changed the name in the records.You should both have received the e-mail showing the analysis of the results. The results will be further refined when we get the 67- marker results for Christian -- expected in February.Tanya, Sue is the sister of Charles, who took the test.These results mean that Sue, Christian and I are all some sort of cousins. This is especially significant given that none of the other Breeses who have taken the test show any connection with each other. I suggest we start comparing family trees to see if we can find the connection.Sue and I are both descendants of Moses Breese, who was born in NJ circa 1775 and died in Delaware County, IN in 1847. Attached is a report showing some info on the first 4 generations down from Moses. I am from the Nancy Breese/Richard Clark line. Sue, please correct any errors you many find.Sue: Tanya and I have been wondering for some time whether there was a connection between the families. One reason was that there is a Watson Clark in my family and a Watson Clark BREESE in her husband's, born 4 years later than Watson Clark.What do you two think of all this?I am copying my father, George Clark.Regards,Alice

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