Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Rouleau/Seguin straightening

Just got this from Valeda (my great aunt) and this is a much clearer picture.

I think I've got this straight or straighter -

Mary Rollo was married to _____Facto/Facteau - children were Minnie and Eva.
Now, I'm not sure they were the products of the marriage or were
_____Facto/facteau kids from a
previous marriage. I tend to think they were the products of the
marriage because my grandmother was being taken care of by aunt
Minnie when she became very ill. And, she always called her MA but
then all the kids called her MA, whether they were her biological
kids or step kids. to go on.......

__________Facto Died.

Meanwhile, Isaac was married to Melinda Rouleau and had the 5 kids together.

Melinda died.

Mary Rollo married Isaac,and he brought his boys to the marriage;
Mary had Minnie and Eva, the new family of boys and produced the new
group, Henry, Edmund, Lela and Gertrude and maybe one or two that
died as children.

(Minnie Facteau married Joseph Seguin, one of Isaac's and Melinda's
kids) I knew them very well because we spent our summer in NY. My
mother always said my sister married my brother just to add to the
confusion. When she started to explain, we always through our hands
in the air and said, just too confusing. Now, everyone is gone so
there is no one to ask.

Just for your info. Henry, son of Isaac and Mary married my father's
sister, Lillian Houle. All the kids look alike because of the merger
of the same families. Twins June and Joyce are my age and we were
pretty close. to go on.........

Meanwhile, Isaac dies.

Mary marries ________LaBarge - no kids - too old - I don't remember
him but my sister does.

Now we are wondering if Melinda and Mary were sisters because Rollo
translates to french as Rouleau.

Also, reading the stuff you sent, we have my grandmother on my
father's side as being a Vondell -

wow - such confusion.

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