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More on Josiah Rising and Abigail Nims

Ignace was originally Josiah Rising, son of John Rising and Sarah Hall (written
by the French as Jean Raizenne and Sarah Halle).

Marie Elizabeth was originally Abigail Elisabeth Nims, daughter of Godfrey Nims
and Mehitbale Smead (written by the French as Geoffry Nimbs and Mirabelle

Here is an interesting comment from another researcher about Josiah:
Josiah Rising was 10 years old when he was captures during the Deerfield raid.
He was living with his father's cousin, Mehuman Hinsdell, where he had been sent
after his mother died. She had died when he was about 4 1/2 years old. Josiah
was adopted by the catholic Iroquois at Sault au Recollet or Nouvelle Lorette
mission. He was given the name Shoetakani, meaning "we have removed his
welfare" or "his village has been taken from him". He was essential a slave.
Josiah was given a third baptism by a Sulpician priest missionary, who gave him
the names Ignace Raizenne. At age 20, Ignace (Josiah) chose to remain with the
Iroquois and the other Deerfield captives. Ignaces' protector, Abbe Maurice
Quere, was able to obtain Igance and Abigail's freedom. When they married, the
Abbe used their Indian names in the register. A translation of the "act" says
that Ignace and Elisabeth chose to renouce their natioin, remain with the
Christian Iroquois, and live as "sauvages". They settled at the newly formed
mission of Oka in 1721, where they recieved a large land grant. Ignace and
Elisabeth had at least 9 children, 1 who became a priest and 2 who became nuns.
Ignace (Josiah) and Elisabeth (Abigail)'s children: Marie Madeleine the eldest
(Soeur St. Herman), Amable Simon (priest), Marie Anne m. Louis Seguin dit
Laderoute, Catherine m. Jean Baptiste Seguin dit Laderoute, Anastasie Charlotte
1m. Jean Baptiste Sabourin and 2m. Pierre Castonguay, Suzanne m. Joseph Chenier,
Marie (Soeur St. Ignace), Jean Baptiste "Satewas"* Jerome m. Marie Charlotte
Sabourin (sister to Jean Baptiste), and ? Joseph.
* "Satewas" meant "that is equal", refering to father and son as alike. He was
made a chief. Two of his sons became priests and 5 daughters became nuns.

Here is the comments about Abigail:
Abigail was 4 years old when she was taken captive during the Deerfield raid.
She was adopted into the cabin of the chiefs of the Bear family at the Sault au
Recollet mission. She was supervised by Gonastarsis, wife of one of the
chiefs. The Indians named her Touatogouach, meaing "she draws some water". At
the mission, she was baptized. That baptism record lists her birthday as Jun
11, 1700. It gives her name as Abigail, now called Marie Elisabeth, and her
parents as Godfrey Nims (shoemaker) and Meatball Speed, both deceased. It is
thought that an Albany Indian, Elewacamb, brought Abigail back to Deerfield. A
ransom was paid to the Indian, but it appears that Abigail did not stay in
Deerfield as she is not in any of the records. She made her way back to the
Iroquois. Relatives tried to redeem her in 1713-1714, but she chose to remain
in Quebec at age 14. Abigail's marriage act used her Iroquois Indian name. In
the resources by Tanguay and in the PRDH, she is listed as Elisabeth Steben.
This lead to some confusion over who her parents really were.

my NOTE:
Some sources say she was the daughter of John Stebbins. Her father died on the
way to Canada and she may have been "adopted" by John Stebbins. She was later
known as Marie Elizabeth Stebenne.

Descendants of Josiah Rising

1 Josiah Rising aka: Ignace Shoentakouani Raizenne b: Abt. 1693 d: Abt. Dec
1771 Lac des Deux Montagnes, Quebec
- +Abigail Elizabeth Nims aka: Marie Elizabeth Stebbins b: Jun 11, 1700
Deerfield, Franklin Co, Massachusetts d: Jan 03, 1747 Oka, Deux Montagnes,
--- 2 Marie Raizenne d: Deceased
--- 2 Marie Catherine Raizenne d: Deceased
------- +Jean Baptiste Seguin dit Laderoute aka: Jean Baptiste Seguin d: Bef.
Mar 17, 1749
--- 2 Suzanne Raizenne d: Deceased
------- +Joseph Chenier d: Deceased
--- 2 Marie Madeleine Raizenne aka: Sister St. Herman b: Abt. Sep 1716 d: May
28, 1796
--- 2 Simon Raizenne b: Sep 18, 1719
--- 2 Marie Anne Raizenne b: Abt. 1720 d: Abt. Mar 1787
------- +Louis Seguin d: Deceased
--- 2 Charlotte Anastasie Raizenne aka: Anastasie Charlotte Raizenne b: 1728
d: Oct 29, 1798 Oka, Deux Montagnes, Quebec
------- +Jean Baptiste Sabourin b: May 07, 1720 d: Deceased
--- *2nd Husband of Charlotte Anastasie Raizenne:
------- +Pierre Guay aka: Pierre Castonguay b: Nov 27, 1729 d: Deceased
--- 2 Jean Baptiste Jerome Raizenne aka: Ignace Raizenne b: Sep 30, 1740 Oka,
Deux Montaines, Quebec d: Abt. Feb 1795
------- +Marie Charlotte Sabourin aka: Marie Elizabeth Charlotte Sabourin b:
Feb 15, 1741 Lac des Deux Mongtagnes, Oka, Quebec d: Deceased

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I am looking for information on the marriage of Catherine Raizenne to John Baptiste Seguin.
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