Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My direct Seguin Line

This is my direct Seguin Line broken down:

Isaie Seguin (Isaac) Great Grandfather
Married Mary Rouleau (Rollo)

Guillaume Julien Seguin (GG Grandfather)
Married Angele Andre St. Amant

Guillaume Amable Dit Laderoute Seguin (GGG Grandfather)
Married Josette Cadieux

Guillaume Seguin (GGGG Grandfather)
Married Marie Josephte Rouleau

Louis Seguin Laderoute (GGGGG Grandfather)
born: 8APR1712 Boucherville, Quebec
died: 13JUL1763 OKA, Deux Montagnes, Quebec

Married Marie Ann Raizenne

Jean Baptiste Seguin (GGGGGG Grandfather)
born: 10NOV1688 Boucherville, Quebec
died: 13MAY1725 Montreal, Quebec

Married Genevieve Barbeau

Francoise Seguin-Laderoute (GGGGGGG Grandfather)
born: 4JUL1644 St. Aubin En Bray, Picardie, France
died: 9MAY1704 Montreal, Quebec

Married Jean Francoise Petit

Laurent Seguin (GGGGGGGG Grandfather)
born: 1621 Cuigny En Bray, Beauvis, Picardi, France
died: 25OCT1650 Guigy En Bray, Beauvis, Picardi, France

Married Marie Massieu


Anonymous said...

Have you found ancestors in France to Laurent Seguin-Laderoute & Marie Massieu? Could his parent be Pierre Sequin-Laderoute & Francoise Desmerslier? Her parents may be Adrien Massieu & Louise Beaudry? Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Tanya said...

Hi Sondra,
In my tree on Ancestry I have Laurent's parents as: Pierre Seguin and Francoise Des Melliers, both from France and that's as far back as I go for Seguin.
For Marie Massieu I have Adrien Massieu born 1595 Beauvais, Picardi, France
and Louise Gaudreau born abt 1600
Cuigy-En-Bray, Beauvais, Ile-De France, France
and that's as far as I go back with her. I don't have any documentation for this information though...hope this helps!