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Source: The King's daughters among our Ancestors pps 477-478
Jeanne Petit daughter of the late Jean and the Late Jeanne Gaudrau of the parish of Ste Marguerite, LaRochelle, Aunis, France, she was born about 1656 and arrived in 1672. Died at Longueuil 29 March 1733. Married at Boucherville 31 Oct 1672 (Ct 21-09 Frerot) to Francois Seguin dit Laderoute, soldier with the compagnie St Ours of the Regiment de Carignan, arriving 12 Sep 1665, weaver, bpt 4 Jul 1644, son of Laurent and Marie Massieu of Guigny-en-Bray, Beauvais, Picardie, (Oise), France. died at Hotel Dieu of Montreal 9 May 1704. Established at Boucherville, 11 children.
1. Francoise b & bpt 1 Nov 1674 Boucherville; m Boucherville 8 Feb 1694 (Ct 7 Maugue) to Charles Patenaude or Paternostre, son of Nicolas and Marguerite Breton (Step-sister of King's Daughter Marie Saint Vie) 10 ch
2. Marie Madeleine dite Marie b & bpt 16 Aug 1676 Boucherville, md at Longueuil 20 Nov 1700 by contract before notary Raimbault, Sr. to Antoine Marie, son of Louis and King's Daughter Mathurine Goard; no children; widowed 23 Feb 1703. Second md at Longueuil 7 Jan 1704 (Ct 30-13-1703 Adhemar) to Francois Achin, son of Andre and King's Dau Fran
acoie Pieton; 6 ch
3. Jeanne b 9 Aug 1680, bpt 11 Aug Boucherville, md at Longueuil 10 Oct 1701 (Ct 09 Pierre Raimbault) to Joseph Robidou, son of Andre and King's daughter Jeanne Denot; 11 Ch
4. Pierre, b 24 Aug 1682 Boucherville; bpt 25 Aug Pointe aux Trembles md Boucherville 4 Feb 1704 (Ct 02 Tailhandier) to Barbe Feuillon, widow of Jean Baptiste Leber, daughter of Michel and King's daughter Louise Berchier; 9 ch
5. Simon b Boucherville bpt 24 Sep 1684 Pointe aux Trembles md ( nov 1706 Boucherville (Ct 09 Tailhandier) to Marie Bau, daughter of Jean and King's Daughter Etiennette Lroet; 1 child; widowed 9 June 1714. Second marriage at Boucherville 11 Nov 1715 (Ct 10 Tailhandier) to Madeleine Coal or COlle, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Randall; 6 children
6. Catherine bpt 20 Nov 1686 Boucherville d 16 Jan 1688
7. Jean Baptiste b 10 Nov 1688; bpt 12 Nov Boucherville; died at Hotel Dieu fo Motnreal 13 May 1728; married at Boucherville 7 Jun 1710 (Ct 07 Tailhandier) to Genevieve Barbeau, daughter of Jean and Marie De Noyon; 10 children
8. Genevieve b & bpt 9 Apr 1691 Boucherville; d 16 Jul 1691
9. Joseph b 10 Aug 1692 bpt 11 Aug Boucherville d 30 Aug 1692
10. Joseph b & bpt 13 Sep 1694 Boucherville; m Detroit 12 Apr 1723 to Marie Francoise Sauvage, daughter of Jacques and Marie Catherine Jean; 5 children

Third child was: Francois b Boucherville bpt 3 July 1678 Pointe aux Trembles m 22 Feb 1702 Boucherville to Marie Louise Feuillon, dau of Michel and King's dau Louise Bercier; 10 ch

Descendates of Jeanne Petit -pps478-479
(From dau Francoise Seguin md to Charles Patenaude)
Marie Madeleine Patenaude or Patenostre, bpt at Longueuil 3 Dec 1710; md at Longueuil 17 Nov 1732 to Joseph Lamoureaux, bpt at Boucherville 8 jan 1706, son of Adrien and Denise Veronneau;

Louis Lamoureux, md at Boucherville 22 Feb 1759 to Genevieve Vicnelet, dau of Nicolas and Genevieve Gareau;

Marie Josephte Lamoureux, md at Boucherville to Francois Hebert son of Antoine and Marie Anne Robert

Francois Hebert md St Constant, Laprairie, 26 Sep 1808 to Marie Genevieve Baudin, du of Pierre and Marie Genevieve Arcouet

Emerende Hebert, b. Laprairie in 1811 md St Constant, Laprairie, 24 Oct 1831 to Louis Bertrand, b 1798, son of Louis and Marguerite Lucas

Theophile Bertrand, b 1838, md St Antoine Abbe 16 Apr 1866 to Julienne Charland, dau of Jean Baptiste and Olvie Surprenant

Arthur Bertrand, bo 24 Aug 1881 St Antoine Abbe md at St Jean Bpatiste, Montreal 17 Oct 1904 to Catherine dite Katie Goyer, bo 17 Oct 1882, dau of Jules and Mary Kinge

Geroges Henri Bertrand, b 17 Nov 1909 Montreal; md St Vincent Ferrier, Montreal to Elsie Walsh, b 2 Jan 1912, dau of Joseph Patrick and Angeline Turgeon

Louise Kathleen Bertrand, b Sault au Recollet, Montreal d at Montreal 16 Jan 1965 to Frederick E Pomeroy, Jr. born in Salem, Mas, son of Frederick E and Idell Parker of Arlington Heights, Mass.

Louise is the author of the (now) 4 vol's of "The Kings' Daughters Among our Ancestors"

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